Ireland, Republic of Ireland (Irl. ÉIre, Poblacht Na HÉIreann; English. Ireland) — State in Western Europe, which occupies most of the island of Ireland. Square — 70.2 thousand. KM². The name of the country comes from Irl. ÉIre.

Many visited it «Emerald Island», As often called Ireland, they say that this country is quiet and calm, with a measured lifestyle and even its current. The inhabitants of her also externally humble, but in fact their character is very cool. As well as the nature of Ireland – in the form of meek and submissive, it happens unpredictable and wayward.

  • language: Irish and English
  • population: 4.5 million
  • telephone code: +353
  • currency: Euro
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Left-sided
  • National domain: IE
  • voltage: 230V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Plugs and sockets type G
  • time: 14:20 (UTC +0100)

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How to get to Ireland?

Direct flights to Dublin from Moscow commits S7. Also, a number of airlines offer flights with a change in various cities of Europe, such as CSA (through Prague), Malev (through Budapest), Swiss Airlines (via Zurich).
You can fly to London and then use one of the many daily flights from low cost airlines.

Vaccinations: Certificate of vaccinations is not required.

How comfortable move in Ireland?

Road traffic: Movement in Ireland left-sided. Car traffic on the roads of Ireland is not overloaded, calm.
The pace of the road movement is much less than, for example, in neighboring Great Britain, or Continental Europe.
Outside the large cities of the road relative to the deserts, and automotive travels turn into a pleasant addition to a shared rest.

car rental: With car rental in Ireland you should not have any problems, the main thing to have a driver’s license with you, credit card and is not much important driving experience.

Taxi: In all cities and settlements you can order a taxi.
Minimum Rates: IR 1.80 – minimum passage charges if no more than 4 minutes is spent, and the passage does not exceed half a mile (one mile = 1609 meters), IR 0.10 – for each extra 1/8 part of the mile, or 1 minute, IR 0.40 – for each additional passenger, including infant; 2 children not older than 10 years old are considered as one passenger; IR 0.40 – for every place of baggage.

Buses: Buses Irish Bus – Bus Eireann. This transport structure serves a long-distance network of the country. As well as intracity routes, in Cork cities (Cork), Galway, Limerick (Limerick) and Waterford (Waterford).

Buses Dublin Bus – Bus Atha Cliath. Maintain all County Routes Dublin. And, including partially, territory, in Dublin bordering with County, Wicklow counties (Wicklow), Kildare (Kildare) and Mith (Meath). The company offers a wide range of discounts for pre-paid passages. For periods, ranging from one day, and up to one month. Tickets can be purchased in information reference C.I.E., In Dublin Airport, or at the address: 59 Upper O’Connell Street, Dublin 1. As well as in more than 200 agencies for the sale of bus tickets located all over Dublin and in suburbs.

Buses Airport Bus Service. Between Dublin Airport, Central Dublin Bus Station, Connolly Railway Station, and HEUSTON Railway Station (Heuston) are carried out by high-speed bus transportation (Airlink). Buses run every 20min., Starting with 6.40 C. and up to 23.00 C., Monday through Saturday. Sunday with 07.10ch. – 23.00h. Intervals between flights a little longer. Adult ticket cost 2.50 pound. And to the station Hyuston (Heuston), 3 pounds. For children less than 16 years – Half cost for travel. This bus company provides bus transportation between the city of Cork (Cork) and local airport. As well as carriage between Shannon Airport and Limerick (this is the nearest city from the airport – 25km.). Cost of Cork Airport – to the city of Cork – 2.50 pound. From Shannon Airport to Limerick – 3.50 pound.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Airlines: From Dublin, airplanes fly to Cork airports, Shannon, Galway and Kerry.

Railway: Railway tracks run mainly to all cities and large settlements. Curbs clean, modern and comfortable.
Consist of two types of classes, standard (2nd class), and superstanding (1st grade).

Ports: In just 20 minutes. You can cross the ferry across the Shannon River from Tarbirt (Tarbert) to Killimir (Killimer). From Killimir Ferry departs at the beginning of each hour. And from TERBIRT at the beginning of each half an hour. In the peak of the season on this route, another ferry is added.

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