Ireland: see the sun

In 1993, UNESCO assigned the archaeological ensemble of the Labin River Status of the International Historical Monument. Newgrejnja, naught and give (it is true since 2007 closed to visit due to excavations) – these are the giant hills of the rounded shape with a green lawn hat on a stone supporting wall and corridors, from which stone niches are departed to the sides. Arches are made of stones, and so skillfully, even after so many years there is no damp. Sediments do not penetrate. Served mounds, most likely for burials and rituals. Their age – 5,200 years.

NewGrending – the most famous megalithic structure of Ireland, one of the important competences. Some scientists believe that this is not a tomb at all, but the observatory on the principle of Stonehenge. And in his walls, residents of neolithic determined cyclicity of time. At dawn, on the day of the winter solstice (two days before and two days after, or rather, from December 18 to December 23), the narrow beam of light penetrates through the entrance to the tomb and reaches the floor. When the sun gets up above, the beam expands, climbs onto the walls and pours the bright light the entire corridor and the distant hall. 17 minutes – and all went out.

NAU – a complex of 19 tomb containing the third part of the artifacts of the megalithic art of all Western Europe. On the stones, spirals, snakes, concentric circles and even lunar cards. Two tunnels are built along the East – West – West and illuminated when sunrise and sunset. At first it was the place of worship of the gods, then, in the Middle Ages, – a fortified settlement, and now – an archaeological attraction.

ADVICE See how sunlight penetrates the dungeon, you can only five days a year. Several dozen chosen are determined using the lottery. In order to declare as a candidate, you need to fill out a questionnaire in Visitors Center or write on Brunaboinne @ OPW.IE. On the current 2013, 29,503 applications were filed, and the next draw will be held on September 26, 2014.

ADDRESS: Village donor, county mit. However, it is impossible to get to the Kurgans. Many travelers, following the instructions of the navigator, arrive at the departure from Newgong. Keep a course on Bru-on-Boyne, leave the car, buy tickets and wait for the line for a special bus with a guide that takes you to the place. The waiting time can be brightened in the exhibition center of the traveler center, there is an exhaustive information on Newgrejju, as well as a model of one of the tombs in Naouth. Audiogides – in English, Irish, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The center works daily, excluding Christmas holidays.

Ireland see the sun

MICK M, Okinawa, Japan Be sure to see! When people go to England, they usually want to watch Stonehenge. He is old, and many people have no idea what is nearby there is such a place like NewGrending.

M S, South Carolina, USA No one knows exactly what these embankments were built, but they are here. Time to explore both Newgrej, and naked was very little. Personally, we preferred naou, because there were a lot of stones with unusual carvings.

Haidy Newgrejnj, in my opinion, a place that can not be missed in Ireland. . For each group, it is satisfied with the imitation of the process, when an internal chamber is highlighted once a year, marking the transition to a new life and the beginning of the new year. The guide turns off the light, and you are in complete darkness, into which this room is immersed throughout the year, except for only 17 minutes at dawn on December 21. You feel a member of an ancient ritual. Heart freezes waiting. No sound is heard – to break through the outside of them interferes with stones, even tourists (which is very, very rarely), almost not breathing and penetrating the solemnity of the moment, waiting in silence. And now the impenetrable darkness is replaced by a gray-haired Molten, the wall of the corridor protrudes from the dark, illuminated by the first ray of the "rising sun". The beam slowly moves, goes to the floor of the camera, touching your feet, rises to the opposite wall, and gradually in the chamber it becomes dark again. Despite the fact that this imitation is faster and less bright than the real event, it is very, very impressive!

Ireland see the sun

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