Irish Oysters

"Need to find the right rhythm. If you bet only on speed, lose", — says one of the fans. "Cold head is needed, that’s what", — objects to him another. "Scandinavians technician is better", — Sighs third. And you are not present at these competitions, you will never guess what it is happening in Primorsky Goluee, on the west coast of Ireland.

And there is there an annual world championship on the opening of oysters – the main event of the international oyster festival. The current was the anniversary – the fiftieth, and I decided that it was simply necessary to go to Galway: when you still find the best reason? Yes, and Dublin, where your correspondent employs, nothing important or interesting in that weekend.

I would not succeed and Galway, if on one of the September days of 1953 the owner of the hotel "Great Sazern Houtel" Brian Collins did not think how to put in his possessions of guests, which with the onset of autumn practically disappeared. At the end of that memorable day, the chef of the hotel restaurant, discussing with Collins, said that it would be time to include oysters in it, because September – the beginning of their season. This season lasts from September to March, according to the rule, which at the end of the XVI century formulated the famous Culinary Henry Batts. And he is famous for himself and only by this very rule: "oysters not in season and without use if there is no letter p in the name of the month". And in the English, and in the Russian names of months (because in both languages ​​they came from Latin) there is no it from May to August. It is not known whether Batts knew that the oysters at this time was at the light of the offspring and therefore lose weight, but the fact itself was noticed, and proclaimed "law", which is easily remembered and the coexistence.

As for Collins, the conversation with the chef gave him a rich thought: why not arrange a festival in honor of the beginning of the oyster season? In 1953, time for his preparation was no longer left, and next year, enhancing the sponsorship support of the brewing company in advance "Guinness", Entering Irelander made an oyster banquet for 34 guests and laid the beginning of the holiday, which now acquired international scope.

The 50th Festival opened with the delivery of the Galoua mayor "First oyster season". Sink presented to him "Pearl festival" — The girl who won on the oyster contest of beauty two weeks before the beginning of the holiday. And on the square from the hotel "Great Sazern" The parade started, at the head of which on the old cars of the beginning of the twentieth century, was driving different honorary guests. In the central pedestrian street, a cobblestone, the participants of the parade under the music and songs went to the Gulf Gulf of Gulf, where in a huge tent and was held the International Ginnes championship on the opening of oysters.

Irish Oysters

Eat the oyster easily, and open the sink without damaging the mollusk – not so simple. Each participant must remove 30 oysters for a while. Judges strictly evaluate the quality of open flaps, and for the safety of oysters charge extra glasses. Select for the competition of the best oysters of the Goluese Bay so that they are at least 76 millimeters in diameter.

The international tournament collects winners of national competitions of different countries, and not only Europe, but also the USA, Australia, Japan and T.D. This year won the chef of one of the best restaurants Oslo Norwegian Ola Nilsson. And his technique really was not like most of his rivals. "We use the usual knife with one blade, and the Scandinavians – double-edged", — Explained a member of the jury, a local farmer Gerry Grilish.

While the jury decided to award the title of Champion-2004, the competition was held for the title of the most elegant lady "Guinness", In which an important role plays both appearance and the dress for the apparels of this title. In general, different competitions at the festival were enough, like music, songs and dances. Well, and, of course, food. There was an Irish ear, and the famous smoked salmon. Oysters specifically for the holiday caught from the bottom of the Goluese Bay more than 100 thousand! And everyone was eaten. And sponsorship "Guinness" it was just unmearing.

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