Irkutsk for one day

Where to walk in Irkutsk, if the weather is good and there is almost a whole free day?

Because in the city I’m not the first time, but for the first time I see the city without snow, then hike "Where the eyes are looking" Began with the embankment of hangars. I don’t take a big camera with me, I walk like a real toury with a mobile phone)) Honestly, in the winter I disappointed me in winter, I will see how I see him in the fall.

From the hotel to the river is very close, the truth is not the embankment yet, and Gagarin Boulevard, walking along the river bank.

Gaskovsky Bridge over the hangar. Behind the bridge Golden autumn.

And these are some new buildings. I envy their residents, the view from the windows here is fabulous!

Near this interesting building falls from the river to collapse, then there is no passage. Apparently this is just a residential building.

And the street I turned to, the wonderful name – the miraculous. I wonder what miracles came here?

Next stop near the perpetual fire. Immediately a heavy gray building of the regional administration.

Nearby, on the street of Suke Bator, there is a beautiful Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1884), famous for the Polish church. In Poland, it is included in the list of cultural heritage. Now here is the Organ Hall of the Irkutsk Philharmonic.

So, I do not rush anywhere and enjoying the weather and walk, I reached the bottom embankment – the places of walking of citizens and guests of Irkutsk.

Monument to the founders of the city

Embankment has two levels. You can go on top, but you can go down to the water.

I descend to the hangar, at the same time I throw a coin "to come back". From here, the Epiphany Cathedral looks good – one of the most beautiful in the city.

If you go along the top of the embankment, you can meet a teacher with students and surveyors surveyors.

I stuck at the Moscow gate. In fact, this is not a gate, but a triumphal arch, the first of the three in Russia, built in 1811-1813 in honor of the decade of modern to the throne of Emperor Alexander I. And she received the name because it was located at the intersection of the streets when leaving Irkutsk in the direction of the European part of Russia – to the Moscow tract.

Unfortunately, what we see is a modern copy of the Moscow gate, built in 2009 to the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk. The real arch eventually collapsed and was demolished in 1928 by living 115 years.

And my walk lasts "Wooden Irkutsk". I turn out of the arch on the street of the December events, then I go on Zhelbis and the neighboring streets.

In one of these houses there was an outstanding designer of helicopters Mikhail Leontievich Miles

I will not be tired of repeating that Irkutsk is a real paradise for those who love wooden houses. You can wander along these streets for a very long time, most important thing – that all these houses are alive. People still live in some, in others there are all sorts of offices – the main thing is that some of the houses are preserved, part of our history and culture remains.

But this timer terem belongs to whom you would think? Irkutsk Synagogue!

And here she herself – the most beautiful of all that I happened to see. Irkutsk synagogue or "House of the Jewish community" – The oldest synagogue from currently operating in Russia was built in 1882 for the money of the local Jewish community. From 1924 to 1981, the service here did not go and the building was used for other needs. In the 90s, the building was returned to the Jewish community, however, who survived three fires, it looked extremely non-zero and only in 2009, the synagogue was renovated, returning her a decent appearance.

We go further along Karl Liebknecht Street. Apparently, stone new buildings will grow in the place of these wooden houses in the future.

And this is a cathedral mosque, founded by Tatarian merchants – by the Brothers Zahidullah and Shafigulny Shafigulline at the end of the XIX in (1897).

Walk on. Here in these cute houses are located Titz Irkutsk (tourist information center) and the museum of the city life. With all viral troubles there is very difficult with the entrance, so I did not go inside.

For many, Irkutsk is the city where the Decembrists were exiled. That’s where Volkonsky lived

And here Trubetsky. Of course, Irkutsk is not Petersburg, but in my opinion they got good enough.

Who has a fur – to take here

Stone houses in the city are no less interesting than wooden, the truth is less and they are not very well preserved.

Irkutsk for one day

Chinese tourists because of quarantine in Irkutsk almost no and will not be long, but there are signs

The central part of the city took care of tourists, these pointers and city maps are very often found. This, in my opinion, is a huge plus townscrowers!

Fire calanca on ul. Timiryazev near the central market, built in 1901. At this time, the calans was the highest structure in Irkutsk. Calaxion platform is located at a height of 34, 5 m above the ground. In the USSR, there was a fire fighter number 2 here, which in 1988 was postponed to St. Baikal, the liberated old building, which is a monument of history and culture of federal significance, at the request of the personal fire department decided to adapt to the fire museum.

The cetral market and everything that is near, instantly returned me in the 90s. Immediately wanted to escape back, in a quiet wooden Irkutsk.

I’m not a guanger, but for some reason it is going to go to this elan

And here the brain hung. Where Mongolia and where the Northern Lights..

Here and babry, t.E. Tiger – symbol of Irkutsk. Behind him begins the cheating "130 quarters", But I will not go there, because it is a specific tourist bait, I do not like that.

Houses here are beautiful, but inanimate..

According to the old habit, I went to dine in a position33 and you can return to the hotel.

On the way, he was wrapped on Karl Marschs Street, which is considered one of the historic streets of the city.

Cinema "Art", Early called "Farce" and "Decadence". The building was built in 1909 by the Turkish subject.WITH. Jaggersoglu who opened cinema. Three years later, skate ring opened here, where everyone could ride roller skates. In 1931, this cinema was first in the city was converted to sound movies. Now here is the leisure center of the Baikal State. University.

And this is the building of the Irkutsk Museum of Local History. I did not get inside, but the building is very beautiful

Complex of the Bazanovsky educational house with the maternity hospital, now the clinic of eye diseases (1880-1883).

By the way, there are infostends such in all interesting places. For taking care of tourists I put a city solid 5!

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