Is it easy to get to Norway?

We need or not needed in Norway immigrants? Norwegians about this very much argue. The authorities are definitely sure that we need. But not those who are going to sit down the state on the neck and receive benefits, but those who have a specialty and can apply their knowledge for the benefit of the kingdom.

It’s no secret that oil and gas turned once quiet Norway in a very rich and prosperous power. It is this alloy of calm and stability that attracts many people seeking to leave numerous worries in their homeland and get a residence permit in Norway or political asylum. Immediately I want to warn that you should not feed the illusions regarding the possibility of settlement in Norway. Immigration authorities are very vigilantly follow the refugees and are strict selection before allowing someone to become a full member of the Norwegian society.

A special place is given to the Russians, which, by the way, in Norway a little. They hit the discharge "Privileged class", Since Norwegians are interested in Russian specialists, primarily in the fish and oil producing industries – decisive for export.

Who generally comes to the Northern Kingdom? First of all, "Yazhne" – Residents of Iraq, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia. The leadership of the Directorate for Foreigners has provided an opportunity for an ITAR-TASS correspondent and "EP" to visit one of "Reception items Refugees" and see what’s going on there.

. 40 kilometers from the Norwegian capital there is a small town of OSS, where one of the temporary plains for foreigners, wearing a very sullen name "Bear Ruch". The town of Refugees consists of several two-storey houses, inside the situation is quite modest, in the rooms minimum of furniture, but there is a kitchen, laundry and even billiard room. The TV can be viewed in a common living room, which is incomprehensible, but already rooted tradition "occupy" Basically, the female half was outraged by the current situation and demanded the restoration of their rights. As a result of short negotiations, the administration has allocated a special room, which was immediately converted to a female club.

Director of the House for Refugees Elizabeth Verveter told about the problems of their wards. According to the Norwegian laws, she said, the press representatives with refugees are categorically prohibited that, according to her, "caused concern about the calm guests". Many of them, explained the director, have experienced heavy moral injuries in their homeland, some were tortured, therefore "Bedish old wounds" undesirable.

Such temporary authorities provide refugees on average for 2-3 years. Then they are either leaving the country or remain and get a residence permit. Some can leave much earlier if the Directorate for Foreigners Affairs will quickly be able to consider the request and decide on refusal to provide asylum in the country.

In principle, Elizabeth Verter stated, for many refugees, temporary refugee becomes constant. This is due to the fact that most of the aliens almost all earned money are sent to their close to their homeland, given that housing and utilities are provided for them. Therefore, she explained, for many this is the only opportunity to solve its financial problems.

Currently in "Bear creek" 142 people live. They even organized kindergarten. With kids work refugees from Somalia and Kosovo, whose work as educators pays for the Norwegian government. It should be added to this that twice a month each refugee is given a manual in the amount of 2500 Norwegian kroons (about 300 dollars). 3200 CZK – get married couples. If there are children in the family, then each child stands out another thousand kroons. School children visit school, a bus arrives behind them specially.

There are many Muslims among refugees, but no special conditions for them are created. It is believed that they came to Norway and should adapt to local lifestyle. According to Elizabeth Verter, a refugee house "Bear Ruch" It can be considered relatively prosperous, because it did not have cases of drug use and, most importantly, organized criminal groups. However, according to her, many employees of immigration services in a few years of working with refugees change occupations, because she said, "Not everyone can withstand everyday communication with a large number of so different people who have their own problems, their habits, often not stacked in the usual for Norwegians".

He interviewed many times with representatives of the immigration authorities, his own impressions from what he saw and came to this conclusion: the Government of Norway makes a lot so that refugees can adequately arrange their lives in a new place. They, for example, can study the Norwegian language for free, attend sports clubs, contributions to which are fully paid from "center".

It is not surprising that wishing to come to Norway is becoming more and more. Naturally, the immigration authorities do everything possible to control the newcomers, especially people with the criminal past. This task is entrusted to the police department.

Is it easy to get to Norway

I happened to watch the police at the airport Gardenn near Oslo. There are all the conditions for police officers with maximum comfort to fulfill their official duties. Head of the Airport Police Department Niels Sunnsu, with whom I talked, explained that the employee on passport control was waven to decide, let or not let asking asylum in Norway. There are special premises in the airport building, where refugees are expected to solve their fate. According to Niels Sunnsu, only last year the Gardenna police sent about 400 people from Norway from Norway. Sometimes a policeman is forced to apply physical strength in order to be as he expressed, "help a person to leave the country".

For more detailed control in the archive of a police department, samples of all passports of the world are kept. In the Russian cell there is also an instance of the employment record. In modern conditions, Sunsty stated, the manufacture of fake documents is so available that it becomes "increasing problem". A lot of work is underway to coordinate joint activities with colleagues from other European Union countries, "said the policeman. "We say the police officer, accepted almost all measures to prevent any attempt of illegal penetration into our country".

However, the competent authorities of Norway categorically reject the accusations that they create ways of those who wanted to come to the country. The kingdom is ready to assist everything to whom the Norwegian land can become the second homeland.

The government responds quite flexibly to the requirements of time, and at the moment the entire immigration policy is in the revision stage. Considering that Norway is experiencing an acute shortage of labor, the authorities are doing everything possible to change the current legislation and facilitate the wishing to come to work the procedure for obtaining a visa.

A special commission has been created, which is only dealing with this problem. The result of its activities was the adoption of amendment, which allows those who wanted to come to Norway and engage in directly on the spot search.

In Norway, any refugee that has received a refusal to provide a residence permit has the right to a free lawyer and can appeal in its work in a special instance. In addition, there is also a non-governmental organization that directly deals with the legal assistance to refugees and, in fact, is in many cases the link between a particular person and immigration authorities, informing people about all changes in the current legislation.

Is it easy to get to Norway

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