Is it possible to develop from stress?

Sedina – now it’s even fashionable. But in Russia, to delay her appearance, the hair was broken by ashes from the burned raindrops, which was mixed with oil. In the ancient India yoga drank mercury, infused on gray. In France, the XVIII century, hair and wigs, on the contrary, specially sprinkled with flour or powder.

Sedina appears not only in old age. And it may not even well. In the room for July-August 2012, the magazine Physiological and Biochemical Zoology published an article where Spanish scientists concluded: Early Sedina – Sign of Health.

Researchers led by Ismael Galvana studied her in wild boars and found that animals with a high level of feomelainine (pigment responsible for the red hair color or wool. – approx. Red.) In the body more cells damaged as a result of oxidation. And vice versa, the gray-haired whiffs were observed less. Consequently, they felt better than red fellow fellow. Scientists suggested that people are also.

"Let’s deal with how gray will appear at all. It can be very simplistic to describe this: melanocyte cells located in the hair onion, produce a pigment that makes hair with chestnut, rusia, red and t. D. When a person is in a state of stress, hormone norepinensal causes them "Put out to death". After the outbreak of activity, melanocytes can no longer produce pigment, and since it becomes no one to produce it, hair loses color. So stress can play a key role in the appearance of premature gray.

But not the only one. There are other reasons: smoking, incorrect meals, bad ecology. Also, much depends on the genetic predisposition. If your parents started to be seen in 20 years, you can hardly save the hair color much longer. Although trying to slow down the process. To do this, you need to use enough products that contain Omega-3 fatty acids: walnuts, red caviar, seafood, fish. It is also advisable to additionally take vitamins B6 and B12. And remember that the sun is dangerous. Ultraviolet damages not only the skin, but also hair. ".

"The connection of stress with a disaster in early 2020 proved scientists from Harvard University during the experiment on mice. They shared experimental into two groups. Some were forced to feel pain, and they ended up. Other’s "Disabled" the sympathetic nervous system so that they become immune to stress, and the color of their wool has not changed. Experts noted that in the same way he affects a person.

Stress is a totality of the body’s reactions on the impact of adverse factors. When the brain receives an irritation signal, on neural bonds, it passes to other parts of the brain, in the hypothalamus and pituitary. Cells immediately begin to produce a hormone, which activates the adrenal bark, and they are thrown into the blood adrenaline and cortisol, which ensure the adaptation of the body to the situation. At the same time, it is adrenaline that causes premature activation of pigment stem cells.

However, to see the white hair strand that appeared now is possible only in movies. In real life, psychophysiological and biochemical changes occur slowly. And so that the hair completely lost its color, can pass for several years. ".

Is it possible to develop from stress

"In fact, not from stress, but due to the fact that under the influence of environmental factors, a person loses the ability to act consciously in a difficult situation. State is purely individually. For example, for most people fire – stress, and for the rescuer – work. With stress do not need to fight. Instead, it is necessary to concentrate on the search for solutions, thanks to which the situation will cease to be difficult. If you suddenly have seen, it means that instead of working your head, you shifted the problem on the body. And it responded by destroying the part of the stem cells of melanocytes – and those ceased to produce pigment ".

Scientists from Colombian University suggested: the stressful seed can be suspended and even to pay. For this you only need to remove adverse factors.

Experts studied almost 400 hair out 14 people and noticed that, contrary to popular opinion, gray was not only in roots. Some it was observed, on the contrary, on the tips. Comparing the growth rate of hair with a change in their color, scientists noticed that the appearance of seeds coincided with a high level of stress. It was worth a man calm down, the process was suspended. Moreover, the lap of one of the participants of the experiment began to return the original shade when he went on vacation.

True, experts emphasize that it is possible to correct the problem only if it has recently arose and genetics and bad habits have not contributed to.

Is it possible to develop from stress

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