Is it possible to go to London budget?

Despite the fact that the capital of Great Britain is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe, if the trip will be prepared in advance, it will cost you not so expensive.

So, here are our advice for those who decide to go to London budget.

Where to find cheap accommodation in London?

Look for apartments or hostels with kitchen. In London, there are quite a few hotels with apartments that have a small kitchen. Enough and one microwave.

Book flights and hotel in advance. For a month there will no longer be suitable options. Ideally plan your trip at least in 2-3 months.

We always book hotels on Booking.Com. To find apartments (rooms with kitchen) Select ; apartments ; In chapter ; Hotel type ; in the column on the left:

Then sort offer at the price or distance from the center.

Where is cheap to eat?

If you want to save, it is worth abandoning cafes and restaurants. The average price of English breakfast 6-7 pounds, lunch and dinner from 10 pounds per person. But why spend a minimum of 25-30 p per day for food, if you can eat tasty and for 10 pounds?

How? Yes very simple. No wonder we searched for apartments with a kitchen 🙂

In Supermarkets of London (Tesco, Marks&Spencer and T.NS.) Most products &# 8211; These are semi-finished products. To be honest, finding here something raw, without culinary processing problematic, moreover, cooked dishes are often more expensive than raw.

At your service a huge selection of dishes of English, Italian, Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine, fruits, salads, desserts. For 3-4 pounds you can easily satisfy and delicious eat.


Transport in London Dear, no, even very expensive. But it is only for those who constantly buys disposable twin. If you are in London more than 3 days, it makes sense to purchase Oyster Card + Travel Card for 1 week.

The cost will depend on the zone at which you will move. If you do not plan to thoroughly examine the suburbs, then you will be enough for a passage for 1-2 zones. There is such a map of 30 pounds plus 5 pounds Pledge for Oyster Card. At the end of the trip, the map can be passed and the deposit will be returned.

What to do in London?

You can walk on the main attractions of the city for a whole week and not to spend no penny. In London, full of free places!

First of all it museums. Even if you do not like to walk on them &# 8211; London Museums is a completely different thing.

    Is it possible to go to London budget
  • Museum of Science
  • Museum of Natural Science
  • British museum
  • Museum of Victoria and Albert

Do not forget O Parks. London, in contrast to many other European capitals, very green city. In the center there is a Hyde Park, St. James Park, Kensingtonian gardens, Reegens Park, a little further on the outskirts &# 8211; Greenwich Park.

Parks &# 8211; This is a practically free zoo. There is a manual proteins everywhere, ducks, swans and many-many other birds. And in Greenwich, there is even a special zone where you can look at the real deer.

British &# 8211; Pretty conservative people. Some Traditional rituals They protect the centuries. Take at least a shift guard. Which passes every day at 11:30 at the Buckingham Palace.

Karaul’s change passes from the Royal Equestrian Guard (daily at 10:00 and at 11:00 to Sundays).

Free excursions with guide

Yes, and there are too. By the way, they are in many European cities. Guides work only for tip, the size of which is not installed. If you like the excursion to pay Gidu how much is not a pity.

Find and order free tours in London here and here. Excursions are held in English. If you want to walk in London with a Russian-speaking guide, you can find a suitable tour on Sputnik8.Com

Free Internet

The Internet may have problems, despite the fact that it is practically in every cafe and even in long-distance buses. To enter, you need to create an account and, in some cases, get a password for SMS, which unfortunately does not always come.

If you need permanent access, it is better to buy a sim card, for example, Lyca Mobile for 10 pounds and not to deny yourself.

Is it possible to go to London budget

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