Is it possible to stay in an intermediate point when flying with a transfer and whether you need?

Earlier we shared Lifehas when buying tickets. In this article, we disassemble the nuances of flights with transfers.

Suppose you need to get from Moscow to Paris, but the cost of the ticket does not suit. You check the flights, let’s say, from Moscow to Lyon with a transfer to Paris and discover that such a ticket is much cheaper. Buy it, after which during the transplantation do not go to the next flight to Lyon, and leave the airport in Paris. So you make siplanging, or the "hidden city trick".

Why flights with transfer cheaper direct?

Connecting flights, as a rule, assume a transplant in the city where the airline hub is located. This flight will be cheaper than a direct flight, since the cost of air tickets is not determined by non-fuel expenses, but in demand for the selected direction.

Example: Emirates Airlines Hub in Dubai. Therefore, the flight Moscow – Delhi – Moscow will be held with docking in Dubai, and his full route will look like this: Moscow – Dubai – Delhi – Dubai – Moscow. In this case, in addition to passengers flying from Moscow to Delhi, there will be people heading from Moscow in Dubai in the first segment, and on the second – from Dubai to Delhi. So the airline will fill both flights, which will allow it to reduce the cost of the flight.

The cost of air tickets is determined not by the costs of fuel, but in demand for the selected direction

In this case, leave the airport in Dubai, ignoring the second segment of the route, at least unprofitable because of the spending spending on an Indian visa. But even if you decide to overtake the airline on domestic flights, all weigh in advance so that you do not have to count the losses.

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Passing one segment = cancellation of subsequent

Example. If you are gathered from Moscow to Paris, but take a ticket to Lyon with a change in Paris, keep in mind that if you don’t sit on Paris – Lyon, the return ticket will be canceled. This is spelled out in the rules of any airline. Exit only one: buy a return ticket. True, there is another nuance here: usually a ticket back comes back cheaper than bought in one direction. You can safely refuse only from the last segment in a single flight.

Costs Only take into account a couple of moments:

– According to the rules of the loyalty programs of most airlines, bonus miles for the unused flight segment are not accrued
– If the flight with a transplant for some reason is canceled, the airline, which is obliged to deliver the client to the arrival point, can offer a direct alternative flight

Only manual journal

If you have luggage, when registering for a flight at an departure airport, it will be issued to the final item for your ticket. So you have to either fly only with manual loot, either come up with a very good reason for issuing luggage in an intermediate paragraph. (What if you have forgotten the thing in the plane or train, "my planet" already told.)

Possible sanctions

Despite the fact that siseplaging is not officially prohibited, the carriers do not welcome it, as financial losses are carried.

Is it possible to stay in an intermediate point when flying with a transfer and whether you need

In 2014 United Airlines And her partner Orbitz sued the creator of the site skiplagged.COM A actary of Zamana. The idea of ​​the site is to help travelers to order a ticket for a plane, which has an intermediate landing at the destination of the passenger. Airlines demanded a compensation of $ 75,000, but in 2015 it was closed. The judge in one of the districts of the American state of Illinois stated that the court does not have jurisdiction on this case due to the fact that Zaman did not live and did not engage in business in this district.

And in 2018 it was especially upset Lufthansa: The airline decided through the court to demand monetary compensation from the passenger, which in April 2016 bought a ticket to Oslo to Seattle and a change in Frankfurt. On the way back, not flying to Oslo, it came out in an intermediate paragraph, and then another flight Lufthansa flew to Berlin. The total amount of its expenses was € 657. According to the representative of the airline, this is a violation of the transport contract. If the passenger bought a direct ticket to Frankfurt, he would pay € 2769.

Therefore, in his lawsuit, the airline demanded from the passenger to compensate the difference between the cost of tickets plus interest – € 2112. In 2018, the Berlin court of first instance made a decision in favor of the passenger, and the airline filed an appeal. True, at the end of 2019, he recalled her without explaining the reasons.

Airlines can make a passenger of accumulated miles or add it blacklisted

Although the courts are still occupied by the side of passengers, the airline does not surrender. They can deprive accumulated miles or add blacklie. Most carriers cancel subsequent flight segments and do not issue luggage in a transit point or output, but with a fine ( Air France It is about € 200). Qatar Airways Warning that when you have a flight, the cost of the ticket will be recalculated, but in any case, the passenger will need to pay an administrative fee for changing the conditions of transportation.

In addition to the above risks, there is a fourth: due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances The plane can be sent to another airport.

Return by partially used tariff

But there are situations where the passage of the route segment is caused by no desire to save, but by third-party factors. Suppose you purchased a flight for flight Moscow – London – Moscow. But when they arrived in London, the plans changed and the reverse flight you are no longer satisfied. You can try to change the departure dates, but if this option does not fit and you intend to return to Moscow with another way, you will have to cancel the flight. True, it will be possible to return the cost of the unused ticket segment or not, depends on the airline and the tariff: the cheaper the tariff, the less chance. In addition, you should not forget about the held fees and about the fact that the airline will not return the money when the flight sequence is disrupted.

Each carrier has its own return rules, but to try to implement it, you in any case will need to contact the airline by calling the Code.

Is it possible to stay in an intermediate point when flying with a transfer and whether you need

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