Is it possible to take a meal to the plane – we understand the rules and laws

You can take a meal to the cabin anyone, In addition to perishable. The amount of food is limited to hand-made sizes. Customs restrictions may be available on international flights, for example, caviar. Water plane can be taken no more than one liter in 100 ml tanks. In addition, each airline may have their own rules.

No one forbids taking his food with him to the salon.

Speech now is not about what you bought in the Duty Free ; it’s by itself. Next we will speak mainly about hand-made bag and the cabin of the aircraft. In the luggage you can pass almost anything, there are other rules.

  • hand baggage sizes,
  • Maximum liquid,
  • customs rules (on international flights),
  • common sense.

You are limited only:

I can carry any food to the plane, the main thing is that the liquid is in the container is not more than 100 ml, its total volume has not exceeded 1 liter, and the food was not a harsh, perishable, crumbling, did not bring inconvenience to you and passengers around.

What kind of food take into the plane

On a day, man needs 1700 calories for women and 2000 calories for men.

This is for a person leading a low-power lifestyle (in the plane we usually sit all the way). For athletes need more, but they themselves know their norms.

Here Food list that is convenient to be plane, and its average energy value:

  • Bananas (89 calories / 100 grams)
  • Apples (52 calories / 100 grams)
  • Chocolate or chocolate bars (535 calories / 100 grams or Snickers bars ; 488 calories / 100 grams)
  • Ledges
  • Nuts, dry mixes ( walnut ; 654 Calories / 100 grams, almond ; 576 Calories / 100 grams, cashew ; 553 Calories / 100 grams, hazelnut ; 628 Calories / 100 grams)
  • Bakery products: Puffs, Pies, Croissants and T.NS. (265 calories / 100 grams).
  • cookies, but not to crumble (oatmeal ; 437 calories / 100 grams)

Food from the list is delicious and useful, it does not dump and does not smell. Bananas cause a feeling of satiety, and chocolate is very calorie. Lollipops will fly less boring.

You can add something to this list, but do not take a strong-smelling food, crumbling, stacking and t.NS.

Is it possible to take water in the aircraft salon

About hand-made sizes we already wrote in the article Luggage transportation rules in the aircraft . About liquids there is also written, but let’s repeat.

The total volume of fluid in the hand bag should not exceed 1 liter, But in the capacitors the volume is not more than 100 ml.

Often this rule is interpreted incorrectly.

One of my acquaintance thought that the restriction was in 100 ml. No. You can take a liter, But run it into small bottles of 100 ml.

By the way, from this rule it follows that two throat of juice at the bottom of a liter box to take it ; Tara is too big.

In the plane you can ask for water at Stewardles. Water will bring you free.

What else belongs to liquids

  • Any canned food (no matter what there is mainly solid meat)
  • Yogurts (fruit puree and t.NS.)
  • Honey
  • Is it possible to take a meal to the plane - we understand the rules and laws
  • Jam
  • Caviar
  • Soft varieties of cheeses (for example, Mozarella)
  • Liquid non-food products (perfume, cream, shower gel, etc.)

Can I take to the aircraft

The same rules are applied to the calf as on liquid, and it can be removed at customs.

If you need to translate in the aircraft IKRU ; Rent her in luggage.

The main thing is to find out whether the customs rules of the country departure to export, and the countries of the arrival to import caviar. Read carefully: what volume, salmon or sturgeon, which is possible that it is impossible.

Rules for the export of caviar from the Russian Federation

Red caviar

To export a red caviar of salmon fish for personal needs in the amount of no more than 5 kg.

Black caviar

Black caviar of sturgeon fish can be exported only in factory packaging and not more than 250 grams.

Please note that it is not more than 125 grams to import black caviar in the USA and the European Union. Red caviar can be imported more, but also in reasonable limits.

Customs restrictions do not apply to domestic flights.

What food is not recommended to take in the cabin

Basic rule ; This is an opportunity to eat your food gently and do not bring inconvenience to other passengers.

Therefore, you should not take:

Perishable products:

  • milk
  • kefir
  • seafood
  • Boiled meat and fish

Sylinding products:

  • Eggs
  • Hen
  • Sausages
  • Separate types of cheeses (for example, Camembert ; You will fall right on the go)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Smoked sausage and other smoked products
  • Cannedize

Crumbling and crispy products:

  • Crisps
  • Some kinds of cookies
  • Flakes

Water can always be asked for stewardess. I need to take only on flights of Looc Sostle, where food is not provided. In ordinary airlines, you always have enough lunch, which will be fed on board.

Products that need to be transported, and not to eat on the way it is better to pass into baggage. It is necessary to be guided by the following: what you carry should not be contrary to the customs regulations and the laws (we already talked about caviar) and should not find or crumble on the way. It is better to use special food containers. For example, if you pass to the baggage sausage, then try to make it so that it is not crushed during loading and it does not repack all your things with a suitcase.

Airline Victory

About her separately.

The airline victory allows to carry food on board the aircraft, but actually do it for free not just. Because free manual sting at the victory, it is a female bag or a backpack measuring 36 x 30 x 23cm or a certain object of up to 36 x 30 x 4 cm. For a backpack, for example, have to pay extra 999 rubles.

If you bought something in the Duty Free, then when landing you will have to pay extra 2000 p. Such are the rules of the airline.

Regarding liquids, victory has the same rule as other airlines: no more than 100 ml capacity, a total volume of no more than 1 liter. All bottles must be packed in a transparent package with a clasp. The size of the package should not exceed the size of 20×20 cm. Victory allows you to take on board only one such package.

During inspection, this package must lie separately from other things.

Drugs can not be proclaiming, except for those that may be needed during flight.

Baby food, which is necessary during the flight, can carry.

Rules of victory periodically change, current information on the official website ;


Aeroflot has no special prohibitions.

Guide the principles described above. Food can be taken as much as it gets into manual sting. Baby food that you need in flight for the child are allowed to rush over the hand-made.

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Is it possible to take a meal to the plane - we understand the rules and laws

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