Is it safe now to travel?

Although they open a slowly country, ready to take tourists from Russia and not only, but not all are solved on the journey. Yes, and now – during the next outbreak, there are still many questions. We will try to answer them and give practical advice, how to protect themselves.

Where can I fly?

Since August, Russia has become slowly to restore flights with some countries. We monitor the situation, update the information here . Also monitor Restrictions in the regions of Russia .

How to find out that a new country has opened?

Our application has a special card, which is convenient to monitor the resumption of flights between Russia and other countries. In addition, if you are very interested in some separate country, subscribe to it, and as soon as regular flights will appear, we will send a notice.

Also news we publish in our social networks, but promptly in Telegram-canal . And besides, we tell how to relax in the affordable countries, and a lot more

Masks and this is all necessarily?

As they say, if everything is observed protection measures, then they have a sense from them, but so far there are those who they neglect – risk all. We recommend that you do not succumb to provocations. If someone is not wearing a mask – his problem, and you better wear. Yes, uncomfortable, yes, everything sweats and breathe hard, but health is always more expensive. In all senses of this word.

If you observe some elementary things, it will be much calmer. Ideally, it should be in a good habit:

  • More often wash your hands, especially in public places.
  • Use an antiseptic, in which at least 60% alcohol. More – better, but stinks.
  • Wear antibacterial napkins.
  • Abide by the distance – also a good option, but in limited spaces it is difficult. Therefore, if it became possible to stand up aside, use it.
Is it safe now to travel

How to protect yourself in an airplane

Scientists from the United States proved that in an airplane air is cleaner than in your apartment. And this makes sense. See: In the cabin of the aircraft there are HEPA filters that provide fresh air. It enters the engine compressor, cooled, mixed with recyclable and served in the cabin. This happens every 3 minutes thanks to the air conditioning system. Part of the air is excreted from the aircraft, the rest passes cleaning and mixed with a new portion of fresh air. And so in a circle.

Even if your neighbor saches past the mask, then all its possible viruses in the air flow will take place. In the floor there are also special valves through which the air used is removed overboard.

If you still worry much, here are some recommendations that give +100 to calmness:

  • At the registration stage, choose a place in the forefront, as there is less permeability during the flight and, in general, calmer. Dvizhah most often starts in the middle of the middle and to the tail of the aircraft (there is a toilet).
  • Choose a place by the window. Statistics show that on short and high flights 38% of passengers do not leave their places, because they are sitting by the window. Most often on the salon run comrades who are sitting in the passage.
  • If you hear how someone coughes, look at how far this person sits. What he next is that safer. And if you sit without a mask, it’s time to wear it.
  • If the coughing sits next to you, tactfully offer him one of my masks (take a few with you), on the background of the epidemic, it looks normal.
  • Direct the flow of air on yourself, if possible, make it cold. This is fresh air, so it is better to breathe them.
  • Wipe the folding tables and armrests with antibacterial napkins, or splash on them with an antiseptic. It’s another +100 to calm.
  • If possible, wipe the antiseptic also the surface of the suitcase / bags, electronic devices that often keep in hand.

Do I need a certificate?

Some of the open directions do not require. For example, Serbia is leaving tourists without reference and subsequent quarantine. But the UK does not allow the UK without dough, and even on Quarantine will have to serve at least 7 days.

Be sure to specify at the time of travel planning the need for help. Emirates, for example, does not put on a plane without it, and it should also be considered. That is, it is advisable to clarify also in the airline, do you need a negative test.

But we believe that just in case it is better to make such a document in a couple of days before departure, so that you yourself feel calmer.

What makes airlines to secure us?

Carriers are also puzzled so that your flight is safe. Basically, the measures are: disinfection of the cabin, providing a PP to each passenger, feeding food in individual packaging. In detail what measures are taken by popular airlines, We wrote here .

Airports are not lagging behind. Inside you will check the temperature, in the medports you can pass the test for coronavirus. Etihad Airways invited to the airports to Ambassador Health, at the airport of Edinburgh, came up with antimicrobial pallets, at Oslo, they think over the system of contactless passage of the presuple procedures for passengers. It is tested at many airports. Passport control, inspection, registration soon can be passed on your own.

This epidemic, definitely launched new mechanisms that will simplify our travels. Masks will soon leave, and the innovations will remain. You can travel now, albeit carefully. And if you correctly comply with the requirements and follow yourself, then everything will be fine with you. Do not be afraid to fly, in the end, you can even get out of bread or new socks.

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