Is it worth going to Kaliningrad – 7 reasons to see the capital of Prussia

Still doubt ride or not? Do not know What to see in Kaliningrad? Of course you need to go. Here you have seven reasons to see the western city of Russia.

See the ancient Konigsberg Cathedral with the Organ

Cathedral built in the 14th century on the island of Kneyprhof. This is not only a historical, but also a large cultural center of Kaliningrad.

Almost every evening in the cathedral there are concerts of organ music. They are designed for tourists and last 40 minutes. This is enough to understand that the authority ; This is not tool for everyone.

The famous philosopher Immanuel Kant was buried under the wall of the cathedral.

See the ancient German villas in Amalienau

Amalienau ; This is the district of Kaliningrad, who was inherited from the Germans. The area was built on the project "Garden city" to make it most enjoyable for living.

Both in the times of Prussia and today, Amalienau ; This is the area where wealthy residents live. Many villas restored on old photos and look as well as at the beginning of the last century.

Here is a corner of real Europe: there is no track of Soviet history. Walking on Amalienau is very nice.

What else is worth viewing in Kaliningrad?

To visit one of the forts of Konigsberg

Night Perina Königsberg ; so called the outer ring of defensive structures around the city. Forts defended the city from enemies more than once. The last blow they could not withstand: the Red Army, using a new tactic of small assault groups, struck the ring and entered the city. Having lost Konigsberg, the Germans lost to faith in the Nazi Guitler government.

Forts are in different preservation, for example, №11 Dynhoff did not suffer when attacking the city and preserved almost perfect. Fort number 5 on the contrary, came under the main strike of our troops, he stores the tracks of the assault in the form of scaffolding in the walls and bleed bastions.

To visit the oldest in Russia zoo

Kaliningrad Zoo was opened in 1896 in Germany. Since then, he survived a lot. Second World War, for example, survived only 4 animals, and now the zoo collection has more than 3,500 individuals.

It would seem that special ; Zoo is almost every city of Russia. But it was in Kaliningrad in addition to the usual inspection of the helpers, the daily feeding of animals are organized for you, which at the same time show real ideas, and the zoo worker tells interesting information about the animal. In the Kaliningrad zoo, unique animals are collected, which in nature there are only a few individuals. Where else will you see the Amur Tiger or Far Eastern Leopard? Woliers in the zoo are built so that the lattice will not interfere with you to communicate with animals. Even bears, elephants or tigers are fenced with not a high grid, but moat, with the animals walk at the level of your eyes.

Kalinigrad Zoo will be interesting not only to children, but also adults.

See the largest ocean museum in Russia

Kaliningrad Ocean Museum ; it’s not just buildings and exhibitions. This is a whole museum complex, which includes museums, several ships, aircraft and submarine.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

On a unique vessel of cosmic communication Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev every day there are sessions of communication with the International Space Station. This is the only preserved ship from the entire Space Flotilla of the USSR. You will learn it on huge parabolic antennas on the deck.

Try delicious Kaliningrad beer

It is difficult to calculate how much brew varieties in Kaliningrad. Local beer is very popular among residents of the city and attracts tourists. Beer restaurants are decorated in the style of vintage German brewery. Come and try.

Find Prussia in modern Kaliningrad

In fact, Konigsberg’s spirit still lives in this city. Traces of it everywhere: in an ancient gate, forts, individual buildings and whole areas. Prussia begins at the railway station ; Steel construction above the peer and the station building itself built the Germans.

Konigsberg castle ran away in the city center. Only the foundation has been preserved to this day. Now there are excavations. It is possible that somewhere in the surviving basements of the castle, in drunk wooden boxes, is waiting for archaeologists the famous amber room.

Is it worth going to Kaliningrad - 7 reasons to see the capital of Prussia

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

I hope that now you stopped doubting and found out what to see in Kaliningrad. Good luck.

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