Is it worth going to Turkey now and generally abroad?

Some media have already managed to fade on the whole country that thousands «hungry» Before the rest abroad, Russians literally sweep the tour operators. But is it really?

According to surveys of the All-Russian Public Opinion Center (WTCIOM), at the end of July, only 2% of Russians were going to go abroad in 2020. In May, the number of supporters of trips abroad was twice as high – 4%. What changed?

At first , This uncertainty, the Russians are simply tired of the permanent expectation of the opening of the borders and decided to postpone all foreign trips for 2021.

Secondly , There are no guarantees that even when opening the borders, the paid trip will still take place. Tour operators are guided by the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and Rosaviatsi, which in turn are waiting for the deposits of the authorities who are followed by the situation in the world. All this does not allow planning a rest, because at any time it can be canceled, and then it will have to go through all the circles of hell to return the paid money for a tour and amenie ticket or most likely get a travel voucher in the future.

Take, for example, the recent history of Kazakhstan and Turkey. On June 20, flights with Turkey resumed, but at the first flights, several passengers were identified by COVID-19, they were hospitalized, and all the other flight passengers were sent to isolation. July 2, Turkey closed the entry to Kazakhstan tourists and the border for them is closed until now. And there are no guarantees that the Russians will not go along the same path.

Thirdly , This is actually safety. No one knows what can happen on vacation abroad in the current situation of uncertainty. One thing got sick to the tooth or broke his hand, everything is simple and understandable here, even if the insurance company refuses to support, it will not be so difficult to solve its problems. And if the Coronovirus is in hard form and will need an IVL apparatus, it is difficult to imagine how much it will do it, who will pay, and what the treatment will receive a tourist, for example, in Tanzania, where there is almost no normal hospitals.

In addition, flights in airplanes, as we wrote earlier in the material «Named places where tourists can pick up coronavirus», are in the risk group. You can pick up COVID while flying or at the airport, or do not pass tests that can be done by arrival in some countries. For example, if by arrival in Turkey, the passenger will find some symptoms, put into the observer not only it, but also all neighbors by the aircraft. That is, the hotel such tourists will not be immediately reached.

Is it worth going to Turkey now and generally abroad

Turkey explained what will happen to tourists if their neighbors on the aircraft were infected: Read more.

Fourth , These are prices. And they are on vacation abroad, including in Turkey, increased over the last week by 10-25% against the background of the opening of the borders, this is not taking into account the ruble course, which falls the last six months – In January, tourists could buy a dollar for 60 rubles, now 73 rubles. That is, the cost of resting abroad in comparison with the last year rose by about 30-40%. If you take into account the fall in the income level as a whole due to the semi-dermistant economy of Russia and the introduced coronavirus restrictions, as well as the cordial impoverishment of the population in the regions, the rest abroad to many Russians is now simply not on the teeth.

Fifth moment , This is uncertainty in the countries themselves in which the situation with Coronavirus changes every day. Take, for example, Vietnam, where recently, because of the detection of 11 coronavirus patients, the authorities in the hurry began evacuation of 80,000 tourists from the resort Danang. There is no guarantee that on arrival on vacation you will not come across similar situations, and at best, fly home, and at worst you will have to sit on self-insulation in some dirty hospital.

No matter how hard the media and tour operators are trying to embellish the situation «fairy tales» about tens of thousands of tourists who bought tours to Turkey, we would advise you while refraining from traveling abroad, at least until September, and see the situation.

Is it worth going to Turkey now and generally abroad

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