Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Misol-ha? Part 2

We return to the track on the trail, we catch the passing minibus and rush towards the Park Missol-ha. I donate to the intersection and reappear without choice – The desired road fell to the right. One and a half kilometers on a pretty mountain road, past grazing cows and scorched lands in the corn, and we turn out before entering the park.

Repeated Morning Procedure: We buy tickets and go to the noise of water. Already from afar it is impressive. What is waiting ahead? If you trust accidentally seen photos of travel agencies, Waterfall Missol-Ha (Cadcada de misol-ha) does not look too much impressive. Let’s see.

Three two one… Wow! This is a waterfall! It seems he even cooler numerous Cascades Agua-Asul. We definitely did not expect to see. Twist!

This is the sight, it is not true? I wonder how water flows are broken with what force? There is a deafening noise, splashes fly away around, water boils and bubbles.

Go down on wet cunning steps and find ourselves in the immediate zone of the spray attack. Good and nice to feel cool on the sun-dried skin.

Here, at the foot, the people swims, the rainbow. On the opposite banks are small cascades.

Aside from the steps, running down, another walkway, leading to the observation platform, cozy, located on the other side of the waterfall. That’s where fun – It is possible to take the most real refreshing shower. Beautiful incredible, only be prepared to get into.

Here, it was clearly overwhelmingly managed than with Agua-Asul, though, you can sit on the highway at the top and hang on a n number of time, admiring the water magic.

Oh, and also, if there is a desire, you can be connected closer to nature and waterfalls including. In the territories of both parks are rented by the cottages. You will enjoy beauty and noise every day.

Before returning to Palenk, we decide to find a secluded place for lunch here, in the park. I always take me to such trips with you. With Andrews, we have already turned into a whole ritual. For example, I still remember how they lunch in Cappadocia caves or in Cambodian Angkore, where monkeys hunted.

This time, fortunately, it cost without monkeys, but we still didn’t put his living creatures, and we also.

Yes, and vegetation around more than a pretty.

Lunch, it’s time to think about how we go back to Palenk. Maybe we will try to catch the fellow? Surely, the world is not without good people, although we are not very lucky to them today.

We didn’t have time to think about it, how the car stops, the driver of which proposes to throw us to the city in the body, in which the whole army of passengers is already. In crowded but not mad! Of course agree! The world is not without good people.

In the body besides us six people. The first thing is spoken by a man of forty years, trying to speak English (he is clearly not too good it turns out):

  • Canadians or Americans?
  • No, we are from Russia.
  • Ohhh, it is very far.

Yes, far. Here in the dialogue, Senorita is entering, apparently, without hearing, from where we (by the way, also speaks English and is clearly better):

  • Where are you from?
  • From Russia.
  • Ouuu, very cold.
  • Well, now there are almost like you, but in the winter it is cold and a lot of snow.
Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Missol-ha part 2

Knowing nods his head, as if he knew what the snow.

  • And we always hot all year round.
  • What is your name?
  • Libni. As the Bible.
  • And you?
  • Jeanne. His – Andrey. You live in Palenque?
  • Out of Tabasco. In the city of Tabasco, near Guatemala.
  • And in Guatemala, it was ever?
  • Nea. In Tabasco, by the way, very beautiful, but very few tourists, and that’s a lot of Chiapas.
  • Aha, here is beautiful. Mexico is a beautiful country in general.

She suddenly changes the subject:

  • How old are you?
  • Twenty eight.
  • And you?

She hesitated a little:

  • Fifteen, soon to be sixteen.

Oh, wow, I thought that she was at least more than twenty. Say, fifteen years in Mexico girls – a very important day and a great holiday – she becomes an adult. Now I understand why — for example, Libni looks quite like an adult woman.

  • Your English is good! – I tell her.
  • Hugo (embarrassed).
  • Do you like English? – I asked, because I know that Mexicans do not like it, as well as English-speaking neighbors in general.
  • Yes, I like it.
  • difficult to teach?
  • Not good. I take private lessons, or rather, took when I lived in the previous city. Not now, dear. You always have to make a choice: English or money and time Pope. At school, English is not taught, no teachers. We do not have a lot of money, my dad only a pastor.

The dialogue shall take Andryusiks:

  • Wow, first time I meet pastors!

Dad, the same man who first spoke to us begins to smile.

I ask him if it is hard work. Since the English, he does not make friends, comes to the aid Libni:

  • Yes, it is difficult to constantly travel from place to place. The church has a lot of parishes and the pastor must constantly ride on them, meet and communicate with people. And every four years to live have to move to a new location – it’s difficult.
  • Do you like this work?
  • Yes, I like to help people and the people love it.
  • What is your name?
  • Franc. Francisco.

Suddenly we saw running along the carriageway road string of black people, with children, with things.

  • Who is this?
  • Illegal immigrants from Honduras.

Wow! It turns out that not only Mexicans in US illegally trying to escape, for some Mexico – promised land.

So the conversation is imperceptibly donated to Palenka. We choose from the body, we grasp the good Mexican family, say goodbye and go satisfied towards the hotel. It was nice to chat with Libny and her father-Pastor Francisco. Excellent trip approached the end.

Is it worth spending time to visit waterfalls Agua-Asul and Misol-ha?

If there is a day in stock, it is very worth! Charming Mexican nature, I think, will not leave anyone indifferent. It seems to me that it will be very useful to take a break between cities and pyramids and take a few hours to contemplation of natural beauty. At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that Mexico – very diverse and multifaceted country, so why not look at this line?

Enjoy your dating with waterfalls, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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