Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Misol-ha? Part 3

How to get to the waterfalls Agua-Asul from Palenque

To take from Palencé to the road from the track in the direction of the waterfalls of Agua-Asul, you can, on the minibus (local call them «Combi») walking in Okosigo. Stop minibus is located near the ADO bus station and is indicated by me on the map. Slap constantly shout the word «Okosyngo», so they hear them for the mile. The driver must be said that you are traveling to Agua-Asul, he will stop where you need.

Travel costs 35 pesos, minibuses are sent from 4:30 to 19:30 every half an hour. Time in the way about 1 hour 15 minutes.

From the intersection to the waterfalls can be reached on foot as we did (go around 4 kilometers, which took forty minutes), take a taxi, wait for a minibus (fare costs 15 pesos, but in the morning we have not seen), or try to catch a ride.

Conversely, we reached the crossroads on a ride, whose driver charged us 10 pesos. You could also take a taxi or shuttle bus (which was more than enough).

  • How much is the entrance to the park Agua Azul: 14 pesos
  • How much is the entrance fee to the waterfalls of Agua Azul: 25 Peso
  • What time is it necessary to inspect: we leisurely admire the cascades of 3.5 hours, but it’s no bathing, if you are going to plunge, it is necessary to lay at this time. If you look more agile, you can get away for a couple of hours.

How to get yourself to the waterfall Misol-Ha in Palenque

All on the same bus Palenque-Ocosingo, about which I wrote above. To go to the road, departing from the road toward the waterfall Misol-Ha about 20 minutes. Exactly how much it cost to travel, I do not know, but I think, somewhere in the region of 15 pesos.

How to get yourself to Misol-Ha from Agua Azul

This is the way that we have done. I wrote above that from the waterfalls of Agua Azul to the track we got on a ride for 20 pesos. To the fork at Misol-Ha reached by shuttle bus Ocosingo-Palenque, caught on the track (it had to wait for about half an hour). The fare charged us 25 pesos, drove an hour.

The taxi driver offered to do the same path from the intersection (Crucero) Agua Azul to Misol-Ha for 200 pesos.

Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Missol-ha part 3

From the intersection to the waterfall Misol-Ha reached on foot, for the very close (1, 5 km) and lovely.

In Palenque, you can return and passing on the bus from the road, a taxi or try to catch a ride. We were lucky with the latter, so from the park to Palenque we got free in the company of interesting Mexican family.

Prices for visiting the waterfalls

  • How much is the entrance to the park Misol-Ha: 10 Pesos
  • How much is the entrance fee to the waterfall Misol-Ha: 20 pesos
  • What time is it necessary to inspect: We took an hour, but we, as usual, will not much in a hurry. In fact, half an hour to handle, especially if you do not plan to swim, and the opportunity to have such.

Guided tours to the waterfalls Misol-Ha and Agua Azul

Out of curiosity, I asked a travel agent, how much is an excursion to the waterfalls. Said that only 130 pesos (average price – 150-160 pesos). It lasts from 9:00 to 16:30, from this time of 30-40 minutes diverted to Misol-Xa and 3 hours Agua Azul (s dip). Unfortunately, did not specify what is included in this price, I think, all entrance fees are paid separately, otherwise any benefit agency.

So if you go do not bother with the question «How to get», You can take advantage of a similar service agencies in Palenque abound.

we this «comfortable» option was rejected, since it absolutely precludes the spirit of adventure and quite romantic. Constantly looking at the clock – it is not for us.

How much do we spend money on a separate trip to the waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha: 318 pesos for two people, including the road and entrance fees expenses.

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