Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Misol-ha?

Only recently, just a couple of days ago, we admired the mysterious pyramids of Palenque, and now we go to get acquainted with the new Mexican miracle – famous waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol-Ha. How is it that’s great, that Mexico is so different, there is exactly attractions to suit all tastes. We generally like everything, without exception,! If you suddenly still in doubt whether to go to the faraway country, I recommend to discard all doubt and to buy tickets soon.

While you’re still wondering, we Andryusiksom sit down in a minibus and hit the road. After an hour or so we are already at the crossroads. Choice «go right – lose your horse, go to the left – lose your head» to us it is not necessary. The path is only one right – To the waterfalls of Agua Azul (Cascadas de Agua Azul).

Waterfalls of Agua Azul

A little more and we are already in the park: to buy tickets, surprised at how everything is civilized (from virgin untouched no trace) and head to the most sensational cascades «blue water». Sensational in all senses, because we go to the impressive noise produced by smashing water flows.

Several dozen steps and gaze presents a number of shops, cafes and souvenir stalls. All of this is predictable, space travel, but the scope of it all is impressive convoy. On the Thai waterfalls like it was not even close.

Even a little bit and see the culprit of all the local «hype»: Waterfall Agua Azul. Wow! To be precise, it is just one of the many stages. The entire complex – is a string of large and small waterfalls, stretching along the tourist trail. Here it is, where to walk! Go?

We are approaching the viewing platform and instantly become the object of attack local amigo:

  • An excursion to the other side of the raft wish?
  • A little later, thanks!
  • Three Mirador, two stage!
  • Thank you for later! Though how much it costs something?
  • 50 pesos per person.
  • Wow! thanks…
  • 40 Pesos.
  • Thank you, thank you, we think, can swim later.
  • 30 pesos for one.

Quickly their prices, however, fall. Less than a minute. Now we take a look around, and perhaps swim.

  • Laaadno, 25 pesos, only 50 per couple!

Already almost did not go further, but decided, and why not now? sailed directly? Just sent raft. Boot into it and hear an offer from a competing firm: «40 pesos for two». Oh, too late, we push off. You see what guys pliant, and it all began with hundreds. Local, it seems that some kind of penny pay, and for what to pay there? Two minutes sail. Okay, little things all this.

On the opposite coast we will float past the largest and most impressive Cascade of Agua-Asul. Splashes scatter in all directions, sprinkling blissful cool. The spectacle is needed! I adore for nothing without restrained rust!

We go ashore and follow the Guska for a walk with the crowd of Mexicans. Two minutes passed, and we already behind them. Guys per second made a pair of pictures and rushed somewhere further. Well, go, go, we do not know how to feel so quickly, we need to find out, put it, take a picture of slowly and beautiful.

Here below attached First Mirador (observation deck) that turns right behind the flow of the cascade. Splashes are constantly fussy, rumped with swirl and settle on clothes, hair, lens, making pictures spotted. And what, so even romantic looks, though?

We are only leaving the first observation deck, and the group of the guys with whom we sailed, already wanda from somewhere on top. Let’s go and we will see what’s there.

And there Second Mirador, Mostly right above the first: view of the same cascade, only a little higher. And all the same splashes, splashes, splashes sparkling in the sun.

Hence the path goes aside and leads to Third Mirador, which overlooks the other cascade, more modest, but no less cute.

Is it worth seeing Mexican waterfalls Agua-Asul and Misol-ha

From here you can admire the Gorge Rice and Valley assembling together. Eh, beauty!

Return to the place where they sailed. Our guys are already a trace. Well, that you can float on any raft. Tourists are becoming more and more, dams only and have time to ride there and here.

Deliver us safely and maintaining there but where they took. Together with tourists, it becomes more and called. Classics of the genre – there is a demand, there is a proposal. Some individuals are very eccentric and impressive))

We are already satisfied with what they saw, and ahead, apparently, there is still a lot of interesting. We start counting the steps leading upstairs. On the way, then the case includes viewing platforms from which views of the cascades.

Suddenly we see a walkway, go away, deep into the forest. Yeah, we love it – Any mysterious paths. We pass forward, there is a wooden platform –Mirador. Another beautiful view of the collection.

Even a little far away attracts a big-pre-hand poster that has been broadcasting that behind the cherished fence that attached behind him begins YAX-HA zone – cherished place where every tourist awaits a meeting with nature and the opportunity to swim.

What is there? Interesting? Of course yes! So, we need to do there. Come closer and see that the passage is blocked by a barrier. HM. Immediately, a friend grows in front of us, who swears the patter:

  • Further separate zone, for the entrance to which you need to pay. There you can walk and swim. On 20 peso with a person.
  • We have already paid for the entrance to the park, and for waterfalls. Pay again?
  • Nuuu, it’s a separate zone. There you can swim, hotel baths and all that.
  • We will not swim, just want to see.
  • All the same Platitis.

Somehow it hurt that at every step they try to pump extra money, almost left, but decided to pay and look at the cherished «Separate zone», the second chance will not.

I give forty pesos, we step on the wooden bridge and here I understand that we did not give tickets, although Amigo told the whole pack of these in his hands. Not that it is critical, just I collect all sorts of tickets for memory, plus prices do not need to keep the head to keep with you later. Returning.

  • You didn’t give me tickets.
  • Eeee, you see, the price is indicated by the price of 30 pesos, and I have taken from you at a discount on 20 pesos.
  • And what does it mean that I don’t need tickets?
  • Mmmm, I can give you one.

Yes that you are a strange one!

  • So come on one.

How does a birthday take off from the heart and gives a trembling hand.

Return, I describe Andrews a situation. We converge in the opinion that the guy simply wanted to put our money in his pocket, because at the tickets the same registration of visitors lead. Here are such employees. In general, the impression was that comrades are illegal there and bred tourists. I hope I’m mistaken.

Well, oh well, ahead of us is waiting for the same Reserved edge YAX-HA. We go on a wooden bridge, under which the river flows, on the left and right – Cascades and those Places for bathing AREA PARA NADAR). Something they are not too cozy, and there are no dumping.

Soon we encounter a fork, left to the bridge to other bathing sites, right – Path to the cave. Choose a path that leads us to a waterfall.

Nearby is the promised cave (La Cueva), yes not easy, and Bats. We climb into it, and there really volatile mice go back and forth. At the end of the secret movement runs somewhere in the darkness, even the flashlight does not help see what is touched there. Perhaps we do not get there. Brrr!

We are replaced by a Mexican family from about ten people under the leadership of the Conductor’s boy, and we go further.

At the end of the refined path – Another portion of cascades and the promised BAñOs Privados – Bathrooms, in which you can swim.

Here already and the splashed people appear, however, the waters are all knee-deep, and the baths are very compact, so you will not get off too much.

While I go and generate materials for our photo and nightness, Andrews focuses on the details. He loves all sorts of little things to commemorate: then the stone, similar to the language, will be known, then crewing with crystal water, then the arms of stones and water flows, then the liana-snakes will meet him.

Oh, the time is already quite a lot, it’s time to move forward, we still have many plans for today. Again it is not possible to quickly slip past the surrounding beauty, and stop every two steps as enchanted. Still, water has some kind of magical effect.

We go to the tourist path, quickly we hope up to the end, in order to make sure that you do not miss anything interesting. Nothing outstanding, only a calm creek, in which also, judging by the inscriptions, you can swim.

Rushing down the steps, literally in two bills we turn out to be at the bottom, and there are already noticeably added people, including bathing, it turns out that at the very beginning of the path also there is an opportunity to perform ablution.

So, the first part of the plan is performed on a bang. On the agenda – Visit to second waterfall.

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