Is it worth taking a little child with him to rest

Cote d’Azure Water, Sandy Beach, Cloudless Sky, Shelt Palms … A trip to the south is a holiday! But is it worth taking a little child with you? The question is not easy, and there is no unambiguous answer to it. Perhaps the most rational approach – weigh everything in and against and only then take the final decision.

Rule four but

Babies before Three-month-old age travel undesirable. Pediatricians believe that the acquaintance of the baby with the sea is better to postpone one and a half or two years – By this time, his adaptive abilities are somewhat fixed. And yet the change of climate, time zone and regime – Serious stress For a children’s body. How to minimize it?

• V Tworanged Voyage child to take it makes no sense – most of the time will go to acclimatization. The trip will be justified only if its duration is Not less than a month.

Warm countries With elevated or, opposite, reduced air humidity Croche unsuitable. Ideally, the air temperature at the resort should not exceed the usual 10 ° C, and humidity – different more than on 2 %. Optimal resorts Krasnodar Territory and Crimea, as well as countries with the Mediterranean climate.

• when changing the time zone Children often continue to live by "home" time. You will have to sacrifice our comfort and smoothly translate the baby to the new mode.

Breastfeeding can not be stopped On the eve or while traveling. Pediatrician breasts are recommended to take a baby from breasts than a month before traveling.

What aibolit will say

Even if the child is absolutely healthy, it is necessary before the trip Consult a pediatrician. When he has some kind of disease, the journey is possible only with the permission of the doctor.

Hot countries are contraindicated Little Patients S Serious pathologies of endocrine and cardiovascular system.

W Allergies and asthmatics Southern vegetation – in some way its rouse flowering continues even in the fall – often causes exacerbations. Reaction to sea water in children with Atopic dermatitis, neurodermit and eczema individual, sometimes there is a deterioration in the state.

But Moderate stay in the sun Tabs with such diseases healthy. During the airfare against the background of an unbearable cold can develop otitis. Warning to help the vesseloring drops recommended by the pediatrician.

On the road!

The active sun reduces the ability of the immune system of the kid to resist infections. Do not travel in the midst of heat – Wait for the velvet season.

Is it worth taking a little child with him to rest

So, there are no contraindications, and you can go to the sea for quite a long time. What you need to remember when choosing transport?


The car is good for movement on relatively short distances – the children are worse than adults, transfer forced immobility. Traveling a child only in a children’s chair. Take care to window Machines were Cover from sun special curtains, and at hand drinking water.


Here the baby feels more comfortable. If he has already spread up with diapers, be sure to take Pot with lid. Enjoy on the road a common toilet crumb is uncomfortable, and the risk to infect infection is too high. In the hotel this item will also come in handy.


The main advantage of the airfare – fast movement to the rest. However, in a child with neurological pathology, for example, with elevated intracranial pressure, pressure drop During take-off and landing can provoke Causes.

Besides, Children up to five years due to physiological imperfection Evstarchy pipe – It connects the nasopharynx with the drum cavity of the ear – the constriction and pain in the ears are sick. Discomfort decreases when swallowing. Baby with a height and decline is recommended to attach to the chest, offer it a bottle with water or nipple.

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