Is it dangerous in Mexico: myths and reality

Sometimes they argue that in Mexico it is dangerous to ride. If you are not killed, you will definitely rob or come into drug addict. Drug barrons are walking down the streets with full pockets of cocaine and trunks. So many people think, who knows about Mexico only by the first, absorbing, like a sponge, information from the media.

TAk is dangerous in Mexico, as is customary? What regions and areas are better to avoid? Whether deceptions and theft fear? What insects can ruin vacation?

Let’s figure it out, is it really so terrible, like his little? Is it really dangerous in Mexico and is it worth refusing to travel to this country, guided by the instinct of self-preservation? I will be guided only by personal experience gained during four-month movements through the United States of Mexico.

Most often, I think, you are interested in the following questions Security in Mexico: Where is it better not to walk and when it’s better not to walk, whether the danger on the roads is waiting for how much money to take and how to save them from a curious eye, and even more hands, you immediately die, eat something on the street or a little weather, eat snakes -Scorpions, whether all sorts of dishonest people trying to make money on tourists. Let’s consider all these moments in order and solve, at what level in Mexico the safety of tourists is whether there are reasons for concern.

Dangerous regions

All certainly heard that in Mexico there are regions in which it is better not to surpass under the fear of death. There reigns full of arbitrariness, impunity, alcohol pours river, and drugs in general everywhere and necessarily bags. Yes, such regions are, for example, Tihuana, which is on the border with states. But tell me that the usual tourist there to do? Exception is except those who have a desire to cross the land border between Mexico and the United States. The rest of Tihuana is so far from the main cities and states visited by tourists, which should not be absolutely no concern. Do not believe, look at the map.

Those cities who have long chosen tourists are completely safe, subject to the standard standards of accuracy and care. After all, you will agree, in Moscow, too, can and drow, and a stone on the head in the gentleman.

Somehow I got an eye on the eye of one guy (sorry I did not save the link), who told him with a friend of the day in broad daylight on the outskirts of Lyon. They went with a comrade to shoot an interview somewhere in Cactic thickets, where they met Amigo with Machete, threatened to use their unaccompaning tools, if they do not give money, phones and expensive cameras. Gave like cute. What is the morality of this stories? The fact that the guy himself knew that he was sent to a slum area with a very bad reputation. It did not stop him, and he himself paid for his carelessness. By the way, I note that Lyon is also not the most visited by tourists town.

I want to say that if you are going to Mexico for a couple of weeks, it is unlikely to have a place for unpopular, and even more so dangerous cities. But adherence to caution in any case, no one has canceled, you go to someone else’s country.

Andriusixa with the way from Guanajuato in the north to Yucatan in the south, and no visited city seemed dangerous.

Dangerous areas

Probably, in almost every city there are areas in which more dangerous than in the center. These are either just outskirts, or areas of slums, where the poorest people live. Why can a danger to sleep here? Yes, because someone can like your camera or phone, or a wallet will drink too much from your pocket. This someone, referring to the fact that you are on its territory or something else may come and pick up your favorite. All this is very likely, but as far as it really is in Mexico in the tourist cities I do not know. We went with Andrews and in the outskirts, and on slums and except curious views or smiles did not see anything else. Although sometimes the desire to remove the fotik away in the backpack.

There are still in Mexican cities, auto repair areas, in which it is also not always cozy for a walk, the contingent is specific. We live in Mexico City in such a rash. And nothing, for one and a half months, nothing happened to us.

Now ask yourself a question, are you going to walk in such areas? I think no. Then why fear?

Walking under the moon

Is it dangerous to walk at night? According to the regions described above, I think yes. In the city center where you are full of the same tourists as you, absolutely no. Streets are perfectly illuminated, in the dark dubious alleys you probably will not go. About pockets and other scammers will not say anything, I will not be surprised if they are everywhere. Just remove the wallets away (better in fastening pockets), and do not hold the cameras in your hands, hang on the neck and you will be happy. Andrews, by the way, after a trip to Vietnam, made a special strap for a camera with an embedded iron cable. Now this strap even with all the desire no one will paint))

By the way, in almost all the towns, not offended by the attention of tourists, there are quite a lot of beggars, but they are unobtrusive and especially not aggressive.

Mexican police

In many cities of Mexico on the streets, so many policemen that any fears will disappear by themselves. Well, what a fool will risk pulling out your purse wallet when there is a uncle-policeman with a gun or machine?

At first I was not even. «Is it really so bad and the crime level is so high that at every corner a policeman?» – I thought when we just flew to Mexico City. It turns out that it is not at all in this, just so accepted. Yes, and additional jobs – The thing is useful.

Police in Mexico Smiling and responsive, if you have lost or have any questions, you can approach and ask, these are not our glory guardians of law enforcement.

Safety on the road

Often ask the question of how things are dealing with road safety. Well, that is, can they stop in the middle of the bus and rob everyone who was driving in it on their affairs or something more. Friends, argue that in Mexican buses is much more dangerous to health air conditioners than gangsters. You can ride and need, without any fears and fears. We use the first-class ADO and OCC buses for movies, which go on excellent paid roads. No gangsters are not even talking about.

Second-class buses ride free. We also use. The difference is that the bumps are more, but buses are more interested in (but cheaper). Moving on them also do not cause any fears. In general, it seems Mexico – not the country in which it is paniced to be afraid of everything in a row. Here quietly, friendly and calm. That’s where is really dangerous, they say, so it is in Guatemala or Honduras.

With whom it is possible worth to keep the eldes elder so it’s with taxi drivers. These comrades in all countries are the same. Although, and with them we have no problems in Mexico. Nobody tried to call the difference from the previously agreed price (as it was with us in Syria), not there or do some more nasty.

Money issue

Money – Separate and always interesting question. How to store not stole, do or not, take dollars with them or shoot in place? Questions at least debugs. What can hazard here?

How much money to take money in mexico and how to keep them i don’t know. We do not carry large amounts. How we do? We take a little bit from a bank card in ATMs and do not worry that in the case of theft will lose all savings. ATMs in Mexico are full in any city, the commission for the removal of cash is only about 30 rubles. The course depends on the card of which bank you use. We have a map of Tinkoff Bank. Everything suits me.

If you have a lot of money with you, do not wear them in one pocket, distribute in several places. Don’t get a stuffed wallet. Know less, sleep better. Don’t want to attract superfpore – Be yourself modest.

Account in Mexico or not? No. I am not talking about tourist tents, where all the prices are so high five times, but about ordinary household moments. In stores, markets, in cafes «Comid Krrida» prices for you will be the same as for local. Fruits and vegetables you will buy at the same low prices for which Mexicans are sold. Perhaps in a super tourist cannkun, the situation will be different, we have not yet reached.

The only time we had to face a frank divorce. It was in Puerto Escondido. There are actively offering tourists to ride a boat to watch the turtles and dolphins. The bottom line is that when we sat down in this boat, we were voiced by one cost of the excursion, and when they came out of it – Other. And it was necessary to pay, as you understand, at the exit. Just like with a camel in Egypt: climbing it costs five dollars, but to help you get drunk – fifty.

Yes, by the way, Money Mexico – Mexican Peso (MXN). There are new and old sample. The second is a bit, so do not be afraid, it is not fake.

Gastronomic question

I will not write about civil cafes and restaurants, everything is in order with them, and there is absolutely nothing to fear. You can easily go, order a delicious mexican dishes and enjoy.

Here I will answer the question «Is there a street food in Mexico dangerous?». If you want to eat something that is cooked right on the street, and do not see anything criminal in it (like us), it is absolutely not dangerous. Eat on health! If you are squeaming in nature and think that you will definitely choose, or that the cook has dirty hands, or something in this spirit – Do not eat. As you know, self-sustaining – Scary thing. Be sure to choose! Kidding)) but why mock yourself.

What is street food in Mexico? These are all sorts of taxes, Cesadillas, corn, sandwiches, chips and more. Deliciously that? Yes, especially when you run hungry and spinning one-only thought in my head: «That’s something to eat». Whether it is useful? I’m afraid not very. For example, we are trying not to get involved in Andrews all these snacks. Not because it is the lowest variety of food, but because it’s still better to eat something normal than to snack on the go.

By the way, notice, we still eat and taxi, and corn, and never had unpleasant consequences. If you are afraid of problems, I advise you to make the vaccination from abdominal typhoid. We did even before going to Thailand. Vaccination is done for several years, so we still act. Maybe therefore there are no problems?

By the way, many are interested, whether Mexican cuisine is terribly acute. I answer: not. It is a myth! Most dishes are absolutely not sharp. You can make them yourself by adding sauce (salsa), which is necessarily present on the table (or even one).

However say that all dishes are not sharp – absolutely wrong. There are significantly seasoned soups and second dishes, even desserts (for example, ice cream). If you are an enemy sharp, always interest, before ordering a dish, acute it or not. Just ask: «Picante?» Heard in the answer «S», So sharp, heard «But», No. You can ask the waiter to make a dish «But Picante», you prepare the same thing, but without a fiery effect.

Nice appetite, friends! Do not be afraid to try new. After all, when else, if not now.

Is the myth and reality dangerous in Mexico

Our smaller brothers (insects, animals)

Mexico Country far and mysterious. And this means that the dangers here can wait the most mysterious. For example, it is very interesting what insects Mexico can spoil the vacation, however? Or maybe there are no such.

Looked, thought that the maximum who could disturb us in a hotel room – mosquitoes. Even taken with them repellents and, as it turned out, not in vain. Some where they were very useful: in San Miguel, in Guanajuato, in Oaxaca.

If we lived only in hotels, then mosquitoes, I think everything would be limited. But in the Mexican journey, when there is an opportunity (suitable options), we prefer to rent housing through the airbnb site. If someone has questions regarding the search for housing, I suggest read the article How to find housing in a journey.

So, through this site, we shot private apartments and rooms several times in homes. Guess who we had to meet there? With scorpions. Everything, I think, half of the readers immediately changed his mind to go to Mexico)) As the owner of the house told us, where a unpleasant meeting took place with this articist, in the dry season they are full and they are not dangerous, that is, not poisonous. It turns out that poisonous scorpions still look.

People – One of the main components of a country. It is from them in many ways depends will like a country or not. That’s how we Andryusiksom with not liking the Vietnamese, and the impression of the country as a whole remains blurry.

What people in Mexico? For the most part very friendly, smiling, sociable and helpful. Should we expect them to some kind of trick? Perhaps not, though, as they say, every family has its black sheep. We have so far only positive impressions.

Now we are in San Cristobal, and there are a lot of Indians. These comrades not very friendly. Keep in mind that they do not like to be photographed. Once they believed that by making a photo, you are stealing their soul. Who knows, maybe someone now thinks. May react aggressively. Be careful to ask permission.

Do stick to women? I do not know, because I am traveling with Kakmo Andryusiksom, we almost always walk together. But now consider the girls from head to toe can, and many will, and not hesitate or their fiances or husbands. Prichmoknut can whistle or after, but do not try to touch your hands. Anyway, I did not come across such instances.

Keep in mind that if you are going to walk around Mexico in short shorts or mini-skirts, attention will not be gathered (men will be eyeing women disapprove viewed – everything is as usual).

How to dress generally accepted in Mexico? Any strict rules and restrictions, as, for example, in Muslim countries, there is no. Even in the church, you can go into that in which walk on the street (or long skirts or headscarves or private hands is not required). It turns out that the question of clothing – a matter of personal self-awareness and comfort. I, for example, in principle it is not convenient razhazhivat in short shorts on cities, while in the hottest beach towns, it is appropriate.

For safety reasons and so as not to attract undue attention, I would not advise walking in frank dresses late in thinly populated areas. You never know what.

As for the rest, I think, you will not have any problems with the Mexicans, especially if you learn a little Spanish, you are welcomed with open arms.

Go to Mexico or not?

Of course yes! See themselves that there is not so scary, as it seems. The same hazards that may notice are also likely, as in your hometown. Gorgeous Nature, Monuments of History, Beautiful Cities, Milestone People, Delicious Food, Merry Holidays – All this is waiting for you in Mexico!

Enjoy your travel in Mexico, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

* All conclusions and approval are based on personal impressions.

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