Is there a cosmic disease by analogy with sea?

[Such] is. Called "Space Disease of Movement". Paints how for sea disease. Because the vestibular system ceases to respond adequately to what is happening. Everyone is manifested in different ways. Sometimes the illusion arises, as if you were hung to the ceiling. Sometimes nausea begins and even vomiting. In the "Union" there is a special first-aid kit with drugs to combat movement disease – help adapt. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict who and how it will manifest. I was lucky: both flights felt good. But there were cases when people specially trained, but then they still feel bad. Fortunately, the disease passes quite quickly – in a couple of days, even in serious cases.

By the way, about training.

How workouts are performed on a centrifuge, in the barocamera and the Surrotamera?

Training on a centrifuge in a complex with ship control procedures begin when you get a destination in the crew. At the first stage – introductory rotations on the removal schedule or on the descent schedule in the atmosphere. Then workout with manual control – that is, how much you "disturbed", such overload and got. There are, of course, the upper limit of safety, but if I was wrong, the test would be serious. This is done in order for the future astronaut on the reflex level to felt a direct connection between its actions and overloads, which will arise in real flight in case of management errors. Training itself continues from one and a half to two minutes. At the same time, the visual sharpness is checked, well-being – you are all stuck with sensors. In general, the centrifuge is a good attraction, and workouts on it can not be called very difficult: the usual person is quite capable of survive.

When I tell schoolchildren about the centrifuge, then I usually ask: "You heard the expression "Fish and sausage"? This is how the centrifuge is valid. If it is serious, there is nothing terrible in testing a centrifuge, because the attraction in a modern recreation park issues about the same overload – from 3.5 to 4 g. Actually, it is these overloads that occur with a normal control flight. Cosmonauts train with some "reserve" so that they are ready for more. For example, with an unmanaged descent in the atmosphere, there are overloads of about 8 g, so every year under medical examination we pass the test in the centrifuge in this mode.

In the barocamera do not train. Testing in it is part of a medical examination, checking the organism borofunction. Reducing pressure, as it would be "thrown up" for five thousand meters. You sit there for a while, and then you will be released in the "Free Fall" – the air begins to wrestle. The same is done for conditional ten thousand meters, but already with oxygen masks. Checked how you know how to level the pressure between the middle ear and the inner ear, the external ear. If depressurization occurs in the flight, then you, having received experience in the barocamera, immediately understand that the pressure drops. In the scaffle, when the pressure is leveling, the same – you all feel the ears.

Is there a cosmic disease by analogy with sea

There are special training that are considered medical inspections, but are a serious test. For example, Surdocamera. You are planted in such a small room without windows. The first day you are just sleeping there, then three days and two nights are not sleeping. At the same time, you must constantly do something: solve tests, write writings, answer questions. There is no direct connection with the outside world. The commands are served to you through the alarm: the combination of light bulbs on the remote is ignited, and you must look into the code table and perform the appropriate task. Many people need to be held with the "cap", which removes the encephalogram: Experts look at your brain condition in critical fatigue. And if you suddenly get off, a duty doctor who is watching you through the camcorder, immediately turns on Sirena – wakes you. Honestly, when I went there, I thought: three days without sleep, I’m a good. And the worst thing in Surdocamera is not periods of work, but the moments of rest.

It is very difficult to hold out if you have nothing to take if you do not talk with anyone. Everyone, of course, has its own approach to solving this problem. I, for example, took the book, but almost immediately flooded. I took the guitar – I fell asleep for the guitar. The assembly of puzzles for three thousand items helped well, because at the same time you choose something for a long time, then you fall your nose into this bunch, and suddenly you see that item that I was looking for. But, most importantly, when these three days ended, I went out and doctors approved: "Well done! Everything worked out everything ", I suddenly realized that four days without sleep would hold.

We ourselves do not believe in ourselves, and the body always has reserves: in my case, he went to some special rhythm, learned to relax with urabs, imperceptibly. The result of the "rejection" in the Surrocamera is very much later on me influenced me: I realized that I can think much more than I think about myself. Do not regret yourself. If there is a goal – you need to go to her.

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