Is there any life after the office? Briefly about the benefits of active recreation

Modern urban life is more and more people to the office, emanates its wires of the power grid and causes an increasing dependence on gadgets for our comfort, and apartments from concrete and metal continue to give us away from nature.

The need to pay on accounts and loans, spending on the fact that we are not so necessary, the culture of consumption and dream of a worthy future for children forces us to work most of life.

All this causes what doctors call "Chronic fatigue syndrome" (SHU) – the so-called "office" disease, a professional sore characteristic of mouse and keyboard workers.

Symptoms familiar to most office workers: muscle pain, general weakness, heavy thought process and hum in the head.

Alas, these symptoms often begin From the very beginning of the working day.

Statistics argue that over the past decade of citizens of Russia suffering from mental disorders, It became more at 800 thousand people – Now there are more than 4 million.

Plus, order of a million people are observed in the psychoneurological dispensaries due to alcohol problems. And what is characteristic, many of the patients In the past, successful office managers.

TIR, he ; Manico-depressive psychosis ; turned into an ordinary mental disorder among young, secured Russians. And what is the saddest, it is they who are part of the middle class, which is the basis of our society.

Our doctors have not yet developed comprehensive treatment CHU, so treatment lies in the fight against symptoms. Anti-virus, antidepressants, anesthetic, sleeping pills, vitamins, zozh and running in the morning – here is the standard arsenal of combating symptoms of chronic fatigue.

Here you can add a refusal of bad habits, healthy food and the right dream, but in theory It is all clear to us.

Let’s try to take a look at the decision of the problem above on the other hand, let’s talk about how you can spend weekend and holidays for yourself.

Of course, we are talking about an active holiday, the benefit of the service market and transport infrastructure are able to offer many options.

Active recreation is not only available, it has become fashionable and very diverse: multi-kilometer haiks, camping, parachute jumping, military-tactical games of all stripes and much more – all this is not too expensive and is quite accessible both at prices and in opportunities.

There is an active leisure "non-professional", that is, which does not require serious training. Here and paintball, and fishing, bicycles, sports games outdoors, horse rides – yes, though in the Russian troika!

Is there any life after the office briefly about the benefits of active recreation

And of course it is worth mentioning Hiking to the forest away from civilization – The very, soviet students, PSE (fire, tent, sleeping bag, or a club of amateur song, this is who is closer), right now, instead of bearded engineering students in nature, managers and clerks are selected.

Connoisseurs of comfort Office pensions, sanatoriums, holiday homes and parks &# 8211; In these and in many other areas for suburban leisure, it is possible to organize corporate seminars and trainings, which allows you to rest in the circle of our team.

Corporate holiday is important. It allows the participants of the Big Team to establish in the situation "without ties" of relationships and communications, and Suitable for this much better, than festive feast "from company".

Progressive companies with a high level of corporate culture, began to refuse corporate parties in old in favor of sports events and other team games. Now in priority, the formation of a corporate spirit with healthy methods that would be something to remember.

Football and bowling, like a tool Maintain team feeling. Sports teams appeared from among employees, are becoming increasingly popular tournaments between teams of competitors and partners.

Everything is serious: there is even its own group of support, their fans, come up with their symbolism and cries.
In communication I Common time residence is born Corporate values, therefore, where corporate events are tradition, success, growth and positive. Such companies are respected both competitors and partners.

So, it becomes obvious that the active rest is very important both for general well-being and for Improvability and improved internal climate in the team. It allows you to distract from pressing problems and worries, leaving their concrete jungle and return to nature at least for a while.

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