Is there any life on the Dead Sea?

Israelis consider their country very big – they say, otherwise, it would not be called Israel, but. About Tom, Big Israel or Small, can argue for a long time, because the value is a relative concept, but, be that as it may, the seas here are as many as the Mediterranean, Red and Dead. About the last quite a few songs are folded, we "SPOO" You still have one.

When a friend of youth from Moscow called me, we rushed from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. "What you do in such rain, maybe coffee drip", – He said writing. It followed that my friend is sure that I am at the moment I am in Moscow, two blocks from him. "I’m going through the Jewish desert, I will soon swim in the sea, you will bring dirt with salt", – I cheerfully shouted into the phone and turned off, giving a friend to solve this rebus. We drove along the hot stones in the smallest in the world (22 kilometers), but very hot Jewish desert, and I, no matter how hard it tried, could not imagine the Moscow boring rain – even when oases began to fall with dick palm trees and shops selling fresh juices.

The road rolled under the slope. From the mountains, we descended to the sea level, moved lower and shortly with screams "Hurrah!" We passed the mark "- 400 meters", The lowest point of the earth’s surface where the most saline in the world was spread. There are a lot in general "Self itself".

The name of the most useful sea is not the most life-affirming. But faithful. Nobody survives in his waters, except for one type of bacteria and the virus parasitic. And how to live here, if 400 grams of salt dissolved in the water lytra? No, here you can only swim, and that is not long. In some places, salt falls away, covering a sparkling layer of the bottom or stuck the snowdrifts of coastal stones. Because of light yellow sand and white salt water seems bright blue. On this dazzling background roam, spreading spicy smells, black figures. These are the resorts, ash in therapeutic mud. Dirt taken from the bottom of the Dead Sea, like water, contains a huge amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium and bromine. Thanks to the last element, all the inhabitants of the Domoras coast are infinitely calm and pacified. Only for some other children, for some reason it does not work. Well, well, and then quiet powerful children – a spectacle, agree, alarming.

In the morning, the people are headed from hotels to the sea, towards health. Water in the sea, if you use the vocabulary of Ilya Lagutenko, difficult. It is impossible to drown in it. The sea is dense and slippery, it all pushes onto the surface, and the ranks and pimples on the body begin to incredibly sampling – they are so healing. "Mom, I have everything itching, I can come out", – Net juvenile Russian repatriate. "Mina, watch the arrow, ten minutes has not passed", – Sens a big mom, drift on a shallow wave. Mina with longing looks at the beach hours. The arrow is not moving. "Mama! Cheshable!" -"Mina, I also bope, but I suffer". Then the monumental grandmother is moored to them, they together with mom quickly suppress minin riot, and then begin to discuss my swimsuit. Apparently, did not recognize the former compatriot in me, although the hedgehog is clear that everything loudly said in Israel in Russian will not remain mystery to others.

I’m lying in the sea on my back (because on the stomach in this water, the wildly uncomfortable) and the hairpin. They, like the body, do not sneak, fleeing on the surface of the Dead Sea. And I want to believe that on the outside it looks extremely beautiful. Minina Mom with a grandmother is beginning to argue about whether salty water is good or harmful. I have already made sure that I am very good – my hair is shiny and even go on generous curls, which sooner has never happened to them. The skin also looked noticeably, although I understand the suffering of mini – and I was at first everything was scratched.

First in the Dead Sea hurts, then nice. The first day everyone passes approximately equally. The batcher enters the sea, speaking loudly about its unusual consistency and temperature. Then he feels like a habit of his stomach, but, realizing his mistake, for a while desperately flounders, trying to stand up on his feet. Then it is suitable on the back and meditates, but from an awkward movement the caustic water falls into the eyes, and the bullet bath rushes into the shower – since he is near. Next Stage – photo for memory. All those who arrived at the Dead Sea, the resort workers consider their duty to take a picture of empty in the dirt and sitting on the surface of the water with a newspaper in the hands. Prefer editions in Hebrew, and open them on the first page, although Hebrew read on the right left. There are times when the sea resembles the reading room of the library.

Long in the waters of the Dead Sea, it is impossible to hold out – it hurts the solid solid – and there is no need. One bathing session should not exceed 20 minutes. And everything is recommended no more than two swims per day so that no oversaturation is happened. Word "Plot" In this case, it is consistent conditionally: in this sea, you can successfully stand, sit, lie or walk. But hardly sailing. Such is it a miracle of nature – the Dead Sea.

Is there any life on the Dead Sea

rules "Use" Demomorian resorts are elementary, instructing takes a few minutes. If, in addition to salt baths, a person is going to take gray baths, then between them you need to withstand the hour interval. And if the hour has not passed, you can pass the time in a fresh water pool – also with the benefit for the body and soul, because of all the corners and walls of the pools are beaten by hydromassage jets. Probably, it is unnecessary to say that in each of the 13 hotels on the Dead Sea there are centers of thalassotherapy and all kinds of beauty salons, which use the cosmetics of the Dead Sea – all these dirt, salt, masks and creams based on them. From all this person becomes more beautiful and healthier.

For the treatment of arthritis or psoriasis on the Dead Sea, delayed for a long time – on a couple of weeks. The return of youth and beauty does not require such a long time, but if there is an opportunity, it is better to stay. In this regard, the question arises: what to do when it is tired of the extra, but still, no matter how cool, plant existence according to the scheme "Restaurant – Beach – Thalassotherapy – Swimming pool – Shops – Hotel"? Everyone finds his own way to make life more active. I, for example, along with a group of comrades traveled around the neighborhood. To begin with, we chose just curious surroundings – a laboratory where the famous AHAVA cosmetics, which in Hebrew means "love", and exemplary kibbutz "Ein Gedi", On the territory of which a botanical garden with 3000 species of plants. In my time "Ein Gedi" Visit M.WITH. Gorbachev. Seeing the achievements of the kibbutny farm, exclaimed: "Well, we have sought it in yourself, just did not have time!" Curious surroundings can be attributed to the mountains on which the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were stood, as well as a rock called "Wife Lota". A poor woman, as you know, has turned into a salt pillar, when I looked around, as the Lord cracks with the depravodses and wicked of the damned cities. Or there are still two caves, where there are vessels 50 years ago with sacred Jewish scrolls – such as the Damascus Code, where the coming of the Messiah is predicted.

But there is surroundings just amazing – this is the fortress of a massagon, which the Great Herod. Massada – Monument not only by the Jewish king, but also human labor and patience: Imagine what it means to build a palace complex in the desert on a rock. Yes, and put the gardens here. In Masada, Herod the Great invited his friend Mark Agrippe and agreed on the jug, the wines agreed so that the buddy Mark came to his great test of Octavian Augustus on the deferment of taxes. To this day, magnificent steam baths are preserved, where it is guarded both with friends and with doctors a big lover of dry couple King Herod. And then, as you know, the walls of the Massard witnessed the terrible tragedy: 968 Jews during the Anti-Raising Upper took place in the fortress and the attacks of enemies have long reflected. But the Romans, or rather, the 10th legion, before the former Favorite division of Julia Caesar, built a giant embankment, which could be easily, and most importantly – beautifully (everyone wants to spectacular victories) to get into the deposited fortress. But proud Jews, seeing that the mound was built and their fate decided, preferred death.

Now Massada – a badge place for Israelis. Here, in love, couples meet sunrises, here after a forty-fiber making march-throw in the desert come tickle young paratroopers. Personally, I saw with my own eyes, as a numerous family celebrated on a massade for a rite of Bar Mitzvah (majority). Confused, unhappy culprit celebration stood, clasping gifts with both hands. The relatives of the boy sang and drank, and beyond the walls, above the cliff, like two thousand years ago, groans of tristamida, and the crows parley proudly like eagles.

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