Island and resort Fukuok in Vietnam

There is an island in Vietnam, which is not only the largest in the country, but the seaside resort, which is particularly popular with tourists. On this page about Vietnam, let’s talk about Fukuok.

Fukuok County Refers to the Vietnamese Province of Chienzyng. Inhabit the island of 574 kV. km Total 93 thousand people. From Cambodia island separates 15 kilometers. By how the island is called, you can guess about its features. The island of "ninety-nine mountains" he is named because of the abundance of rocky mountains. "Pearl" referred to due to the location of two pearl plantations on it.

And on Fukuchok there are rainforests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and the ability to do diving and study his exotic flora and fauna. The tourist infrastructure on the island is not yet at the proper level, but develops, which gives hope in the soon turning of the island in the European Sample Resort.

The island has its own airport, which greatly facilitates the road resting to the island. The city center was the city of Dong-Dong, there is a popular beach Long Beach near him (local call him "Chiong"). Most hotels, as well as cafes, shops, travel agencies are located in the area.

How to get to the island

The airport is built in the north of Dong-Dong, on its own outskirts, only in 2012. You can only come to the city from the airport only by taxi. For tourists traveling through a ticket, a shuttle service is available to the hotel.

Fukuchok arrive from Ho Chi Minhine: Flights are made 4 times a day, and additional flights are added to the holidays. Tour operators offer flights from Russia. At 23:45 from Domodedovo with change in Dubai and Ho Chi Minh City. On the island will be in 26 hours 45 minutes at 6:30 am. From Domodedovo Departure at 16:55 with a change in Dubai and Hanoi. Flights at this time and sending several. Airliners arrive at different times: at 8:00, at 8:45, at 11:00, at 16:55. On the way you will be from 35 hours 5 minutes to 41 hours 30 minutes (depends on the selected flight).

Flights with Connect to Dubai or Singapore Chang and Ho Chi Minh City. Departure time: 15:05, 23:45. On the way for more than 21 hours. You can fly to Fukuok through London and Hanoi, but this pleasure is very expensive. Of course, there are flights and three transplants, but they are uneconomical and long-term.

Sheremetyevo sent an airliner for Fukuok through Guangzhou (China). Departure at 21:10, at the airport "Bayun" (Guangzhou) will be the next day at 11:10. Then long wait (more than 6 hours), and departure at 17:25 already on the island. On site you will be at 19:25. Flight will take 18 hours 15 minutes.

You can go first to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, take a walk through the sights, and then fly to the island by local flights.

In the opposite direction of transfers are performed in the same cities. Departure from Fukuoka at 7:15, 7:50 and arrival at 21:05. On the way you will be 41 hours 15 minutes. There are flight at 21:35, then arrive in Moscow at 21:35 the next day, and the flight time is shrinking until 27 hours and 30 minutes.

Where can I settle on Fukuok

Hotels on the island not too much. Each service at its level not dependent on the cost of the rooms. You can find a cheap hotel, but with quality service and expensive with the lack of elementary amenities.

Total on the island of hotels 2 * just over 10, from 3 * – about 30, with 4 * built a little more than 15 hotels, and 5 * – only 9 hotels.

Almost all hotels are located on 1 beach line and offer the type of breakfast "only breakfast": BB.

Where to go, if you are on the island of Fukuok

Let’s start with the Fukuoka symbol – the lighthouse, which was carved in the rock. At the foot of it is the Temple-Palace Kau in honor of the goddess Tian Hou – Cas Caste or Dinh Cau. This is the patroness of the fishermen, who today bring her alms and arrange after dinner at the lighthouse, where they sell their catch.

To familiarize yourself with the "bloody" page of the history of Vietnam, you can look into the coconut prison. There is a museum and recreation of prisoners of prisoners, who were the Vietnamese at the time of war with the United States. Energy of this place is quite depressing and ominous. With children here it is better not to come.

For small travelers (for their parents, too) a memorable will be a trip to the attractions of Vinell Land (Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc). There is an oceanarium, Safari Park, Dolphinarium, Fontanov Show, Bowling and More. It is clear that coming here stands from the morning.

On the island brought the hunting breed of dogs – Ridgeback. She is notable for a wool strip on the back, growing in the opposite direction. Visit the nursery where they grow these dogs will give an opportunity, if desired, buy a puppy of this breed and see the dog run.

Island and resort Fukuok in Vietnam

Religious monuments is the island can not boast, but there are several temples and pagodas on it. You can go inside for free. Clothing pick up for such a visit appropriate.

There are on Fukuchok and National Reserve – Phu Quoc National Park. About a thousand plant species grows in this park. It "settled" about 150 species of animals. And what are waterfalls, enclosures with eagles, reservoirs, lift to the mountain. Park of unusual sculptures – that’s what else will surprise you in the reserve. Vietnamese love picnics here near the colorful waterfall Suoi TRANH.

On plantations on the island, pearls are grown, which is treated on a farm, making all sorts of products. The process of mining pearls from seashells is fascinating, so it is worth looking into this place. Yes, and souvenir with pearls – worth the purchase. And in the pearl museum, here you will see and unusual exhibits.

Lovers of spices advise to call on pepper plantations: white, gray, black and t.D. Fukuok Pepper – Product Famous in Vietnam. It will be interesting to know how it is grown, and at the same time to buy a bag of acute spice.

Another production costs your focus on the island – Fish Sauce Factory. Vietnamese love to add sauce from fish to dishes, and how they do, learn on the Fukuok factory. Especially popular sauce from the ANCHOUSS "NUOC MAM" (due to a strong specific smell it is forbidden to carry in hand-made in airplanes).

The building of the Museum does not confuse with any. It has 6 floors and colorful architecture in national style. These are private ownership. There are many useful and cognitive information about the island, its history and residents. From the observation deck of the museum you will see the beauty of the Northern Area.

Night market – Another landmark of Fukuoka. Works from 6 pm. There are many fish products. With you fish and prepare. You can look at Vietnamese cuisine and look.

There is on the island and bee farm. This is a kind of shop selling honey. Fukuchok make wine. There is even a tasting shop. Tourists are offered to visit the Martov Wine factory.

Fukuok is famous for the variety of seafood in local restaurants and cafes. Try the "burning pot" with assorted seafood. You will bring a saucepan on the burner, it will boil broth in it: you yourself throw in the dish what you wish (from the products brought by the waiter).

You can also order in the cafe "NHUM-NHUM" – dish from sea hedgehog, "NHong" – fish pastries, noodles "Bang Kang" and other delicacies. Exotics in Vietnamese dishes at least debug.

Plan your holiday in advance, and he will remember only pleasant moments.

Island and resort Fukuok in Vietnam

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