Island and resort Kayo-Coco

In the central part of Cuba in a small province of Siego de Avila, there is a chain of the Colorful Islands Hardine-del Rey (from Spanish – "Royal Gardens").

This is a natural unique reserve and ecosystem. Part of this chain is the Kayo Coco Island Tourists. He is named after White Ibis, who is called the Coco bird in Cuba (Bird of Coconut Walnuts). Cayo Coco Square – 370 km2.

No matter how the defenders of nature protested, but an artificial road (dam) in length of 27 km was laid from the island to a large land. Of course, tide-tide regimen This dam has broken, but a lot of ducts have been created to restore the flow.

The road paved by nature connects Cayo Coco with a no less colorful island of Guillermo. Islands managed to preserve the pristine nature than and seize tourists to relax in the distance from civilization. Neither the swamps nor wild forests stopped a person from the construction of hotels like "all inclusive" in this area. Tourism and related services on the resort island are well developed, recreational diving (underwater rest-entertainment) here.

The length of snow-white beaches at the resort – 26 km. They are securely protected by coral reef. Lagunas allow resting to enjoy a full transparent azure sea, snow-white sand, stunning beauty of sunset and sunrise, picturesque vegetation. Especially popular Beaches of La Haul, Los Flamenkos, Las Colorados.

The area of ​​the resort on Cayo Coco is represented by two small towns – something like Disneyland. This trip is a huge complex with infrastructure inherent tourist areas. And Sol Melia – Hotel Complex.

How to fly to the paradise corner of Cuba

The island built its airport "Hardine del Rey", but direct flights from other countries here are not coming. Russian tourists, as well as visiting the island to tourists from other countries, have to fly first to Havana, and then, recreated to another plane, follow Kayo-Koko.

From Sheremetyevo by Aeroflot at 07:10, a plane flies out to Havana. It lands at the José Marty airport at 12:35. In the capital of the Island of Freedom will have to stay for five and a half hours, since the flight to Kayo Coco is held at 18:00. And through some 55 minutes, you are on the paradise island.

If you want to stay in the capital of Cuba Havana longer, then you can fly to the resort the next day in the morning, at 06:50. You will fly longer (about 3 hours). However, from the airport, it is still necessary to drive about 12 km by taxi or a rented scooter, a jeep, and maybe on a bike. Hotels with Cayo Coco, taking care of their vacationers, provide transfer from the airport and to the airport.

Hotel complexes Kayo-Coco resort

More than 20 hotels are built on the island, they mainly have 4 * and 5 *. Almost all hotels are located on the 1st beach line from the sea. Their arrangement is designed for a comfortable stay of visitors off the coast of the Fasculating Caribbean Sea. All and all are subordinate to one task: to attract as many tourists as possible it is in our hotel.

In hotels 4 * and 5 * for accommodation you will be offered multi-storey buildings Iili Bungalow, built right on the water.

Food in hotels occurs on the All Inclusive 24 – all inclusive 24 hours a day. The rooms have TV, satellite TV, refrigerator, air conditioning, mini bar, safe, telephone, bathroom. On the territory of hotels lined pools with clean sea water, playgrounds, mini clubs, animation, shops.

A car rental, transfer to the airport, parking, photoservice, massage services and beauty salons. Among entertainment, tourists are offered by such: water polo, windsurfing, motorwater water sports, diving, kayaking, catamaran, scuba diving, etc.

Here you are teaching dance lessons, they will put the discos in the rhythms, show entertainment programs. Beaches are 100-200 meters away. Umbrellas, sun beds, mattresses are provided by the hotel.

AquaErobics, Fishing, SPA, Thalassotherapy are added to the above in some hotels. Placing children up to 18 years in terms of hotels is not allowed.

What to diversify holidays by the sea

We will tell about some excursions, which you will remember not only the sea coast of Kayo-Coco.

Island and resort Kayo-Coco

Kayo Gallermo Island – Islet in the northwest of the resort, part of the Saban Camaguey archipelago. Here you are waiting for mangrove forest, palm groves, colorful terrain and barrier coral reef.

4 km separates Kayo-Koko from the Natural Park Baia de Naranjo, located in the southeast of the resort. Tourists are waiting for a show with marine lions and dolphins. And with the latter, you can even swim in the aquarium.

5 km from Guardalavaca on the top of the hill, the historical Museum of Copop de Maita is located. Here you can see the excavation of the Indian settlement.

For tourists Local tour desks offer a variety of tours. Most Popular: Day trip to Aventure Marine – Swimming on a high-speed boat on the canals in the center of the jungle.

Tour "Cayo Mortero" – a unique boat walk with a transparent bottom to coral reefs.

Visit to Parque El Baga National Park is a meeting with marine turtles and alligators, this is an unforgettable voyage on Cuban tropical jungle.

Bus trips to Trinidad, Moron and Camaguai are also offered. The memorable will be a trip to the lake near Morona "Laguna de La Leche". Among other exotic birds will see Pelicans and Pink Flamingo here. The second lake that needs to be explored by boat – Redond. Mangrove thickets, huge size Globes, bought by web, closed with thickets of Spanish Moss trees – an unusual spectacle.

Entrance to the Cureva Del Jabali cave promises a dance evening for national Cuban melodies and tasting of hot drinks.

And, of course, pink flamingo. This is local pride. Exotic birds became an unusual island.

The vegetation world, which is no longer found anywhere in the world, the underwater inhabitants, the meeting with which will be remembered for a long time, the sea, positive emotions – all this is worth visiting Cayo Coco.

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