Island Baysha and his sights

Baisha Township – one of the areas of the Penghu archipelago (Penghu), which includes 7 inhabited islands and about 20 more uninhabited. The largest island and the main city of this region is called – Baisha. This name appeared thanks to a large number of fine white sand, which covers almost all the beaches of this area. How easy it is to guess, it is the beaches and are the main attraction of the area. We are not special beach holiday lovers, and the infrastructure of the beaches of Penghu leaves much to be desired, so we leased Motobike and went to search for other attractions.

The Republic of China is actively developing tourism, and for each region of Taiwan, you can find a map and information, and, as a rule, each area has its own separate website. But there is a small problem: almost all information in Chinese, and in English you can find only short and low-consuming notes. Baisha is not the most tourist island, so the attractions here can be counted on the fingers of one hands, about which there will be our today’s small article.

Big Aquarium on Pescador Islands (Penghu Aquarium)

The most important attraction of Baisha is, of course, aquarium. Aquarium is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00, ticket price NT $ 200 (approximately $ 6.2) will take you here any taxi driver, as this is a famous sight of not only Baisha, but also of all Pescadors.

Collection of aquarium includes marine inhabitants who are found in the sea within a radius of 200 km from Pescador Islands. Here you can see the rods, various types of crabs, sea skates, turtles and great many fish. But the main highlight of the aquarium on Penghu is a glass tunnel with a diameter of 2.8 meters and about 14 meters long.

Tourists can feel at the bottom of the ocean and leisurely watch the life of marine inhabitants. Of course, he does not make such a strong impression as aquarium in Ocean Park in Hong Kong, But we certainly cost here.

300-year-old tree – Banyan (Tongliang Banyan)

Another famous attraction of Baisha is a 300-year-old banyan tree. According to the legend, it appeared on Pescadorah during the times of the Qing Dynasty, when the ship sank in this area, which was transported by Banyan Shed. Local residents caught him and planted. For 300 years, Tongliang Banyan has grown to such an extent that formed a canopy with a total area of ​​more than 660 square meters and every year it becomes more and more.

Such an unusual form of banyan wood was formed under the action of monsoon winds. First, the tree grew up, and then horizontally. To protect branches and air roots under them began to substitute wooden beams, which later replaced with stone poles. As a result, a banyan tree is little similar to a tree in a classic form, rather this is a huge gazebo in front of the entrance to the Bao-An Temple Temple.

This is brought here absolutely all tourists who come to Pescador Islands with organized tours, so there are many souvenir tents and small cafes where you can have a snack. But do not hope that locals will speak with you in English, but the gestures will still be useful to all. By the way, despite the fact that the place is tourist, here souvenirs and water cost as much as in the city.

Big Bridge (Penghu Great Bridge)

The biggest islands of the Penghu archipelago are interconnected by bridges, so you don’t have to hire water transport every time to move from the island to the island. Baisha and Xiyu islands are interconnected by the longest bridge in Taiwan – Penghu Great Bridge or, as it is also called TRANS-Ocean Bridge.

The length of the bridge is almost 2.5 kilometers (2494 meters), and when you stand on one of its edge, the second goes far into the horizon. Walk along it, especially in a strong wind, not very comfortable, and yes and ride the bike is also not very kuzyavo. But scope, of course, very impressive.

Like a banyan tree, a large bridge is a rather popular attraction, so there are always a lot of tourists who are trying to capture themselves against the background of a giant arch, behind which the bridge begins.

Beach Baisha and Sea Walks

Unfortunately, or fortunately, all the most beautiful beaches of this area are not located on the main island, and in order to get to them, you will have to go to one of the three tourist centers of the island. From Citou Visitor Information Center you can go on Pengpeng Beach Beach.

Island Baysha and his sights

In addition to the beach on this little island there is nothing, and from the height he looks much more nice than when you are. As a rule, most tourist routes leave tourists here for 30 minutes. Actually, during this time you can swim and get around the island around the perimeter times 10. &# 128578;

In addition to Pengpeng Beach, tourist boats will show you basalt islands and colonies of various birds, then visit the Mudou Island, where you can admire one of the most beautiful beacons of Pescador islands.

Second Famous Beach District Baisha – Jibei Sand Beach Beak. You can get on this beach on water transport from North Sea Visitor Information Center, which is located near the town of Chihkan. Jibei Island is much larger and besides the snow-white beach. Tourists are happy to leave to inspect its sights: Temples of the goddess Matsu, Color Town, Basalt Rocks and others.

There are beaches and on the island of Baisha, but these are not the beaches that we are accustomed to see in tourist countries. There are no sun beds here, there are no sellers of ice cream and corn, and that there is no sin, and there is no tourist. But there is a turquoise color water and mountains of garbage that leave rare travelers.

Excursions on the island of Baisha

In addition to excursions on the beaches, other "adventures" can be ordered in information centers for tourists. For example, go for Night catching squid. Here is one of the boats that will go to the sea. Huge roof lamps – the main weapon of fishermen.

And you can learn how small fish is made to the beer, which comes around the world. We, unfortunately, do not remember how it is correctly called.

The Baysha Island is still uncharted for tourists, and if you move away from the tourist trail, you can go to goat a farm or become the only visitors to the temple of the goddess Sea Matsu, in which tourists are rare guests, and the locals are infrequently looking.

Each city of Pescador islands is a small interesting world with their sights. Due to the small size, the Bayche area can be fully explored for some half a day, and if there is little impressions, it will go to one of the unusual excursions. For example, you ever Walked along the bottom of the ocean?

Island Baysha and his sights

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