Island Capri

The Italian Capri Island has been associated with an exquisite luxury atmosphere for two thousand years. Here everything is so harmonious and perfect, climate, nature, landscapes, as well as hospitality of the local population. This is a small landclock, an area of ​​only 10 square kilometers, but it includes a lot of interesting things.

Briefly about Capri

Capri is a small island that Located in Tyrrhenian Sea Just 10 kilometers from the coast of Italy near the city of Naples. It constantly resides 15 thousand people, however, the population increases in tens of times. On the island of only two cities, The title, Capri is the same name, as well as anacapri with beautiful villas.

Interesting places in Capri

Despite its small sizes, the island is rich in attractions, both natural and cultural. And his beauty was appreciated long ago. Even before our era, when he was redeemed by Rome in Neapolitans. Several emperors loved the rest here, and one of them, Tiberius, even lived here ten years after renounce. Roman know, senators, atponed the villas here, the ruins of which are scattered in the most picturesque places.

Popular tourist route island &# 8211; This is a trail that loops through the most famous from Roman villas. Earlier here was broken Roman road Via Tiberia. Having spent some time, you can visit among Ruins Villa Tiberia, Jupiter (or JOZIS), Lisis. Villa JOZIS is most well preserved, near the ruins of ancient bath-thermal.

Capri preserved several interesting architectural objects since the Middle Ages. This is, for example, Monastery of Cartesians San Giacomo, Which built in the 1371th year Count Gacomo Arkuchchi. Now the monastery does not work, it is a school and a local museum. And nearby is located Church of San Costanzo, dated by the end of the first millennium.

Island Capri

Numerous visitors to this ancient island are primarily seeking to enjoy the unearthly beauty of his landscapes and surroundings from a natural observation point, Mountain Soolaro Mountains. You can get to his foot from the town of Anakapri along the cable car, and to the top to rise by the so-called Phoenician stairs. Choke in the rock, it dates back to the 7th century BC and consists of 921th degrees. A great overview of the island, surrounding waters, as well as the distant Italian coast, and even the city of Naples.

Another place that is worth visiting is La Grotta Azizura, or Blue Cave. The entrance to it is from the sea, so you can only get into a small boat, and it is almost lying in it, so low. But inside the beautiful spectacle opens. Several half-filled halls, In transparent water, life, mussels, starfish, lobsters and sponges. Falling into the grot light, having loved, paints everything around in a bluish tint, from this and the name of the caves. By the way, in antiquity it was a cult place, Archaeologists discovered in the blue grotto the statue of the ancient gods of Triton and Poseidon.

And what kind of rest without beaches and affectionate sea. The coast of the island consists of steep cliffs and secluded bays, to many of which can be reached by sea. The greatest concentration of holidaymakers is observed on Beach Manrina Piccola. There is everything, cafe, snow-white sand and even school diving. If the privacy wants, there is nothing better Beach Bay Joya. There are fewer visitors and reigns calm, peaceful atmosphere. This beach is famous for its fish restaurants.

Capri &# 8211; This is a place where deep antiquity is harmoniously combined with present time. Modern hotels and restaurants near Ruins Roman villas. Here you can watch the sunset from the place where the Roman emperors stood two thousand years ago. Welcome to Capri.

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