Island meow-meow. Islands of French Polynesia

At the beginning of the 20th century, one Canadian dental doctor decided to see the white light. Accumulated money and went to wander. Listed it on Island Tahiti, What is in the southern part Pacific Ocean. Travel – the case is expensive, finance has almost no left for this time, I had to work out by my craft. And on Tahiti local rules, Polynesian "King" (Although at that time it was already a French colony). Canadian dentist treated his teeth and him, but he was shy to take a fee – yet any, and monarch. I really liked such modesty, and he, in gratitude, made a doctor a truly monative gift – ATOLL. The dentist was indeed delighted, especially since he had long wanted to become the owner of some ocean island for a long time. And then suddenly, the fate itself went to meet him. Own atoll!

However, when Canadian came to look at his own possessions – Coconut palm trees small Coral Atoll (one of the 13 islands of the Tetyaro group) with an area of ​​just a few hectares – it turned out that it is impossible to live there. Rats reigned on the island, who first have eaten all the food, closed with me a dentist. He himself miraculously took his foot. The doctor was furious and announced the roots of war to win the island. But poisonous bait scattered to them did not help – rats just did not have them. The enemy turned out to be smarter than the calculated Canadian. And he returned to Taiti.

In the port, the doctor hung the announcement that buys cats and cats on two francs apiece, and at the same time ordered several cells. In the evening, these cells were full: local residents brought him more than two hundred desperately screaming and scratching cats and cats. Left at least one mouseli Taiti – Unknown. During the transportation from Tahiti to the atoll, the poor cats were pretentious to the entire ocean, apparently, deciding that they were driving.

Finally, the cells began to shore, where the whole army of curious rats was already gathered – they say, did not bring something edible. There were opened cells, and the tail of the marine infantry rushed to rodents, before never seen cats in the life. Oh, it was a great battle! What a pity that there was no film operator! For a few days, the rats were completely destroyed, the lords of the atoll were cats.

Island meow-meow. Islands of French Polynesia

But the Canadian did not think about the further events – and in vain: there was nothing to think about any silence and rest. Two hundred half-starving cats constantly found out relations among themselves. Soon the locals called the Atoll Island meow-meow. Faped Neighborhood turned out to be so unpleasant that the few residents of the atoll were forced to move to other islands. But the doctor did not rose her hand on his faithful allies and liberators of the island. Maybe he would live in this naked environment, but rather soon the circumstances have developed so that it took him urgently return to Canada. And he left, leaving the island on cats.

There was no doctor for a whole year. He often thought, did not eat each other’s cats – still predators, and the atoll is small. But when he returned to meow-meow again, it turned out that cats are alive and healthy and feel beautiful. They decided the issue of food, learning to catch fish, crabs and other ocean inhabitants. Prey they are or grabbed a paw from stone, or dived in her water. After all, not all cats are afraid of water, as is customary. Cats living on Lake Wang in Turkey and on the island of men near England – also excellent swimmers and divers, wonderful fishermen. In addition to marine food, cats ate and some local herbs, apparently, thus obtaining the necessary vitamins. The most amazing thing they learned to somehow regulate population growth. Their number remained at the same level.

Doctor left his island to heirs, his next owner is unknown, but in the sixties all the group Tetiaroa Was sold world famous actor Marlona Brando. He decided to create something like a creativity at the island for artists, artists, writers. Still – a secluded ocean island among the waves, romance, exotic, silence, peace. But what could be the peace where so many cats live? And Marlon Brando did nothing. I had to build on another island of the group (the one where the resort is now). In the eighties, the artist decided to sell Island meow-meow with all his tailed inhabitants for one and a half million dollars, but the buyer was never found.

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