Island of Infinity

The tiny Guily Air, one of the 17,000 Islands of Indonesia next to the same small "brothers" of Gili Memo and Gili Trawanban East from Bali. The first word in the names – Gili – means "small island" in the language of local residents. Also next door is the island of Lombok.

As soon as they step onto this land, cut off from the mainland, all the extra thoughts from the head simply disappear, you quickly infect the universal harmony of island residents. Think about this word – "disappear", they really fly, rise up, past the macushkin as unnecessary. Is it possible that the force of gravity is not so powerful here as on the big earth? Imagine a land plot between the ocean and the mainland, as if suspended in space.

The feet gently lands on a pleasantly tingling sand, I go and look around: every counter islander smiles at me and shouts: "Hi! How are you? Where are you going?"- As if we are old friends. Do not be surprised by the question "Where are you going?"- It is trite for the Balinese, so they express friendly and politeness, and not obsessive curiosity, as it may seem.

Step by step, you, like a tree, let the roots, intertwining with all alive, charge and penetrate the tenderness to everything that surrounds you. Love in the air. If they sniff – you feel her pleasant smell, listen – you hear her unobtrusive sound, seek – here it is: in the smiles of local residents, the arms of strangers, the sound of the bubbers passing horse carriages, the sounds of a guitar on which someone plays on every corner. Love even in how local cook and serve food, how they decorate candles, lanterns and signs with inscriptions Numerous cafes, sealed coral and sandy shore.

I am intuitively choosing one of the cafes, I pass by the sign "Your smile – the best of our reward", literally fluttering on violet pillows, unable to account, scattered on a wide bench around the low table. Dark-skinned waiter happy to take my order: so popular here is a banana pancake with sweet syrup (I am very advised to try). Gifting me with a radiant smile, it is hiding behind an improvised shirma from threads with suspended dry corals.

Blowingly rustle palm leaves hanging from the roof of the arbor. I look at cafe. Everything is done here from healthy materials: Light bulbs are screwed into multicolored glass chandeliers made from bottles, as decor here and there on the shelves there are funny faces drawn on coconut bark. From an interesting design, I distracts a friendly clear look of the blue eye of the neighbor-German, he greet me and is interested in where I come from. During the conversation, it turns out that exactly a year ago Mike moved to the island and could not leave him – I bought the land, built a house and stayed to live and work on the Internet right on Gili Air. I can notice that I have never seen such happy eyes. Mike migrants seen from afar.

Slightly running forward, I want to say about the beauty of people who met people on Gili Air. All are so beautiful! And this is not because of the correct features, even a happy smile – not the main reason for my exclamation. They have very beautiful eyes. Clear, bright, with happy eye glitter.

Discussed with my new familiar-German features of the island life, I wanted to swim. On Gili Air around the coastline, they do not pay much – shallly, in the tide, the water level is hiding only by the belt. But I even like this swimming mode of "Hippo" when you immerse yourself at a small depth and only the head looks like a surface. Water is very salty, keeps like a mattress. So, leaning on the hands, placing the body under water belly down, consider the world around. For this exciting classes, the sunset is perfect. In the water stroit, cumulus clouds are reflected, the sun highlights them, making the outline of the clearer, and the sky of peach color merges with the ocean, without giving the horizon of the chance to dissolve them. High palm trees on land welcomed with green legs of foliage, in the arms of which ripe mature coconuts. Seven-color rainbow smiles at palm groves. Barefoot boy with yellow surfboard walks on white sand. He smiles, looking away the distance, not for someone and not for some reason, just so, without a reason, from happiness.

There, the outline of the sacred for the Balinese Agung volcano is visible, which is on the island of Bali, it is almost merged with blue thunderstorm clouds on the horizon. The air and water temperature in the ocean is always comfortable, you don’t want to get out of the water. And evenings do not even appear the desire to wear a sweater. Maybe this is the warmth of human hearts and soulfulness create such a climate … All people on the shore are very busy with one thing – the contemplation of the sunset. Everyone consider nature around. Later, my friends nicknamed this action "Zalipochka" – when your eyes are literally "sticky" and can not break away from the surrounding picture.

I remember, I painted in childhood, when there was a visit to the grandmother, similar decorations with a pencil. I think I fell asleep and got into my children’s drawings. When the sun is the village, I go out of the water and quietly sitting in anticipation of silent darkness. So as not to sigh the beauty that I see taking my head higher. Stars. Such bright, unknown, distant and relatives at the same time, others and relatives, mysterious and familiar. That’s right, I need a great Milky Way, clearly visible Mars and cleaner, as if winking to me, Saturn. That it moves there in height? Not UFO Lie? But no, fuh, just flies satellite.

And the magical rituals begin local. Love magic in ordinary household routine cases. In how the waiters take out tables to the beach, then each table is covered with a white tablecloth, press it with a carved candlestick, all this is done neatly, slowly. Because of the magic aura of the island, you all are too hard and skip through yourself: any trend, any vibration. Maybe therefore here you get everything you want.

Maybe this place beyond reality? Maybe this is paradise on earth? The place where something incredible happens to you. All wishes on the island come true: Midded and inadequate – even those that you have not yet formulated in your head, and they are already here – happen by themselves. It was on Gili Air I first melted … from happiness. Tears of joy for me earlier were something amazing, incomprehensible and unknown. A sharp awareness of freedom, you have the right to do what you want, go where you are pleased, and, it seems, there is everything for a relaxed happy life.

On the island of the circular road, and this is some kind of cyclicality of positive energy, the flow of happy and smiling passersby. Only occasionally pass by the two most eco-friendly modes – horses and bicycles. There is no industry on the island, no bikes, no cars, make a breath of pure air. Probably, therefore, the name "Air" is in the title, which translated from English "Air".

Here there is everything: civilization on the verges with the unity of man and nature. Cows are grazing, here and there are chickens, eggs whose eggs can be destroyed in a cooked omelet in any cafe, like vegetables with beds and coconut from the nearest palm. Solny’s Sun holders feeds, providing them with electricity by means of solar panels, which can be seen in the middle of the island, the whole site is highlighted.

I wake up in the morning, I go out of a cozy bungalow with dry palm leaves on the roof, squeezing and, moving thirst, go to the side of the nearest cafe, where the waiter with a smile without any questions already gives me the morning coconut.

The company we had eight people, and four of them – girls named Katya. Even in this, we saw a sign of magic, because everyone knows that the favorite sound of every person is his name. Yes, and the eight – the figure of infinity. Somehow, in the evening, we sat on the beach, and one girl was Marshlelow – Marshmallow, who was fried on the fire. She was going to fry him as much as the heroes of American cinema. And here the local burn fire. Want – get.

We are friends with music lovers, especially my playlist, if possible, we ask every time if you can connect to the column and put your music. In one of the evenings, we sat all together on the beach, when the local guys carried a huge column closer to the water to the beach. No one even asked them about it. As a result, we put our music. Bright moon, sand under the legs, dancing on the ankle in the ocean, the moonwalk on the water stroke – such a happy night in a circle of friends gave us an island. Dental Island for two centimeters to the ocean.

This only at first glance it seems that on the island of 15 square kilometers there is nothing to do and you can fuck from boredom. Snorcling, diving, Padeling, surfing, yoga, even culinary courses – and this is an incomplete list. I chose the first. Snorcling – swimming on the surface of the water and monitoring the underwater world through the mask. For 100 thousand rupees (about 500 rubles) you get masks, tube, flippers and a ticket to a completely different world, with your rhythms, breathing, living beings, paints and rules – underwater. We sang on the boat, despair, according to plan three stops for swimming.

Ten minutes later I smoothly move the steps in the flops, giving himself an acceleration, breathing through the tube and look down through the mask. Everything happens right in front of you. Coral colors – from gently yellow and peach, to bright blue and purple, fish of such coloring, it is difficult to believe that they are created by nature, and this lady is always glad to demonstrate that there is no better designer in the world. Everything moves, fish between themselves play, the picture is constantly changing, and you all observe. This is the best "TV"!

In the waters somewhere between Gili Meno and Gili Air, you can even swim together with half-meter turtles! I sailed right above one turtle, synchronizing with its unhurried, graceful movements of the paws. Usually, the turtles walked deep into, away from us, and this, on the contrary, floated to the top, as if healthy.

Island of Infinity

It is believed that breathing through the mouth activates the right hemisphere responsible for creativity, intuition, maybe in this delight.

And remember, on snorcling we are visiting-observers, do not feed fish and do not touch them with your hands, as well as corals with turtles – do not disturb local underwater inhabitants, do not scare them and do not lie down someone’s underwater locks.

I hope you have long spinning in my head the only question: "How to get there?". Because I will gladly explain the way from Bali Island. It is more convenient – on a high-speed boat for 450-500 thousand rupees (approximately 2500 rubles), this amount includes a transfer from your hotel or villa, you will be brought here on the way back after visiting the island. Boat ticket back with an open date, which is very convenient, because you never know how long you want to stay, island life delays.

The average price for the Bungalow on the island is 200 thousand rupees per night (approximately 1000 rubles) with breakfast, you can find a little cheaper or more expensive. Travel, subject to placement for a long time (from three days and more). Do not settle in the East, if you do not want to wake up at 5 am by the sound of Imam’s call for prayer, which comes from the local mosque, the chants are repeated during the day several times.

The middle check on the dish with a drink in a local cafe will be 50-100 thousand rupees (250-500 rubles). Going deep into the island you can find the points of sale of things and fruits. My standard set of papaya, bundles of a dozen bananas and pineapple went to me in 40 thousand rupees (about 200 rubles). This was enough for me for 2-3 meals. I spent two weeks on the island and, if every day I fought three times in a cafe, I would raise. So here are my several ways to save. Without changing the habit to control that I have in a plate and what I eat, I initially agreed with the hostess bungalow in the settlement, which I can use the refrigerator and blender. Purchases fruits and vegetables at the local mini market, I provided myself with breakfasts and dinners a few days ahead. In local diverse cafes are tasty, but so much excess is added to the dish. If it is fresh juice or smoothie, then sugar, ice, water turns out in a glass. Using a blender and mixing fruit yourself, I was sure that in addition to them in my drink there is nothing superfluous.

In addition to vitamins from fruits, we, of course, need water. I bought a 6-liter bottle for 25 thousand rupees in the store instead of acquiring one-liter bottles in a cafe for 10 thousand.

On the island there is an incredible unity with nature. Because you are not separated from her. Constantly heard a soft saw of cows, which is not similar to what we used to hear in Russia. Around the palm tree, bushes with white flowers of Frangipani, small geckons crawl along the walls (innocuous lizards, to which you get used to over time and do not pay attention to it). The shower in the bungalow is usually an extension without a roof and with small pebbles on the floor massage. In my no light and in the dark I took a shower under the bright lunar light, and it was fine.

There is no police station on the island, and symbolic locks are hanging on the doors, but no one in the houses climbs and does not steal. In the evening, everyone is calmly walk with mirrors over the shoulder. And in the cafe insist on the fact that you can pay later (and it applies to the next day) we sometimes ate all day long, and then paid accumulated accounts. Local residents explained that they emphasize the trust relationships between the islanders (local and visitors).

Sunny mood and heat in the solar plexus are still preserved after staying on the magic Gili Ayr. Before leaving, waiting for the boat on the berth, I met a girl who also left the island after a few weeks:
– The island gave me everything I wanted. Everything happened here: I met people who became my friends, I decided to change my life, I found a job and fell in love, "she shared with me.

I felt the same, leaving the island, but I only fell in love with someone, not in an animated character, but in myself island.

Island of Infinity

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