Island of the Sun and Adventure

If an ordinary Russian ask what he knows about Malta, then most likely the answers will be standard: the island in the Mediterranean, mysterious Maltese knights and the Maltese cross. Malta Island, who gave name to a whole state, is the largest island of the archipelago, consisting of six islands. Three of them – Malta, Gozo and Comino – 369 thousand are inhabited with the population. man, 80% of which live in Malta. On the most small island, comoino 1.6 km long is a little more than ten locals. However, this does not interfere with developing tourist infrastructure on each island corresponding to "character" Islands.

Malta – an ideal place to relax. Here, tourists are waiting for a calm serene situation, friendly and friendly owners. Maltese themselves – the people are unusually cheerful. The country always lives the atmosphere of holidays and festivals, which are accompanied by theatrical ideas and stunning fireworks.

According to ancient legends, the Giants tribes lived in the Maltese archipelago. It is easy to believe, passing under the door shocks from a stone, weighing a few tons in the temple of Ajar them, or looking into the sanctuary of Mnife, through the gate, knocked out in the monolithic stone block.

Malta – a country with ancient history. The name of its main island happened to the Phoenician "Malet" – "Refuge". This is understandable, given that the coast of the island is completely consisting of comfortable and cozy harbors. At this small block of the Earth, a huge number of unique cultural monuments of all periods of human history are concentrated, from the Stone Age to this day. Mysterious Malta Megalithic Sanctures for 500-1000 years older than famous pyramids in Giza. It was here that Karfagean and Phoenicians, Arabs and Normans, Knights of the Order. John and Napoleon. World civilizations came and went away, and Malta remained. From the last colonizers – the British remained memories and the second state language.

Many legends are connected with the archipelago. They can easily believe. And even a person who does not have a rich imagination will easily imagine, as on the fabulous island of Gozo, located 6 km from Malta, Nymph Calypso lived – the ancestral of women of seductive women, and in her captivity a long time was Odyssey. Or, attaching the height of the walls of Megalith Jaganti, willingly penetrate the local legend that the boulders for the temple delivered on his head with the plateau ge-chench an incredibly big woman Sansuna. With his right hand, she slightly adhered to a huge plate, and left gently pressed to the breast of the voracious great-grandfather of the gositans.

Malta attend more than a million tourists annually. If you decide to become one of them, Air Malta Airplane will deliver you directly to Lua Airport, located in Malta 6 km from her capital – Valletta cities. On the islands it is a pity to spend time on passive vacation. For a traveler with the most diverse tastes here there will be a lot of interesting activities.

Lovers of antiquities can wander through the ancient temples of Jantia, Hajar them, Tarshin. Just a few kilometers from each other here are neighboring the stone age and modernity. Traces of a person in Malta belong to 6000 g. to N.NS. The first settlers arrived here from Sicily Island, which in a clear day can be distinguished on the horizon. For a long time will remain in memory and the giant arch from the rocks of Azure Window, shot by Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky in "Odyssey".

Those who prefer to admire the beauty of nature worth visiting the blue grotto and blue lagoon on the island of Comino. You can get to any point in Malta without any problems. The bus service is well developed, and the intervals between flights will pleasantly surprise our fellow citizens – they do not exceed 10-15 minutes. Motorists are more convenient to rent a car. Cheaper to do this for a week: about $ 150 dollars. Inconvenience can only cause left-sided movement adopted in Malta. However, you quickly get used to. The maximum allowed speed is 64 km / h, and in the city – 40-50 km / h. Since the island is small, then the cost of gasoline will not burden you. But the pleasure of visiting any corner, at any time, see unusually beautiful sunrises and sunsets – compensate all material costs. Those who prefer to travel through water can easily rent a yacht. For 4-6 people with a skipper and flammable for one day it will cost $ 338.

From any point of the islands in the Maltese archipelago to the sea – hand. Near the sea can find the place even the most arrogant tourist. Beaches of sandy (Golden Bay, paradise Bay) and stony, "Civilized" and "wild" – It all depends on your taste and wishes. On the beaches of holidaymakers for rent – sun loungers, umbrellas and various water technoves. The coastline is very cut and forms many quiet bays and bays. There is everything you need to enjoy crystal clear water and imagine more solar heat. Bathing on the islands is very pleased: Near the Maltese Islands there is no dangerous for people of fish and jellyfish, and water temperature (even in the winter months) does not fall below 14 degrees with. The only thing that should be taken into account – bathing topless and especially without clothes on the islands is categorically prohibited.

For lovers of scuba diving Malta – this is Eldorado. Rocky coastline relief, numerous grots, lagoon, caves, richest underwater world (octopuses, crabs, squid, sea roosters, rocks, kefal). Water here is pure – you can take pictures even without flash at a depth of 15 m. It is worth come here at least for the sake of one dive. For those who wish for the first time to experience the joy of communication with the underwater world, experienced instructors will help organize a dive, guaranteeing a safe emergence of the newcomer. There are numerous diving schools. And professional drivers will be able to break away here on the full coil, what they do, flying here from different ends of the world. Rugged Coastline allows in any bad weather to find a storm protected place for immersion.

Several tips for midnight

The same who wish to have fun at night, we advise you to visit Pacheville. There, in the cereal quarter Sant-Giulians, you can spend a fun regardless of age. Lovers to dance are waiting for noisy discos, and beeer admirers will also find the revenge on the soul. At the same time, cleaning and rudeness can not be afraid, no one will allow such a similar. And in general, at night you can walk without fear. Crime in the Maltese Islands is practically absent.

There are in Malta and respectable nightclubs. If necessary, in some of them you will even give: a jacket and tie will be issued.

In love, dreaming to retire, you can advise two ways wonderfully spend the night. First, you can wonderfully relax on the yacht in the blue lagoon of the island of Comino. Sparkling Wine, Luna Decoration on Water, Screw Anchor Chain. What can be romantic? This night you are unlikely forget. Secondly, you can remember the favorite rest of our people – kebabs. Posted by this entertainment, Maltese flavor will allow a portable barbecue ("Barbecue"), installed on the rocks of the water. And any chop or pickled chicken leg, eaten under the splash of waves and stars, will have a unique taste. At the same time, all the necessary inventory can be rented again.

Island of the Sun and Adventure

Guided appetite or features of national cuisine

When spiritual hunger and thirst for entertainment are partly quenched, it’s time to think about food by pressing. Guiding your feet to restaurants, remember that in Malta they work in English, and from 13.30 to19.00 h You will have to sunbathe in closed doors. Then boldly head to a few cafe. Here are those who are cooled, will be able to taste fish dishes (they are more expensive than meat), and people with great prosperity can even enjoy fish delicacies (lobster, shrimps, octopus and other maritime). A tourist with average opportunities should not be discouraged: lamb or pork in pots with tomatoes and onions will raise your spirits and will not allow you to think about sad. It is worth trying too "Bradjioli" – Hot rugs from whole beef stuffed with olives, eggs, bacon and parsley. National Maltese Dish – Rabbit in Red Wine with Garlic. Each restaurant has a standard set of Italian dishes.

Local wines are very pleasant and are twice as cheaper by imported. There is a wonderful beer. Fans of more hot drinks should be alert: Vodka is closed to the bottom of the glass and put ice, so you can immediately ask "Double Vodka-nou-ice".

Adults about children

If you managed to come to Malta with a child, then even this circumstance will not spoil your holiday. You will be safe to leave your Choo without any supervision for a few hours in the children’s parks in Slime and Ta Shbish, as well as in any game room with automatic machines or in the store toys, from where it will come out, overloaded with gifts.

You will not lose your treasure even with a huge desire. After a minute of your baby, he is surrounding a flock of dwelling Maltesers, after 10 minutes the police will arrive in place, and after 20 minutes you will again gain your child. There is a calmer way for a while to feel childless: in any hotel you can only cause a nanny for an hour-"Bebisitter" and enjoy the fastened "honeymoon" (even if he lasted only one night).

So, consider the best place to relax and entertainment you have already found.

Island of the Sun and Adventure

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