Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) – whether an island paradise just?

Island… This word always brings some romantic ideas, the truth? About leisurely vacation, sprawling palm trees, swimming in the turquoise water and absolute privacy. I know all this is fueled literate commercials a la «Bounty» and colorful glossy brochures of travel agencies. Oh, those imposed images. It is a pity that the reality is far more prosaic.

We are in Cancun. We have near by island, but not simple, but with the mysterious name «Women Island». Spanish sounds more beautiful – Isla Mujeres (Isla Mujeres).

Hmm, what it means «Women Island»? Amazon was captured something? Not at all. There are several versions of why he called. According to one of them, the conquistadors, sailing to the island, saw the beautiful statues of women left, left Maya, and did not wisely with the title. On the other – Pirates hid on the island of their beloved ladies, while themselves were rowed on the mainland. One way or another, excuses the name of the island received.

Once we are very close, why not look at the paradise lands washed by the waters of the Caribbean. Although, Paradine Lee?

Early morning. Ferry. In the hands of a cup with coffee, because the brain does not want to wake up at all, the eyes closes, but we really want to get to the island early – Long and rich day ahead.

We float, sitting upstairs, so to catch the wind and see everything that happens around. Just twenty minutes and we are no longer in cancune, but on the island of women. He meets us a noisy berth and a lively street, on both sides of which souvenir shops, restaurants and rental offices. Left, very close, the most famous Beach of Isa-Mucheres – Playa North (North Beach), Right – Long Sushi flap, along which other, less popular beaches.

Instead of going to the thick of events, that is, turn left, we go to the opposite direction, leaving how it seemed to us the most interesting for later.

If you look at the top, the island looks like a skinny long fish, along the Taurus of which the two main road-arteries stretch – Medina Avenue and Huares Avenue. Along the first we decide to stall towards the first beach.

So curiously compare the beaches of Cancun and Isla-Mucheres. How many times have I read, how enthusiastic tourists praise this little island, calling him almost paradise in reality. We’ll see. In the meantime, we have almost five kilometers of a boring road, arched by a merciless sun. Yes yes, we go on foot. Still know that and andriusix love to walk. Taxi? No, found people in a bun on a taxi do not go.

Cheerfully slam along the avenue, trying to understand how and what ISLA-MUHERES lives. Then there, then we meet hotels, eatery and ordinary houses. Spots along the sea, through the weeds rising above the trees, swaying moored boats. Nothing out of the ordinary outstanding.

Tourists found quite a bit. That is, hikers bit because they ride around on machines Course. This is a unique attraction – ride around the island on golfkare. To that. We have our own attraction – walk five kilometers to the beach peshochkom))

So, something we’ve been going, should have long ago reached. Look around and see the hotel, through the territory of which lurks Sea. We head to a guy with a broom, resulting in the ideal area.

  • Good morning! Excuse me, how do we get to the beach Pescador?
  • Ooooh, that you went there. This beach was used.
  • And here that?
  • Here beach Thyboron.

I have not even heard about this. Well, Thyboron, so Thyboron.

  • We can go to the sea through the hotel? – I ask, I remember very well a dozen sad experience of wading through the hotels in Cancun.
  • Yes, of course, you can!
  • thanks!

After receiving the green light, we rush to the goal.

beach Thyboron

Uh, and it is a paradise beach? Well, excuse me, I imagined paradise a little differently imagined. We were met by a miniature priotelnyh small beach with an army of sun beds and tables. That’s just for someone that’s all? The district will not see a single tourist.

After the gorgeous beaches of CancunThyboron (Playa Tiboron) It seems to be quite dull and commonplace: greenish water, algae, modest riverside. No swing, no colored light sky-blue color of the sea is not in sight. Perhaps that is why there are no tourists.

The water leaves a wooden bridge. We pass through and see in the water cell in which something fumbling.

  • Who do you think is?
  • I do not know, like a stingray.
  • Similarly, the ramp. Look how big and flat.

gradually this «big» It becomes even more because from under the bridge comes up the other half of the body.

  • Wow, look! It’s a shark!

Before us is a fairly large floats sad whale shark, by the will of fate was imprisoned and doomed to entertain our tourist brother. Sadly.

Further go along the shore, do not go back on the road, especially since the next beach is hand to file. The picture does not change: the sea does not please the magnificent water, there are no velvety sand under his feet. It replaces the carpet from algae, which only at first glance looks nasty and barbed, in fact he is warm and soft.

Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) - whether an island paradise just

Slightly the weather is welcomed by the inscription, hearing that we stand on the threshold Center Turtles. Login 30 peso. Immediately see a small pool in which the bugs are blunting. No, look at the turtles in captivity we do not want, not too much dynamic lesson, we would continue to go. Lit can?

The horizon appears grandfather.

  • Good morning, senor! How would we go to the beach of Pescador?
  • Aah, it’s there, – he waves his hand towards our movement. – You need to get around: go out on the road, go a little and return to the beach.
  • Yes. And here we can pass?
  • I need to go on the road. Here shore is very bad, dirty, – Preventively broadcast grandfather, shaking his bare feet.
  • For us, this is not a problem! Once you can, we will pass here! thanks!

Pescador Beach

We pass by some unknown tracks, through the barbs and other troubles and get to the long-awaited Pescador Beach (Playa Pescador). Of course, the beach – loudly said. I would not swim here for sure: the shore is littered with some wooden wreckage, in the water, full of algae, is near something.

On the beach is full of some workers, everyone is engaged in their affairs. I look closely and see that the guy throws out the tremendous starfish from the water. Wow! I have never seen such big. Beautiful, bright! Future souvenirs for tourists.

Slightly weather you see another empty hotel. The shore is cleanly licked and combed with robbles, sun beds are ordered and a single soul, except for the fussy personnel. Even a little. Tourists, tourists where?

We go Search Lancheros Beach (Playa Lancheros). It is already completely clear that we will not find the paradise corner, but we decide to bypass the west coast purely of sports interest. Why? Why Isla Mucheres is so popular? Why this island has all on the mouth? What we do not understand…

Again delight on the shore, winding on the feet of algae, now and then raising seashells and beautiful slices of corals, yes scattering a few crabs.

It’s completely inconvenient, private houses begin, fences, barking dogs and stone barriers through which you have to climb.

I hope in Mexico there is no likelihood that they are shooting from a gun for invasion of private territory. Somewhere in the States could.

Beach Indios

After some time we go to the beach, I ask where they got and get the answer that we have already passed by Lancherchos, and now we are standing on Beach Indios (Playa Indios). It seems we are completely confused. Or Lonely Planet led, for the location of all the beaches I noted on the map exactly. Well, okay, not trouble. What, after all, the difference is called the beach, if all of them are almost the same and unsuitable for swimming. Anyway, I hardly recommend at least one of them.

Slightly seen along the shore empty cafes and restaurants. Once they were built, they were equipped, they had species on them and hoped for something. And now they turned out to be unnecessary, abandoned and look a little offended, still keeping part of their former attractive shine.

Beach Gararafon

We pass another hundred meters and we meet an overwhelming obstacle – fence and evil mad dog behind him. I don’t want to risk at all, so we go to the road and before the next beach we again follow the avenue. Next beach Gararafon (Playa Garrafon) It turns out not so hospitable, you can only get on it. Either through the Hotel Garrafon de Castilla, or by paying for one of the entertainment in a certain agency offering snorkeling, bathing with dolphins, descent on zip-line and all on the territory National Reef Garrafon Park (National Reef Park Garrafon). Well, friends, somehow not commilfo pay for the entrance to the beach, especially when it is far from the county. Restricted by the contemplation of the beautiful blue water of the beach Gararapon from the height of the site of the agency. May be that he would be the most beautiful of all we have seen today, but we will not know about it.

The southernmost point of Isa-Mucheres – Punta Sur (Punta Sur). I don’t want to go there. Very hot, all thoughts are only about to quickly plunge into the refreshing sea. It will be possible only on the north beach, and before it. Retracting along the Eastern Coast. Suddenly the path leads us to the sea.

An absolutely gorgeous picture appears the outstand: a rocky slope with his battered sea. It really is worth being seen. So, if you are going to the island of women, do not forget to look at the eastern shore. There are no beaches here, it is impossible to swim because of the wayward waves and insidious trends (although, for the most brave loops there are loopholes), but nature is completely crazy.

Soon we go to the streets of Isa-Mucheres, on which life boils. Cafe, shops, bargaining mopeds, golfcars, car rental cars and houses – Such is the life of the island. Gradually approach the northern part of it.

On the approach to the pier, which was sailed in the morning, recovery increases at times. It is here that all life is concentrated and almost all tourists who have not disappeared on the island on small stupid machines.

North Beach

Immediately behind the ferry begins North Beach (Playa Norte). We are wearing the most recent strength «nose» Islands to finally throw off clothes and flop into the water.

Shone, Shone, Shone! – We are with Andrews in the water. PSHSHSH, sought our sulfur bodies. It became easy, nice, cool. Ufff! Just getting around, begin to look around. No, friends that neither say, and to the Paradise Island Isle-Mucheres far away: noisy bars and restaurants on the shore, crowds of holidaymakers, the army of boats in the water, and the water is not so magical. Although, for presented cool, she thanks a separate one))

From masks, too, no sense, there is nothing interesting under water. Is that someone wants women’s legs to see J

I would not like to subside the dignity of the island of women, but something more expected.

Enveling the island towards the east coast and approach the bridge leading to the southernmost point – Punta Sur (Punta Sur). Behind the bridge rushes a large hotel, it seems to do there absolutely nothing. Rally farther.

The ending chord in today’s day is the beach Pancholo (Playa Pancholo), The one that immediately behind the Punta Sur. Like all that are on the east side, he is rocky and looks completely impregnable. Like a frozen dike, he was sulled by sharp edges of lifeless reef.

No one, only rare guests look here and certain no one bathes. I will open you a secret, here you can find cute shells and corals))

Through noisy urban streets, we return to the pier, sit down on the ferry and go back the way, trying to digest ambiguous impressions of the island.

Well what can you say? Cancun beaches we liked much more. Why sail in Islu-Mucheres? To be honest, I do not know. Perhaps just for the sake of changing the situation or sake the possibility of swimming with dolphins and whale sharks (if it is interesting to you). Or just because it is an island, and really want to visit the island. Water here is far from so beautiful as on cancany beaches, waves in which you can safely flounded, no, on the only more or less sane beach is full of people. So think it is worth it. Personally, I liked the look of the rocky east coast. For the sake of this species, perhaps, it is worth the island.

It turns out that sailing on Isle-Mucheres in search of luxury beaches and privacy is completely meaningless. It is better if the funds allow, spend a day for one of the excursions or tours, which in Cancun offer a great set.

Pleasant to you walk on the island of women, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Island of Women (Isla Mujeres) - whether an island paradise just

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