Islands Mall and Sky, as well as other pictures from Scotland

I have long wanted to visit Scotland, and it is precisely in its depth places, and not only around and near Edinburgh, where I have already "Noted". After studying the possible routes, I liked the idea to go through the car to Oban, from there to joke on the ferry on the island of Mall, live a little on the island of Skye and return another expensive to Edinburgh. Moreover, there should be many interesting places on the way.

The first stop introduced the achievement of engineering thought at the beginning of our century – a folker wheel. This is a system of lifting – shutter of vessels between channels located at different 24 meters altitude.

Through the cute Scottish towns, on the shores of the lakes, our way lay on the coast in the town of Oban.

Oban from the height of the Colosseum, built at the beginning of the last century John McCaig, is a great lover of Roman architecture, appeared a pretty seaside town.

The surroundings of the Oban, which were not watched on the eve of the next day, were studied the next day.

"Foggy Albion" fully confirmed his name.

The distance to the island of Mall is small and on the ferry you and your car will spend on moving a little more than an hour. But this time will not be missed. There will be such species that it is impossible not to admire them.

Conditional capital of the island Mall – Tubmori town with a population of about a thousand people – met with the Penter facades of his buildings.

Island Mall, as the next on the plan of our journey Sky, belongs to the archipelago internal hebrides and is mainly a meadow, hills and reservoirs.

But, since only one day was allocated to Mall, the impressions were limited to the study of the landscape, meetings with seals, non-residential on stony islands, deer, widers, foxes and predatory feathers.

Next we called the island sky. All moving in Scotland are accompanied by numerous stops for the viewing of the terrain and experiences that somewhere something interesting missed.

Possessing with childhood special love of railways, it was impossible to abandon the temptation to observe the famous "Hogwarts expressos" During his passage in Viaduku Glenfinnan. Nowadays the train is called "Jacobite" and runs between the towns of Fort William and Malleyg.

From the same hill on which I climbed alone, bypassing the populous people of the observation, the other side has opened a spectacular view over Loch C. Shiel.

It was especially familiar with hairy beauties – Scottish breed cows. And their curiosity was commensurate with our.

Islands Mall and Sky, as well as other pictures from Scotland

Upon arrival to the island of Skye eyes open landscapes that simply blow the imagination. Hardly able to transfer photos in all the colors that the human eye can see, visiting the island. Not for nothing in the opinion of National Geografic magazine is this island is considered the most picturesque of all the 79 islands of the archipelago. The main object of pilgrimage (although the word is not very suitable for these places of calm and measured) are Kuilin hills with peaks Those Storr.

Here steadily smell of ancient history. Starting from found traces of dinosaurs and parking hunters, dated the 7th millennium BC, before inhabited since the Middle Ages these lands famous Clan Donald, McLeod and others. The representative MacLeod lives near the family castle of Dunvegan and to this day.

Magnificent waterfall Kilt Falls, whose waters with a 90-meter-high rough stream cascading directly into the Atlantic Ocean.

After the stunning landscapes of the Isle of Skye was to receive more pleasures portion of the trip back to Edinburgh.

Occupy more space beautiful nature surrounding us in the time of your return, it will be too, but I can not mention our stop about Elian Donan castle immediately after leaving the Isle of Skye. Given the availability of time (oddly enough), this time the castle was inspected and the inside, which is seldom during my travels. Still, the main highlight in distant countries, I believe the nature, wildlife and architectural delights, all that is in the open air. And less time is spent and the ride is a more saturated. And about the museum or you can read the story of the sources of mass. This does not apply, of course, the iconic places of world significance.

But back to the castle.

It came to the end of a trip to Scotland from the east to the west, and the car returned us to Edinburgh. I note that you get used to the right steering wheel quickly (though, for me it is not the first experience) and, most importantly, not to be wound so that it is randomly at turning to the counter.

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