Islands of Indonesia

Each of the Islands of Indonesia is interesting and unique in its own way. The inhabitants of the islands look different, eating different foods, talk in different languages, wear different clothes, believe in different gods. Islands of Indonesia lie on the so-called Pacific Fire Ring between the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

Chain of volcanoes, which stretches through the islands, consists of about 400 volcanoes, 150 of which – existing. Volcanoes are an integral part of the landscape, cultures and everyday life of the Indonesian islands.

Sumatra, Java, Bali and Nusa Tenagara from the south is washed by the Indian Ocean ; There are always huge waves and the best seats for surfing. The north coast of these islands, as well as the islands of Maluku, Papua and Sulawesi are washed by seas that share the Indian and Pacific Ocean ; The sea is relatively calm and rich in underwater beauty.

Planning a trip to Indonesia, try to include at least 2-3 islands to your route to experience the variety and uniqueness of this incredible interesting country.

All interesting to travel island

Popular Islands

Bali ; Temples, Unique Culture, Beaches, Surfing, Diving

Island of the Gods. Paradise Island. Island with absolutely unique culture, kitchen, clothing, traditions, own religion and own language. Despite the huge number of tourists, the Balinese manage to remain the same as they were for centuries and millennia – benevolent, smiling, religious and reverending traditions. Every morning they feed the spirits and raise prayers to their gods.

Bali ; Island pretty big. In order to get acquainted with traditions and admire the magnificent nature of Bali, you need to go deep into the island. Heart of the island ; Charming town Ubud. Lake Battur and Bratan, Battur and Agung Volcanoes, Gorgeous Balinese temples, rice terraces ; All this needs to be seen in order to feel and understand Bali.

Along the southern coast are the best surf spots and surf resorts of the island, snow-white beaches and magnificent hotels stretch along Cape Nusa Dua, dive-spot and dive villages in the north of Bali.

Beautiful views of Pura-Ulong Dan. Photo Credit: Rio Tanusudiro, 500px

Prayer in the Temple on Bali. Photo Credit: Haryo KS, 500px

Gili Islands ; Relax and beaches, diving

Three tiny islands next to Lombok ; Gili Travangan, Gili Air and Gili Memo, each of which can be accessed in a couple of hours ; just paradise for lazy people. Relax cult reigns here, everything is subordinate to him.

According to the only road of the biggest and most popular of three Gille Travganians, the carts with harnessed small horses (there are no vehicles on the island), in every restaurant or bar you will be offered lying places, watermelon cocktails and delicious food, and in tiny roadside cafes – Magic mushrooms. Beaches on the islands of the amazing whiteness, and the water with a magical turquoise sweat. It’s so beautiful, good and lazily so that a huge willpower requires to leave these paradise places.

Gili Meno. Photo Credit: Alline Louise, Flickr

Island Java ; Large cities, historical monuments, volcanoes, surfing

Java Island – the most populated Island of Indonesia, political and business center of the country. 50% of the country’s residents live on Java, the capital of Indonesia is located here – Jakarta. Despite this, Java remains one of the most interesting tourist destinations of Indonesia.

Dangerous and evil volcano Krakatau, which is located in several hours of the path from the capital, Volcano Bromo – one of the most magnificent and easily accessible volcanoes of the world, charming iodzhikarta ; The soul of the Indonesian nation, one of the most magnificent Buddhist temples of the world Borobudur and the Prambanan temple complex – Indian heritage in Indonesia, a harsh and nevertheless picturesque volcano injector, rice terraces, coffee plantations, a magnificent coast with high waves and secluded bays and beaches ; All this is waiting for curious travelers on the island of Java.

Photo Credit: Natalia Andersson, LoveyouPlanet

Photo Credit: Natalia Andersson, LoveyouPlanet

Sumatra ; Adventure, wildlife

Sumyra Island – Perhaps the most dangerous and most beautiful island of Indonesia. A huge number of active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes do not stop the seekers of sharp impressions that are striving for Sumatra.

Fascinating landscapes and lazy atmosphere of Toba island, wild jungle and national parks in which Orangutans live, magnificent crater lakes, distinctive villages and beautiful coral reefs Pulau Weh – all these riches of Sumatra along with low prices and a small number of tourists create Sumatra reputation of one of The most defiant and interesting directions of Indonesia.

Orangutanov Rehabilitation Center, Bukit Lavang. Photo Credit: Flip Flop Crusaders, Flickr

Islands Komodo ; Uninhabited islands and dragons

The islands of the National Park Domor are located between the Islands of Flores and Sumbawa and are listed by UNESCO World Heritage. It is here that one of the most small and frightening inhabitants of the Earth lives – Giant Varan, which is most often called the Dragon Dragon. In addition, the island of Komodo is included in the list of the best directions for diving in Indonesia.

On the islands of the Komodo and Rinch are organized trekking on the islands ; peculiar expeditions during which you can observe the life of dragons. Going to the Komodo, remember that these islands – the territory of the dragons, and not people. They live in close proximity to man and very often dragons can be seen not only in the depths of the island, but also at the hotel’s door.

Where to live: Komodo, Rinch, Labuhanbajo
How to get there: on a boat from the island of Flores, on tourist ships from Bali and Lombok.

Dresser Dragon. Photo Credit: Ron Caswell, Flickr

Photo Credit: Lefkowitz.Michael, Flickr

Alternative Islands

Lemborgan Island ; Pleasant atmosphere, snow-white beaches

Located near the south-east coast Bali, LEMBONANGAN LEMBONANGAN (NUSA) ; Great place if you want to escape from noisy and crowded southern beaches of Bali. Beaches here Snow-white, Emerald water, atmosphere ; lazy and very authentic. Lemborgan is deservedly considered one of the best places for diving in Indonesia, and there are several surf spots on the island. Next to Lemborgan is two more islands ; Tiny Nusa Ceningan, connected to Lemborgan Bridge and Large Nusa Penida, which can be reached on a regular boat.

Main housing format on the island ; Bungalow of a different level of comfort and prices and the so-called Beach Huts ; Beach houses.

Lemborgan Island (Nusa Lembongan). Photo Credit: Peter Saputra, Flickr

Lombok ; Surfing, Pleasant Atmosphere, Rindjani

Lombok is often called ; non-cereal bali ;. And although on Bali, you can find small and calm resorts, here usually drive those who are looking for more relaxed and / or authentic rest. Lomboka Road is a great place where you can talk with the small inhabitants of the jungle – monkeys, they are here everywhere – sit along the tracks, on road bumps, on stones and trees.

Culture of Lombok is very different from Balinese, most of the population of the island ; Muslims. Rindjani Volcano is a beautiful volcano with crater lakes, rice terraces, mountain road serpentine, incredible waterfalls and big beaches ; Refer to the main attractions of the island.

Local Merities). Village Telebatu. Photo Credit: Franklin Heijnen, Flickr

Kalimantan ; Adventure, wildlife, orangutans and coral islands

Kalimantan – region covering most of the Borneo Island, which is divided between Malaysia and Indonesia. Despite their huge sizes, it is one of the most nominated Islands of Indonesia.

Covered with mountains and tropical forests, Kalimantan is a house for a huge population of Orangutan, which can be observed in the National Parks of the Island. Wild, lumpy calmantan – a real dream for lovers of eco-tourism and unusual adventures.

On the tiny islands next to calminant ; Snow white beaches and excellent diving.

Sulawesi ; Adventure, Interesting Traditions and Rituals

Sulawesi – Real Paradise for Adventure Finder. This is a big island of an unusual form, with no less unusual traditions and magnificent landscapes, which rarely induce your attention travelers.

Snow white deserted beaches of Togean Islands, beautiful places to observe the inhabitants of the sea depths and the mystical villages of Tana Toraji with a unique culture, part of which are eccentric funeral rituals ; then for what most adventure seekers go on Sulawesi.

Where to live: Sulawesi Island
How to get: plane to Makassar (Makassar, UPG) in the south or manado (Manado, MDC) in the south.

Village on Sulawesi. Photo Credit: Sebastien Cuvelier, Flickr

Togaan Islands ; Iddilic Beaches, Relax and Diving

Togaan Islands are located near the north-ridden part of Sulawesi in Tamini Sea (Tamini). The archipelago consists of 3 large and several dozen small islands, on some of which can be found dive resorts with a simple infrastructure or ascetic wooden bungalows. These places are idyllic, but at the same time it is difficult to accessible and undeveloped that, by the way, for many divers and adventure crackers is only a plus)

Where to live: Togian Island Retreat, Black Marlin Dive Resort
How to get there: on a high-speed ferry from the island of Sulawesi (AMAPALA port in the south and Gorontalo in the north) to the main port of Wakai on the islands, from there with local boats to the selected island.

Kadidiri Beach on Togaan Islands. PHOTO CREDIT: GREEN.Pit, Flickr

Flores ; Original Culture, Deleted Places, Volcano Kelimut

Flores Island lies away from the beaten tourist trail. Only the most inquisitive and bold travelers get here, as Flores offers a scant tourist infrastructure. Flores ; Wild, original, in the culture of this island, the pagan beliefs and the Catholic foundations were mixed.

Many surprises will open to those who will get here: an incredible climut volcano with multi-colored crater lakes, stunning rice terraces, ethnic villages, wildly distant from civilization beaches and small islands, where the night silence is disturbing only the songs of fishermen, the harbor of Labuangjo, which opens the way to the islands of the national Park Komodo ; Plus, of course, a bonus for any journey ; Friendliness and openness of local residents.

One of the colored Lakes Volcano Kelimut. Photo Credit: Sidonn, Flick

Sumba ; No volcanoes and original culture

This island is distinguished primarily, relatively flat landscape, which is diluted with karst hills and the lack of volcanoes. In addition, the night ; One of the most mystical islands of Indonesia with traditional villages, an unusual architecture, a clan system and bloody pagan ritual ceremonies, from which it was not possible to wean the local population of generations of Catholic missionaries.

On the sum of many horses, horse breeding is one of the main crafts on the island. Weaving fishery ; The main occupation of local women made in manual weaving products can be bought in any village of Islands. Tourist infrastructure on the island is practically absent except for a dozen hotels and gestures, spread along the northern coast of the island.

Where to live: Skumba Island
How to get there: by plane to Tambolaka Airport (Waitabula); on ferry from Flores.

Sumba Island. Photo Credit: Dana Irfan, Flickr

Sumbawa ; wild beaches surfing

This wild, practically not visited by tourists, island keeps in the depths of their original culture of residents, absolutely incredible landscapes, wild untouched beaches and excellent sumps.

Islands of Indonesia

On the island of Sumbawa, travelers are rarely made, despite the proximity of Sumbava to the popular Bali and Lombok, as this is one of the poorest islands of the region and the tourist infrastructure here very little developed. But the desperate surfers adore these places)

Where to live: Sumbawa Island
How to get there: on the ferry from the islands of Lombok and Flores.

Sumbawa Island. Photo Credit: Danny Bastiaanse, Flickr

Papua ; Ethnic tribes, adventure

Papua ; The last distant province of Indonesia, which occupies the western part of the New Guinea Island. This is the most afflicted territory of Indonesia, three-quarters of the territory of Papua covered with tropical forests, the leg of a person did not go to many places.

In the depths of the island live the most primitive ethnic tribes of the planet. To get here is quite difficult, but Trekking in the Valley Baliem Valley may become one of the brightest and unforgettable impressions. Three large tribes live here, each of the tribes has its own characteristics, its way of life, their rituals. Residents of tribes – Agrarians, people who live in close proximity to nature, they are friendly and always happy to take away from travelers.

Next to the large island of Papua are incredibly picturesque tiny Islands of Raj Ampat (Raja Ampat) ; And Biak (Biak) ; Favorite divers in the region.

Where to live: Papua, Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat), Biak (Biak)
How to get there: by plane to Biak (Biak, Bik), Manokwari, MKW, Jayapura (Jayapura, DJJ) or Sorong (Sorong).

Papua tribes, Baliem Valley Valley. Photo Credit: Diego Vergés, Flickr

Almost wild islands

Deranvan and Maratou ; Minimum of civilization, coral atols, diving and snorkeling

The stove of coral islands next to the calmanthane is considered one of the best directions of the world for diving and snorkeling. Next to the most hidden Island, Deranvan is located a large Attol Maratou and a few more tiny coral islands ; Atolls, most of whom are desert. The whole group of islands in the area of ​​Deranvan is often called Deran Islands, although the islands formally are part of the Sangalaka archipelago.

The islands are surrounded by massive coral reefs, here you can often see huge turtles that have chosen the sandy beaches of the islands. Islands ; From the bungalow easier to luxury villas on small atoll islands.

Where to live on the islands: Derawan Dive Lodge, Maratua Atoll
How to get: By plane from Balikpapan (Balikpapan) to Berau (BEJ), a taxi from the airport to the berth and on a flight boat to Tanjung Batu (towards Tarakn) or taxi from the airport to Tanjung Batu (about 4 hours, look At the airport of travelers), from Tanjung Batu on a rented AIDS-Bote to Deranvan. At the end of 2016, the airport is planned on Maratua Island, Check the current information at the time of travel.
How to get: By plane from Balikpapan (Balikpapan) to Berau (BEJ), a taxi from the airport to the berth and on a flight boat to Tanjung Batu (towards Tarakn) or taxi from the airport to Tanjung Batu (about 4 hours, look At the airport of travelers), from Tanjung Batu on a rented AIDS-Bote to Deranvan. At the end of 2016, the airport is planned on Maratua Island, Check the current information at the time of travel.

Deranvan Island. Photo Credit: Gemma I Jere, Flickr

Deranvan Island. Photo Credit: Tamas Brunner, Flickr

Island Vekh ; Snow white beaches, calm atmosphere, diving

Menh Island is located on the Far North Sumatra, which is located ; zero kilometer ; and enters the list of the best dive directions of the world. White Sand, Emerald Voddy and Magnificent Coral Reefs attract more and more travelers who are looking for an alternative to the popular Islands of Thailand and Malaysia. Housing format on the island ; from ascetic bamboo bungalows to pretty hotels.

Where to live: hotels and bungalows
How to get there: by plane to Sabang (Sabang) from Medang; On the flight ferry (1.5-2 h) or on a high-speed ferry (about 45 minutes) from aceh gang (Banda Aceh).

Wen Island (Pulau Weh), Sumatra. Photo Credit: Romaric Juniet, Flickr

Islands Karimundjawa ; Departed from civilization

Karimunjawa Islands (Karimunjawa) ; Archipelago of 27 islands, located 90 km from the north coast of Java Island in Javanese Sea. This is a place for those who are looking for an island paradise not spoiled by tourists. Beaches here with white sand, sea calm, corals and reefs ; Beautiful, accommodation ; Miscellaneous, residents ; Friendly, seafood ; cheap. The main tourist infrastructure is located on the largest island of the archipelago. From ways to spend time ; Motobike Trips, Tracking, Sea Walks, Fishing, Snorkling and Diving.

Where to live on Karimundjava: Hotels, Bungalow, Homster
How to get: airplane to Dewandaru Airport from Surabai and Semarang (Semarang); On the ferry from Jepara (about 5 hours) or on a high-speed ferry from Jepara (about 2 hours), to / from the Jepara port on the velaiks to the bus station, from where they run buses to Semarang, Surabai, Jokyakarta and Jakarta. Specify current schedules for ferries in advance, booking a hotel, tickets can be bought through Semarang tour agencies, Surabai and Jokyakarta or in place before shipment.

Islands Karimundjawa. Photo Credit: Aditi Das Patnaik, Flickr

Islands Banda ; Coral reefs, diving

Islands Maluku ; One of the most remote, most picturesque and most relatively visited regions of Indonesia, located between Sulawesi and Papua. In times of colonization, these islands were known as the islands of the spices, the only region in which the carnation and nutmeg was grown. The islands were subjected to permanent expansions and attacks of Portuguese, Danish and British fleets, which are reminded by old forts that have survived on the islands.

Archipelago has more than 600 islands. The most interesting for travel is undoubtedly the islands of the gang ; 10 tiny islands located among incredibly picturesque coral reefs. These places are considered one of the best in the world for diving and snorkeling.

Where to live: Ambon (Ambon), in homethers and bungalows in the villages on the islands
How to get there: aircraft to Ambon (Ambon, AMQ); On ferry or dive ships to Gang Islands.

Banda Island. Photo Credit: Bob Du, Flickr

Raja Ampat Islands ; Wildlife, diving and snorkeling

Raja Ampat Islands, located near Papua, are an arrowy of tiny karst islands, with blue lagoons and coral reefs. Waygeo Island (Waigeo) ; The only big island of the archipelago, which focuses the main infrastructure ; Here you can find very pretty eco-resorts with simple wooden bungalows, dive resorts with more comfortable cottages and a new budget hostel.

In addition to diving there is a lot of other eco-entertainment ; Trekking on the island of Waygeo, boat walks between the islands, kayaking and fishing.

Where to live: Raja Ampat (Raja Ampat)
Getting there: by plane to Sorong (Sorong), from there by boat to Waygeo.

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