Islands to Racha (ko paradise)

Located not far from the southern shore of Phuket, two tiny twin island island Koh Racha Yai and Coral Island to Racha Noi are absolutely idyllic shelter from a noisy neighbor. Landscapes of the islands of Racha look like pictures ; Emerald water, snow-white sand, mountains, palm trees.. Calm atmosphere of islands and excellent snorkeling along coral reefs ; Main Trumps Rachi.

Idillic shelter. Photo: Filipe Lopes, Flickr

Every day, for several hours, the carnival of the main beach of the island of Ko Racha Yai (on which, in fact, there is all a few tourist atmosphere of the island) violates the fussy stakes of tourists who came from the beauty of tourists who come to the island of Ko Racha on the sightseeing boats from Phuket. The rest of the time, the island reigns the most nice-sleepy atmosphere, followed by the island beach island fans here.

Excursions to the island. Photo: Riojaneiro, Flickr

; umbrella forest ; on the beach. Photo: Psyche214, Flickr

Beach holidays on the island of Ko Racha

Island Ko Racha ; the perfect place for those who want to spend a few days in beauty, silence and island nonsense. After removing a simple bungalow or a comfortable room in one of the few hotels in the island, you can enjoy the magnificent beaches in the early morning and evening, avoiding heat and tourists at noon watches.

Place for dreams). Photo: Jan.Nosch, Flickr

Snorcling and diving on the island of Ko Racha

Coral reefs and dive spots near Ko Racha Islands are included in the list of the best in Southeast Asia. Swim from the mask is best in Lah Bay Bay and Siam Bay, here are the most beautiful corals and the richest variety of marine living.

Local dive operator Ray Divers offers Padi courses and organizes daily departures for dive diving near the islands. From the islands of Ko Racha, you can also go to Dive Trip to the Similian Islands (with a full board on board).

Snorcling and diving on the island. Photo: Michael Bucci, Flickr

Emerald landscapes. Photo: Michael Bucci, Flickr

Orientation on the island of Racha, where to choose a hotel

Islands to Racha (ko paradise)

Racha ; The island is quite small, small picturesque bays are located along the entire coast, five island coves, as well as a tiny local village and view-point in the center of the island connect the ground road. To the rest of the bays of the island can only be reached by sea. Explore the island best, or walking on foot or on a mountain bike.

On the island there are several domestic resorts and several local restaurants, in the menu of which are mostly fish dishes and seafood. Local residents ; Muslim fishing community. There are no ATMs on the island, so stock cashem. Electricity, Mobile and Wi-Fi Internet ; Without special restrictions.

The main beach island is located in the Bay of Patok Bay in the northwestern part of the island. Here are resorts The Racha, Raya Father Resort and Raya Bungalows. Here are the tourist groups from Phuket, which occupy the beach approximately from 10-11 am to 3 pm. Siam Bay Bay is located in the northern part of the island (snorkeling, beautiful beach and Rayaburi Resort). On the opposite side of the island, Lah Bay coves (snorkeling), Ter Bay and Konkare Bay (snorcling, Ban Raya Resort).

In the Bits of the island there are four resorts, a home format from comfortable rooms and villas to very simple ascetic bungalows. Book accommodation in advance, especially in high season.

The Racha ; Luxury five-star hotel located in the Patok Bay Bay in the northeast of the island and Rayanburi Resort ; Four-star hotel located in the picturesque bay Siam Bay ; Options for a comfortable or "romantic" vacation.

Raya Father Resort (near the main beach) and Ban Raya Resort (remote, in the western island) ; Medium-value accommodation on the island.

Raya Bungalows ; Simple budget bungalows located on the hills, not far from the main beach of the island.

Islands to Racha (ko paradise)

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