Islands of Rock and Ha with Phuket

Andaman Sea is rich in beautiful islands. Some of them are inhabited, excursions from Phuket are held on others, others are still not open to mass tourism. I’ll tell you about the beautiful almost wild islands of rock and ha. They are most often known entitled to rock and ko ha (Koh Rok – Koh Ha). The fact is that "Island" in Thai will be ko or koh.

How to get to the Rock and Ha islands

Tiny Rock and Ha Archipelago and Ham is a much south of Phuket, Phui Phui Islands and Lanta. You can get here with a tour of the high-speed boat. The path is not free – from Phuket Boat goes around one and a half hours. But the islands are worth visiting. Especially sophisticated travelers who have already seen everything and were everywhere. The Islands of Rock and Ha will become an excellent alternative to a two-day excursion to Similan Islands: Accommodation is much better, and there are not so many people in the National Park. These places are still hidden from the eye of a mass tourist.

Islands of rock naughs and rock nok and the shed between them

Islands of rock nok and rock nai

Rock Islands Two – Ko Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok. In size each no more than 2 kV.KM., and the distance between them is only 250 meters. The twin islands are known for their snow-white beaches and coral reef with multi-colored fish, anemonies and other marine inhabitants. The color of the water around the archipelago is changing from light turquoise to the saturated-emerald.

Restaurant on the Rock Island

If the Island of Rock Nok is uninhabited, then on the rock nage is located office of the Mu Ko Lanta National Park with a small restaurant and a tent camping. If you wish, you can stay here on the night or two for 400-500 baht, depending on the size of the tent. The conditions of residence and infrastructure of the National Park is identical with the Similan Islands and other similar places: everything is simple, without delight and suit lovers of wildlife. And people are an order of magnitude less.

Observation platform of the island of rock

Behind the tent town of the island of rock nai begins a trail on the viewing platform of PHA Samet Daeng Viewpoint. The road takes place according to the real jungle among the hills covered with emerald greenery. To get to the viewing platform, you do not need to possess special physical skills, but I would not recommend going with children.

By the way, Varana live on the island. These two-meter lizards are not afraid of people and often shown in all its glory on the main beach. Do not be afraid of them, they are not dangerous, but take care of your things and bags. Curious Varana can explore them for something delicious.

Rock Islands Beach

Islands to Rock and Ki - Excursion, Route, Reviews, Photos, Map Phuket Guide

Underwater world around the rock archipelago is beautiful. In numerous coves and in the Strait between the twin islands you will see real coral forests of different colors and colorful inhabitants of tropical depths. Here are fish-parrots, groups, snowfall, fish-surgeons, moray, chorn-pointed reef sharks and even turtles. Striped rods clowns, more famous for cartoon "Finding Nemo", Sweep among milled anemones. You can see them, just floating with a mask and tube. If you have an underwater camera, here you will make stunning snapshots of the underwater world.

Beautiful view from the observation deck of rock

Ha – Archipelago 5 Islands

Halfway from the islands of rock to Phi Phi is located Archipelag Ha, consisting of five small islets. In Thai "Ha" or "Haa" – this is "five". Islands of the archipelago are so small that from numbers called. For fans of snorkeling, it will suit Ki Ham or Island №3. Here surrounded by cliffs No. 2 and №4 there is a lagoon with an unmatched coral reef, where fish-dog fish, octopuses, clown fish, barracudes, sea perches, a variety of shrimps and other interesting inhabitants. If you are lucky, you will get acquainted with local turtles or reef sharks.

Islands HA №1, №2, №4, №3 and lagoon

On the Archipelag Ha with the islands of Phi Phi and Lanta, bring beginners and certified divers. Depths here vary from 10 to 30 meters, and there are no strong currents. Crystal clear waters and rich flora and fauna attracts underwater photographers. In some of the islands, which are limestone cliffs, towering over the water, are caves and underwater moves that divers are so appreciated. See Islands Ha and Rock on the map below.

From Phuket on the little-known Islands of Rock and HA, excursions are held for 1 and 2 days. Of course, if possible, you should go with overnight. Moreover, it passes on the island of Phi Phi Don, where you can visit all the sights of the archipelago, to climb the well-known viewing platform, and also tear off on the beach party right in the open sky. All excursions from Phuket to the Islands of Rock and HA are held only in the period from November to the end of April. In the monsoon season, the boats do not go due to big waves. See prices and book online Rock and Ha on 1 day. Enjoy your trip!

Islands to Rock and Ki - Excursion, Route, Reviews, Photos, Map Phuket Guide

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