Israel – Alien and so native!

Most of the year, people living in Russia dream or plan their trip to the heat to the sea. And where all year round, at least warm, and more often just hot, and a few seas to choose? Right, in Israel! In my opinion, the perfect time to visit this country – October. Most often we have already passed the loyal summer, and rains begin, or even frosts, and there are comfortable warm weather and the perfect water for swimming!

So you have a week. What to be included in the route, and how to have time and to relax, and touch the incredible historical heritage? I will tell you about your recent journey, where it was just possible to combine all of the above.

We arrived at Ovda International Airport (or "UVD"), which is located 60 kilometers from the popular resort Eilat. Looking ahead, I will say that in Eilat there is also an airport, but it is quite small and accepts domestic flights. Interestingly, he received his calling the airport in honor of the military operation of the same name, which ended the end of the war for the independence of Israel and brought freedom of the country. In general, military topics here everywhere, but they get used to it very quickly and feel under constant protection.

Be prepared for the fact that on the border you will ask a lot, really, many questions. And if you travel with a family or a couple, then questions will be slightly smaller, and if you appear before the border control in proud loneliness or without a return ticket, then questions will be even more and it is possible that you will be asked to stay on an additional conversation. Yes, it’s not very cool, but as soon as you pass everything, you get baggage and leave the airport, happiness comes. First of all we headed for the Dead Sea. Generally, the Dead Sea covers an area of ​​600 kV.KM.

But the tourist area is the place of Ein-Bokek – just a half kilometer of the territory, fenced with a barrier.

There are hotels of a different category of star and for vacationers with different needs.

For example, the hotel in which we have stopped – SPA Club – designed for visitors without children.

Leaving the hotel at 05:35 in the pitch darkness, we were absolutely sure that you will meet dawn on the beach we will be alone. How were we wrong! Many come to the sea before sunrise, while quiet and not hot.

Feeling from water at first strange: she twists and turns you, as he wants, and if you find yourself on the stomach, you feel complete helplessness. Plus it is very scary that water will fall into the eyes. If there is at least minimal wounds on the body – it will be scary to pinch! But when you get used to, you can relax!

After the water, the skin is as smooth and tender, what words do not pass! And for this, it is enough to immerse yourself in the water for just 20 minutes. But to preserve the magic effect of the house, you can buy cosmetics with Minerals of the Dead Sea, for example, SEA OF SPA brand

By the way, cosmetics with Minerals of the Dead Sea are sold everywhere in Israel, but, in my opinion, prices are still better at the resort itself. And the means indicated above the brand is generally very available. But, of course, you can simply gain salt off the coast.

Interesting fact: on the Dead Sea it is impossible to burn! I have very white leather and usually I either immediately burn, either red, and then again Belya. There is also a completely unique climate, which is due to a number of factors, the central of which is that the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth (430 meters below sea level). Because of the big ozone layer here weakened ultraviolet radiation, plus a low humidity and a small amount of precipitation (50 mm).

Thanks to such ingredients, a medium is created in which it is very comfortable to sunbathe.

What to do in your free holiday on the beach?

First, I highly recommend going to jeep safari in the Negev desert. This is not only the opportunity to familiarize yourself with Flora (yes, yes, there is vegetation) and the fauna desert, but also a chance to ride with the breeze between salt and chalk mountains.

Most often in the desert there is a so-called desert acacia.

Magic soap desert will be shown!

But most importantly, of course, these are landscapes around!

Second entertainment that I recommend resting on the Dead Sea, this is a visit to the Botanical Garden in the Kibbutz Ein-Gedi.

In the 60th Ein-Gedi there was a commune, the inhabitants of which did not recognize the money, all divided among themselves and cultivated the land. Thanks to their hard work, it appeared this miracle in the desert!

Now this is not the commune, although there are old-timers here, but the most amazing is a botanical garden, which presents plants with 5 continents.

There are here and Baobabs!

And a walking tree

But the most interesting thing is that there is a AfarSemon – a mysterious plant, thanks to which no one could resist the Cleopter!

By the way, in the territory of Kibbutz you can stay – there is a hotel.

Not far from Ein Gedi is the famous fortress Masada. She was famous for his inaccessibility and it is not surprising, because she is so skillfully inscribed in the mountain, that it is quite unclear from the road.

The fortress is located at an altitude of 450 meters above sea level. You can go here on a goat trail

But most of the travelers choose a cable car!

The fortress was built in 25 BC.NS. King Herod Great. The most famous events associated with Masada occurred in 70.Eh, when the Romans won Jerusalem, and for complete victory they remained to destroy the last stronghold of the rebels. By the way about these events filmed a movie "Masada. Fortress desperate". There were 1000 people desperate and when it became clear that after all, the Romans would enter the impregnable fortress, a heartbreaking solution was made!

Masada defenders burned all the property, but left water and food so that legionnaires saw that they had no lack of provisions, and they preferred to die free. Then ten soldiers selected by the lot, killed everyone who was in Masada – their comrades, women and children. After which one of them killed the rest and committed suicide. When the Romans entered the city all that they saw this piles of bodies!

Where was the Roman garrison

Where was the Roman garrison

Walking in the fortress and museum you can easily half a day.

Next we went to Jerusalem!

In the capital we arrived on Saturday afternoon, that is, in the midst of Shabbat. All the shops are closed, there are few people on the street, do not even go public transport!

Saturday day in the center of Jerusalem (Shabbat):

Saturday day in the center of Jerusalem (Shabbat)

Shabbat begins on Friday night and ends in a day, so as soon as it became a darken streets, slowly began to revive.

Almost there in a few hours:

Almost there in a few hours

In general, Shabbat is a very interesting phenomenon. On this day, Jews can not "work", Since the Lord bequeathed that the seventh day (Saturday) exists for peace. I wonder what you can read, but you can not write, you can walk or ride, but you can not drive, that is, you can conduct creative activities, but you can not do something yourself, including the lift! For such cases there is a shabbate elevator: it stops on each floor, that is, you just need to be patient and wait.

By the way, if you live in a hotel, then keep in mind that on Saturday morning for breakfast only what you do not need to be prepared, or what was cooked the day before (before Shabbat). Forget about fresh omelet!

But here’s another interesting and successful tourist for us. There are restaurants in Jerusalem who work in Shabbat! In one of these we went on arrival and, I must say that they are very tasty. Recommend Zuni!

Since we are talking about food, then another feature of Israel is kosher food. Very often people use the word "Kosherno", But most of them have no idea that in reality kosher, and what not! So, we’ll understand. First, it is impossible to mix meat and dairy products. With this, you again come across the breakfast at the hotel: cheeses, vegetables, bread, shakshuk will be offered (eggs with tomatoes), pudding, fish, and no ham, patenta and t.D.

And on dinner, pay attention to the lack of creamy sauces, cheeses, and all sweets are prepared without dairy products! Not kosher is considered meat of animals that do not relate simultaneously to the onboard and ruminant (so pork and rabbit – notocheries). Kosher Fish – the one that has fins and scales, and, accordingly, all seafood are not desicted. Of course, there is a lot of subtleties and in different communities there may be differences in the interpretation "Koshernost", But Aza is listed above. And completing this topic, I would like to note that in Israel there is Kosher Fast Food!

There are such places where without a guide, well, it is absolutely impossible! And Jerusalem such a place. This is a city with an incredible energy and an atmosphere, but with a lack of knowledge of history and religion you will miss a lot! So at least for the day take the guide you will not regret. I am pleased to recommend Grigory, who was with us not only in Jerusalem, and accompanied us throughout the journey in Israel! Here, by the way, his blog: grishler.blogspot.Ru

In the old city we entered through the Yaffian gate

All Jerusalem of a pleasant sand color.

Next to the gate is the citadel in which the museum is located "Tower of David". Here we came in the evening on "Night Mysteria", which is projected directly on the walls of the ancient fortress. Presentation passes outdoors, in case of rain, the spectators give rainders.

The old town is divided into four quarters: Muslim, Christian, Armenian and, of course, Jewish. Since there are no clear divisions, then the tourist is easy to get lost in the ball of narrow streets and to be in another quarter.

Attractions such as the Mosque of the Dome of the Rock and Via Doloros (Christ’s Procession) are located in the Muslim Quarter. The famous Temple of the Coffin of the Lord, where they were crucified, was buried, and then Survised Jesus, is in the Christian Quarter. On the way to the temple you can buy candles to fall out there.

You will immediately understand that you came when you see the crowds of incoming and leaving people.

At the entrance to the temple it is impossible not to notice the column with a crack, it is also called a column of saint fire.

According to the legend, everything happened in 1579, when representatives of different Christian denominations argued about the date when Easter will be celebrated. As a result, Orthodox Easter fell on April 6, that is, a week before Armenians. As a result of the conspiracy between representatives of the Armenian Church and the Turkish authorities of the Orthodox Patriarch, were not allowed in the temple. But the fertile fire still descended: he struck lightning, split the column, and the gracious fire broke out of it.

The temple of the Mernel of the Lord in Jerusalem is a rather complicated architectural structure, including the remains of the Golgotha ​​Mountain and the Cutle of the Lord!

Usually to the coffin of the Lord costs a big line, but if you come closer in the temple in the evening to the closure, then you will go very quickly!

We continue our walk through Jerusalem on the remnants of the ancient Roman street Cardo.

In memory of the trading past, this street we see the thematic painting on the wall.

And we go to the Jewish quarter in the direction of the temple mountain – the place where the first and second Jerusalem Temple were previously located, and now there are a mosque al-aks and the dome of the rock. That is, this place is sacred and for the Jews, and for Muslims and because of this, disputes between representatives of these two denominations still do not subscribe.

There is also the famous cry of crying, which, by the way, is so called only Russian. For the rest of the world, it is just called Western Wall. It is divided into male and female parts.

Come here to pray, put a note in the stones with a request to God or just touch the stones by excessing incredibly strong energy, and just get silent.

We leave the old town through the so-called garbage gate and go up to the Zion Gornice, where by legend is the place of the secret evening and the king of Jewish David is buried.

The place where the intended tomb of King David is located, belongs to Sefard Synagogue and, accordingly, divided into male and female part.

Another mandatory place to visit the place in Jerusalem is Israel Museum.

There are so many things: both modern art, and the Museum of Judaika and ethnography, and the Arts Garden, so that you can study it not one day.

There is here and the work of Anisha Kapura

But here we came here first to look at the Kumran Scrolls of the Dead Sea. These manuscripts were found in the Cumran Caves on the Dead Sea, starting in 1947. The scrolls were found in the stups and what we see is the lid of this stupa. The Museum itself is underground.

A certain temperature is supported in the museum, it is forbidden to photograph and due to the fragility of the scrolls, the system of constant rotation. Accordingly, after the scroll is shown 3-6 months, it is placed in a special storage where it is restored.

Israel - Alien and so native!

And here there is a layout of ancient Jerusalem, where you can see how the city has evolved.

Jerusalem – the city of East, so the market has a special place here. "Mahan Yehude" Located between Jaffa Street and Agripas. Here you can not only buy fresh products, but also eat in small cafes, scattered throughout the market.

By the way, you can buy some souvenirs. For example, fresh brown paste (Tynus) or Havva produced from it. There is a classic, vanilla, banana, pistachio, chocolate and many other tastes. Halva and, though, good, no one left without buying.

If you want to go shopping, you can do it on Jaffa street or Mamila Street.

Another restaurant in Jerusalem, which I can recommend – this is the Eucalyptus.The restaurant is located near the citadel on the tiny street of artists. We tried almost all the dishes, and everything was delicious.

But, probably, the main highlight of this restaurant is the owner of Moshe Basson, who happily communicates with all guests, shows and tells about spices and herbs used in dishes. By the way, he grows them on the roof of the restaurant. And he uses herbs that are mentioned in the Bible.

I almost forgot to boast a hotel in which we were lucky to stay in Jerusalem. This is Arthur, which is included in the Atlas network. Attention to items and taste with which all numbers are furnished, can not leave anyone indifferent. And at another 5 o’clock here served – not tea – wine with snacks. So glad!

And here are some more photo-impressions of walks on the beautiful Jerusalem.

If time allows, it is also interesting to visit the suburb of Jerusalem, for example, Ein Corem.

Very unusual for Israel Interior of the Catholic Monastery of St. John the Baptist, who was erected on the spot, where by legend, John Baptist was born.

Also there is a Russian Orthodox Women’s Monastery.

From Jerusalem we had a trip to the very south – in Eilat. And that the 4-hour trip does not tire us, we laid the route through a truly space place – Mitspe Ramon. This erosion crater – that is, it appeared as a result of long-term erosion in the crack of rock, which, in turn, arose due to the raising of the soil.

Absolutely unreal landscape, which so fascinates that here you can hang for a long time. Here is the Museum dedicated to the Israeli cosmonaut Ilan Ramonu, who died with all the Shuttle crew "Colombia" When landing in 2003. In addition to the contemplation of the space landscape here, you can go on an excursion by crater or, for example, to engage in climbing.

The road to Eilat lies through the crater itself and on the way we collided with local fauna.

Did not pass two hours and so we got to the final point of our trip – Eilat.

Resort on the Red Sea with all the delights, such as beach, promenade, shops, restaurants with gifts of the sea and all sorts of coastal entertainment.

Being impossible not to visit the Rife Dolphin.

Here you can swim in the immediate vicinity of dolphins, dive with them and see how they are fed.

Rest not only for the body, but also for the soul!

There is a kind of spa – Relaxation Pools – Pools with fresh, sea and water from the Dead Sea, where you can get a relaxing procedure.

You can then relax and drink tea or wines with sweets.

Not far is the oceanarium or, as it is called, the underwater observatory.

Here, too, you can easily stay half a day, watching the most different marine inhabitants!

And you can still go to the Bird Reserve International Bird Research Center Eilat.

Here guides will be happy to tell about local, and about migratory birds, the number of which in the migration period comes to a billion!

2 days on the Red Sea passed unspeakably fast. And here we pack suitcases … It’s good that on the way to the airport we will have another adventure – Timna Park. The prevailing color here is red and it is not surprising, because it was the first copper mines in the world!

The symbol of the park is natural education in the form of a mushroom.

Moving further in the park, we see a huge outstanding rody forward – this "Solomon pillars".

Most likely, they were named, since for a long time it was in the area who was looking for the legendary copy of King Solomon.

Copper here was mined with the Egyptians, so we see various traces of Egyptian civilization.

For example, the remains of the temple of the patroness of miners goddess Hathor.

A, in general, the feeling is that you are on Mars!

In memory of Timna, you can collect a bottle with multicolored rocks that are presented here.

Remember how thorough was the check of tourists on arrival in Israel? So on the departure is still more serious. There will be many questions and luggage inspection, but any treasure needs to be protected and, I must say that Israel is a real chest with jewels, so let him guard it in good faith, and with it and us – tourists who will come to this one more times with pleasure welcoming, warm and insanely interesting edge.

For organizing a trip, thank the Ministry of Tourism of Israel. We also thank the responsible and positive driver of Moti and, of course, the incomparable guide Gregory!

Israel - Alien and so native!

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