Israel: Rest on the sea at the time of year and resorts

In one of them we will tell about the most popular resorts, and in the second – in which month and which one of them is better to go. Due to the fact that the country covers several climatic belts at once, you can rest here all year round, the main thing is to know where exactly go to a particular season.

Mediterranean Sea

The most famous resorts of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea – Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya and Herzlia. Each of them has its own advantages, but gorgeous hotels, beaches and numerous attractions can be attributed to the list of common advantages.

Tel Aviv beach zone stretched at 14 kilometers. It is divided into several territories, each of which offers special conditions for recreation. There are places defined for the most orthodox visitors: Men and women here sunbathe and swim separately.

Haifa choose for a relaxing holiday. Hotels here are located on distance from the coastline, which should be considered when organizing a trip. Herzlya beaches attract surfingists.

Nettia is called one of the most budget places of Israel to relax by the sea. However, when choosing a tour, it is necessary to know that the coastline of the resort is located above the cliff, and the descent to the sea is carried out by elevator. All hotels in Netanya have from 2 to 4 stars, 5-star here only four (West Lagoon Resort Netanya, Leonardo Plaza Netanya Hotel, David Tower Hotel Netanya Mgallery by Sofitel, Island Suites Hotel). The resort attracts young people who go to spend time on the sea and at night disco.

Red sea

Choose Rest in Israel on the Red Sea? Eilat – The best place for this even according to the most demanding tourists. On the north coast there are sandy beaches suitable for family holidays. On the southern half of the resort – pebble and pebble-sand. Due to this, it is suitable for fans of snorkeling and diving, and in the sea here you can get only from pontoons.

In addition to chic holiday in Israel on the Red Sea, Eilat can "boast" all sorts of cultural entertainment. Skating on yachts, safaris on jeep and fishing like many. Fans of exotic can go on a camel farm and to the Dolphin Reserve, with the inhabitants of which you can swim.

The Dead Sea

Tours to the Dead Sea to Israel Most often choose enough wealthy people who want to health and spend time in terms of luxury hotels. There are many sources with mineral water. The most popular resort here is Ein-Bokek. In addition to the opportunity to spend time in Tour on the Dead Sea in Israel, You will probably enjoy the idea to visit the Ein Gedi Reserve, as well as the National Park.

Rest in Israel at the time of year

If you have received a view of the 3ries of Israel, now it’s time to figure out what time of year to go to which resort is better to go, because of this directly depends on the quality of your holiday.

Israel Rest on the sea at the time of year and resorts


Definitely, this is the best season in Israel for resting at sea. Namely – time from April to May, March is considered more suitable for excursions. In the past two months of spring, the air temperature is held within 22-27 °, and in Eilat it can reach the level of 30 °. Not too hot, but not cool, and the water of the shore is enough to fire for swimming.

The most "hot" season, and choose it only the warmest personality. Temperature at some resorts (for example, in Eilat) can reach 45 °. Air dryness exacerbates the situation. Walks and excursions at this time are difficult, but a lot of holidays like many. In addition, at this time of the year of tourists in the country there are relatively few.


This is the second "high" season of the year. The heat goes to the decline. Maximum temperature at this time in Eilat – it can reach 35 °. At all other resorts, it varies from 27 to 32 °.

Winter is difficult to name the best time for vacation at sea due to low temperature and rainy season. This time can be held in excursions and entertainment, if the humidity of the air does not bother you. If you still got a week, which I would like to spend on the beach, go to Eilat, where the temperature does not fall below 20 °, or to the resorts of the Dead Sea. There you can soak up the sun and even swim.

As you can see, Beach holiday in Israel quite diverse. For sophisticated tourists, he will be the best replacement for crowded and closed resorts of Egypt and Turkey. In addition, if you just get tired of water, you can always go on excursions or shopping, the benefit of the possibilities here is abuse and for the other.

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