Israeli cuisine

Israeli cuisine – the most interesting phenomenon. First, Israel is a sufficiently young country, and during that time it simply did not have time to accumulate so much gastronomic traditions to highlight them in the rules, secondly, Israel is a country of repatriates, each of which follows its culinary traditions.

Israeli cuisine is primarily associated with Jewish cuisine. Thanks to numerous Jews who came from many corners of the world, dishes from Europe, America, countries of the former Soviet Union and even Africa and Asia appeared in the Kitchen of Israel. According to many Israelis, the concept of "Israeli cuisine" is only originated in their country, having fought the best recipes.

Traditional Israeli cuisine is part of Mediterranean cuisine, so there is an abundance of vegetables and fruits, olive oil, greenery, fish and legumes.

Eastern, mostly Turkish and Arabic cuisine are also very popular in Israel. These cuisines are known in Israel due to the "Jerusalem mixture" invented in Israel, prepares from the meat of chicken and turkey with spices in a pan, and then fascinated in fresh pellet.

Separately, it is worth talking about the impact on Israeli cuisine of Jews from the Soviet Union. Now in many Israeli restaurants you can try delicious borscht, satisfying dumplings and loved by everything Salad Olivier.

But in all dishes and something common. The most important rule in the traditional Israeli cuisine is a kosher rule.

According to Judaism, you can eat the meat of painline and ruminants, it includes a cow, sheep, goat, prohibited eating pork and inclusive. From the marine inhabitants to eat only those that are covered with scales and have fins. Simply put, fish, with the exception of some species, such as sturgeon and acne, as well as their caviar is permitted, but mollusks, lobsters and others – no. But all the plants kosherna.

One of the most famous prohibitions of Judaism – a ban on the simultaneous use of dairy and meat products. In kosher restaurants you will not find meat salads, filled sour cream, meat in any cream sauce and so on. Vegetables and eggs can be used in combination with both meat and dairy products.

Arabic cuisine has serious influence on Israel’s kitchen. The most typical Israeli dishes are hummous (puree from Turkish pea with olive oil and spices) and Falafel (fried balls of balls from the same pea puree) – are also characteristic of the Arabic countries neighboring with Israel.

Hardly the main component of Israeli cuisine – Piet. Pete – a flat cake that is made an incision in the middle, and in the resulting pocket you can put anything you want – vegetables, meat, fish, sauces, etc. This is an excellent example of the useful fast food, and enjoys rabid popularity in Israel. As the Israeli Cook Felix Rucheevsky noted on his website, "If in Israel for any reason, Petes will not be baked tomorrow, Israel will remain hungry, despite the abundance of delicacies".

As already mentioned, representatives of each country brought their national dishes to Israel, and since there are more than 70 countries in Israel, it is here that you can arrange a holiday gourmet and evaluate the cuisine of the peoples of the world. And it will be the original version.

Israeli cuisine

What to additionally pay attention to? First, it is a fish in all its kinds, since many of the city of Israel have access to the sea, the fish here is found in abundance. Secondly, a wonderful Israeli climate allows you to grow fruits and vegetables an amazing taste. And the freshly squeezed juices are obtained simply great. And naturally, olives.

In addition, in Israel there are many urgent restaurants, including Russian cuisine, so if she wants something familiar, no problem.

In Israel, it is quite interesting and the so-called ritual kitchen – that is, dishes that are customary to prepare for certain Jewish holidays.

During the rest in Israel, tourists will be able to try various alcoholic beverages. The most famous drinks are Israeli wines having a bright and tart taste. In addition, in Israel, you can enjoy various liqueurs and tinctures and even try local beer, which has a unique taste.

The most popular varieties of beer are "Goldstar" and "Makcabi". Beer "Goldstar" – is considered the most popular brand of beer in Israel, the production of which began in the 50s of the XXVEK.

Israeli wines, not so long ago almost unknown to tourists, have now become one of the popular drinks in bars and restaurants. Now, many vineyards are driven by excursions, where you can not only taste, but also acquire your favorite wine. Israeli wines have a memorable, tartico-sweet taste with slight topless notes.

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