Israeli exhibitions and museums

Israel Museum is the largest and most important cultural institution of the country. The museum includes about 500 thousand. Archaeological and anthropological exhibits, expositions of Judaiki and ethnography, Israeli and international art. The museum also contains unique finds: scrolls, the most ancient biblical manuscripts in the world, Relict times Bar Kokhba, and the largest collection of Judaiki in the world.

The museum covers various verge of Jewish history of world art in several separate buildings, sculpture garden and the museum of the book where the deaths of the Dead Sea are. The museum there are departments of archeology, Jewish life, Jewish ritual art, primitivism and Israeli art, department of vintage masters and impressionists, modern art, design, ancient glass art room and even a children’s museum!

Billy Rose Sculpture Garden includes Henry Moore and Picasso. Permanent collection is regularly replenished. Museum is located on Rupina Street.

Memorial Poison Vashem – European Jewry Catastrophe Museum

In Jerusalem on the Mountain Mountain (HA-AR HA-Zikaron), there is a memorial, where historical events occurring in Europe during the Nazi occupation are presented in photos and written comments. The exhibition topics include ghetto, death camps, mass destruction, Jewish traffic, uprising in ghetto, partisan struggle, survived in a catastrophe, as well as secret immigration to Palestine. The name hall perpetuates the memory of millions of victims of the catastrophe on the pages of testimony filled with close and relatives, memorial books prepared by the fellows of those killed from various communities, and lists of Holocaust victims collected in Western European countries.

The art museum includes permanent and temporary exhibitions of works of art created in camps and ghetto during and after disaster. A special place is occupied by a children’s memorial as a memory of one and a half million Jewish children destroyed by the Nazis.

Museum of biblical countries

The Archaeological Museum of Biblical Countries is a unique collection of cultural and civilization of ancient biblical lands. Museum expanded collection of ancient Middle East art presents the history of the biblical period. Excursions are held in the museum daily, the EasyGuide audio system is also possible. the entrance is free.

The museum is open daily souvenir shop and kosher restaurant. On Saturday evening, musical programs are held with wine and dairy products, on Wednesdays – evening lectures. The museum of biblical countries is located on the Museums Boulevard at:. Jerusalem, ul. Grand, D. 25.

Museum of History of Jerusalem. Citadel and David Tower

The Museum of Tower of David is more than 3000-year history of Jerusalem, using modern museum technology, and displays everything related to this story in chronological order.

Jerusalem Scientific Museum. Bloomford

Exposition gives an idea of ​​the world of science, nature and technology. The museum is science as an integral part of the culture and emphasizes her connection with everyday life. Interesting and entertaining interactive part of the exposition. Museum is on the street. Rupina.

Rockefeller Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Rockefeller is the largest meeting of finds found not only in Palestine, but also on the territory of Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Numerous exhibitions brought the museum to the glory of one of the best archaeological scientific centers of the world. Since 1967, the museum has been managed by the Israeli Museum. In 1978, a department department opened here.

Centre "Davidson" – Virtual model of Jerusalem

The center is located at the entrance to the Archaeological Park of Jerusalem (Excavation of the Temple Mountain). The center, one of the most progressive in the world, offers guests to visit the model gallery, in which you can see archaeological finds. The film is broadcast, telling about the period of the second temple and created using advanced technology.

Model of Jerusalem Period of First Temple

Built by the king Solomon, the son of King David, the temple existed until 586 to.NS. It was equal to the land of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. The presence in the city of the spiritual center turned Jerusalem to the full capital of a strong and powerful state. Chronicles reported to us descriptions of its magnificence. A hall in which the layout of the temple and cities is placed, equipped with technical means. Travel during the first temple – topographic model of the city, three-dimensional audio visual exposition tells you the history of Jerusalem in the biblical period. Special lighting and mechanized presentation will show you underground water work in the city of King David.

Model of Jerusalem Period of the Second Temple

Restored by the National Hero of Negenecy, Jerusalem underwent a number of takeoffs and falls, the power of the Greeks and the Romans, the Tsarist Dynasty of Hasmonaev. But he owes his luxury to the rule of King Herod of the Great, who demolished the construction of the second temple and built his version of the Great Temple, rebuilt a new city. He stood up to 70 years.NS., when was destroyed by the Romans. Layout of the city is recreated in the territory adjacent to the hotel "Holliland".

Tel Aviv museums and surroundings

Museum of Art

Museum of Arts is located at:. Tel Aviv, King Shaul Boulevard, d. 27.

Museum of Jewish diaspora

History of Jewry, the life of the Jewish people in different countries for 2500 years – which may be more important for the past and real people who have created their own state just 50 years ago? Expositions make up dioramas, audiovisual performances, documentary newsreels, computer and multimedia presentations.

The Jewish Diaspora Museum is located in the Campus of Tel Aviv University in Ramat Aviv.

House Museum Zhabotinsky

Zeev (Vladimir) Zhabotinsky (1880-1940.) – the famous leader of the Zionist movement. House-Museum located at:. Tel Aviv, ul. King George, d. 38, tells about the life path of this person – from birth to Odessa until the last days in New York. History of revisionist movement and underground organizations Ezel and Lehi. Electronic means of exposure are widely used in the museum.

House-Museum Ben-Gurion

David Ben-Gurion – the famous political leader of Israel, the first prime minister of the country. In the house-museum at the address: g. Tel Aviv, ul. Ben-Gurion, d. 17 is represented by its public and personal life. The house has many books, photos, things belonging to Paula and David Ben Gurion. A small film complements the exposure.

Museum of the Bible

Museum is divided into two parts. "Bible in art" Includes paintings, sculptures and ceramics. "Bible in seal" Contains bible comments and apocryphas, biblical criticism, geography and archeology, cards and snapshots of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Biblical legends, songs and jokes on the biblical topic. The museum presents the translations of the Bible into various languages, as well as the Bible in games, the Bible on postage stamps and coins. The models of the temple are exhibited.

Annually in the museum is the exhibition "Israeli artists paint the Bible", conducted jointly with the Association of Artists and Sculptors, as well as the exhibition "Israeli children paint the Bible" together with the Ministry of Culture and Education. Also held exhibitions of Israeli and foreign artists on the biblical topic.

The museum has a library for students and for the general public, as well as the recently updated conference hall dedicated to the memory of the famous Master Albert Dova Sigal. Regular lectures and educational groups on the Bible issues and related topics. The Bible Museum is located in the house of Dizeshof on the Rothschild Boulevard, D. 16.

Museum "Ezel in 1948"

The Museum in Charles Carrolo Park is the activities of Etzel’s organization during the war for independence, starting from November 29, 1947, and before its liquidation on September 22, 1948, as well as the next participation of ESEL fighters in the military actions of the Israel Defense Army. In the center of the exposition – the battle for the liberation of Jaffa in 1948 with the use of removal effects. The exhibition includes historical documents, photos, newspaper clippings, maps, weapons, movies.

Museum Ezel

The history of the struggle of the Jews during the British mandate is exhibited at the Ezel Museum in Tel Aviv at the address: ul. King George, d. 38. Abbreviation "Ezel" deciphered as "National military organization", which together S "Hagana" and "Lehi" (Fighters for the freedom of Israel) struggled with the British authorities for free entry into the country of Jews. The topic of the struggle of Jews during this period finds its place and in a number of other museums of the country, but here, in the Museum of Ezel, exhaustively discloses one of its aspects.

Museum of Russian Art, Ramat Gan

Russian Art Museum. Mary and Mikhail Zetlin represents a collection of this family and contains works of Russian artists of the late XIX – early XX century. Work B.Serov, L.Baksta, A.Benua, N.Goncharova, M.Voloshina and others. On Saturdays, once a month, concerts of classical chamber music are held. Entrance to concerts free.

The Museum of Russian Art is located in Ramat Ghana at the address: ul. Hibback, d. eighteen.

Museum "Country of Israel"

"Country of Israel" – The largest museum of Israel is located in Tel Aviv at: ul. Levanon, D. 2. Pavilions of ethnography, folklore, ceramics, glass products and numismatics are very rich in exhibits. Reconstructed oil press and real mill. There is a handicraft center where glass windows and weaver work. There are acting archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement Tel Casil and even the planetarium. The museum organizes exhibitions of works of art.

Museum of man and wildlife

The museum presents modern nature and its relationship with man. The newest technical means are involved in the demonstration. Constantly updating exposures, widely representing the world of nature and man. Museum is located in Ramat Gan National Park.

Bus Museum of Israel

Bus Museum of the company "Egged" It is considered one of the largest thematic museums of this kind in the world, where hundreds of original buses are presented. He tells about the history of public transport in Israel and Palestine – from trucks of the British army, converted into passenger transport after the First World War, and ending with modern air-conditioned buses. The museum is located in the nearest suburb of Tel Aviv, the town of Holon, at the address: ul. Moshe Danyan, Ben-Gurion district.

Museums Haifa and surroundings

National Maritime Museum

The history of the navigation and development of shipbuilding in the Mediterranean basin and in the Red Sea unfolds at the National Marine Museum, founded in 1953. The museum encompassing a chronologically ordered collection in its current location in 1972, in which sea mythology, the history of ancient navigation, Greco-Roman finds, images of fish and dolphins, stamps and postcards on the marine theme, information about modern shipping, history marine battles, sea architecture, as well as the ethnology of the naval communities. The Maritime Museum is located at:. Haifa, ul. Allenby, D. 198.

National Museum of Science, Planning and Technology

The National Museum of Science, Planning and Technology is located in the old building of Technone at Adara, on Smerygua Levin Street. This is an innovative and stunning center containing more than two hundred interactive exhibitions: a mirror room, a dark room, a room of the air force, etc. Museum exhibits highlight the main scientific principles and technological advances in Israel. Family with children can be pleasant and to spend time with interest.

Museum of illegal immigration and navy

The topic of illegal immigration in Palestine is represented in a number of Israel museums. At the same time, Haifa has its own history of this historical process, and it is disclosed in the museum exposure exhaustively. Since illegal immigrants fell here by sea, natural is also the presence of expositions that reveal the history of the establishment of the state’s naval forces. The museum is located at: ul. Allenby, D. 204.

Hyf Museum of Art

In the local art museum collected a large number of archaeological finds from Shikmona – ancient settlement, heifer progenitor. Sculptures, numismatic rarity, ancient weapon and much more makes a museum interesting for visitors. The museum organized constant and temporary exhibitions of painting. Museum address: g. Haifa, ul. Shabta Levi, d. 26.

Cultural Center "Castra"

Centre "Castra" Located on southern entrance to Haifa, near the Congress Center. Art, entertainment and trade are combined here. Dankner family, project initiators, suggest to turn the center to a place where artists will be able to create and submit their work to the general public. Center Building itself – one of the original works of art with wall painting and sculptures of the Austrian artist, Professor Arica Braura. V "Castra" Presented the largest mosaic in the world on Tanah themes.

In the center "Castra" Stores, cafes, restaurants, galleries and museums. Artistic seminars are held for organized groups. You can pre-order an excursion. Exhibitions are supervised by the International Cultural Association of ICU. Center address: ul. Flima, D. eight.

Japanese Art Museum Tykotin

The museum was founded in 1959 by the joint initiative of Felix Tikotin, a famous collector of Japanese art, who sacrificed his collection, and Aby Husha. The museum accommodates about 6 thousand. exhibits that include paintings, reproductions, sketches, textiles, ancient ornamented books, ceramics, miniature figurines and much more. The exhibition hall is designed in the spirit of Japanese architecture. The library of the museum has 2.5 thousand. Books and scientific publications on Japan and Japanese culture. Also, the museum conducts lectures, film display, courses in Japanese floral schemes, Dzen meditation and the study of the Japanese language. Museum address: g. Haifa, ul. Ha-nasya, d. 89.

Museum Rally

Specially built building of the original planning and architectural solution accommodates a collection of a private museum. One of the sections of the museum most fully covers the history of the city of Caesaria, in which the museum is located. Permanent and temporary exhibitions of artists of all countries of the world are selected according to the tastes of the owners. The second floor gallery presents the work of Salvador Dali.

Museum of Reument and Edith Gekht

In the Museum of Reument and Edith Gekht, located in the main building of the Haifa University, presented the archeology of Israel, starting from the Cretaceous period to the late Byzantine. In the art department – the Gekht Collection: Impressionists and Jewish artists of the Paris School. Among the most high-profile names – Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Sutin, Strange and DR. In the HRGA collection, you can meet Jewish artists destroyed in a catastrophe.

Railway Museum of Israel

Israeli exhibitions and museums

Exposion is located in the premises of the railway station "Haifa-East" and talks about the development of communication routes in the Middle East, starting from 1892, and also introduces the current state and possibilities of railway transport. In the building of the museum used to be a locomotive depot of the famous Hijaz Railway. The building is converted to a new museum exposition in 2000.

Car Museum Tefen

The relatively little-known museum located near the Maalot town in Galilee (Promzone Tefen, 7km south of the city), is dedicated to the old cars, which are currently in the collection of about 70 units. This is the largest car museum of Israel and one of the best in the Middle East as a whole. Ticket price 26 ILS. Museum official website (http: // www.omuseums.Org.IL / ENG / MMT_CARS / CAR_COLLECTION).

Museum of Galilee and Golan

The magnificent Museum of Galilee and Golan is located on the territory of Kibbutz Gnosar, located near Lake Kinners. View the movie, and then exposures of the museum give an exhaustive idea of ​​the history of the district settlements. Many events here were associated with the origin of Christianity and the mission of Jesus Christ. In a separate room, a fishing boat I is exhibited in. N. NS. You can get to the museum or leave here on a ship by kicating to Tver.

Old Bridge and Museum of Battle

Near Kibbutz Gesher on the coast of the Jordan river attached "Old Most" – Charming picturesque corner of large geopolitical and historical importance. Here is the Museum of Battle. It is located in underground shelter, the former center of the rebel activities of the settlement during the battle for independence.

Museum "Underground knights"

The museum is located in a room in which the novices of the Order of Hospitallers took pilgrims. Intensive restoration work opened a series of halls showing a sample of early gothic in Israel. At the columns of the meeting room – a symbol of the French royal house. Obviously, it was here that a number of fateful decisions were adopted for crusaders. To visit is also interesting tunnel and hospital.

Museum of the Archeology of the Region and Mediterranean

This unique archaeological museum is located near the route from one of the most important ancient roads, on which goods, people and army have done their way from the Mediterranean basin to the countries of the East. The Museum exposed the finds of the Bate Shean Valley, the reconstruction of the Khanansky Temple of the Bronze Era and other interesting expositions showing ancient weaving technologies, spinning machines found during the excavations of the Israeli village in the vicinity of the museum. New exposure represents rare Etruscular artifacts using new representation methods that combine odors, sounds and a three-dimensional image.

Outdoor Museum Taffen

Outdoor Museum of Israeli Art is located in the Industrial Park by Taffen in West Galilee. The museum is located between the factories, materializing the vision of its founder, Mr. Stef Wartheimer: Park, uniting creative activities in industry, art, education, culture and nature.

The garden of sculptures is broken in the open air and consists of about 100 objects. The art gallery accommodates changing exhibitions of sculptures and painting. Museum of industrial art presents milestones of industry development from the Stone Age and to this day. Collection of antique cars contains models of the beginning of the 20th century. The Museum of the German Jewry reflects its history and contribution to the creation of the Jewish state.

Archaeological Museum in Kibbuitsa Ein-Dor

The museum located at the foot of Mount Tavor in Biblical Ein-Dor dedicated to the rich history of the region. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as numerous archaeological finds presented in the museum, allow the visitor to learn about ancient history, culture, lifestyle in the area. A visit to the museum is enriched with excursions, special events. Also, the museum is a base for the historical study of the lower Galilee and the Valley of the Israel.

Museum of photos of them. Ellie Lamberg

The museum is located in one of the most beautiful places of Galilee, in the industrial zone of Kibbutz Tel High. It was opened in 1992. The museum is designed to combine modern industries, art, nature and education in a unique and harmonious natural combination. The Museum of Photography includes a series of exhibitions of works of many famous local and foreign photographers. This is the only museum in the country dedicated to the history of the photo from the moment of her birth to the present day. In addition to the permanent exhibition of photographic works, a collection of all kinds of cameras is presented here. Every summer, the Museum organizes exhibitions of young students of higher schools Photos. Additionally, an exhibition of old car models (32 models). In addition, you can mention the exhibition of the export industry and concerts for music lovers – a real holiday of emotions!

Eilat museums

Museum of Beduen Culture – Center. Joe Alona

Located near Kibbutz Lahav Center of Bedouin Culture is a rich collection of objects of culture, weapons, life and clothing of Bedouins. Next to the museum there is an observation deck with an excellent overview of the terrain. Stay is accompanied by a story in records and national music. There is also a cafe in which you can drink coffee and eat with national cakes.

Museum of Air Force Israel

Israel Air Force Museum is a huge collection of aircraft and helicopters, which were in service with the Israeli Air Force, as well as copies of civil aviation of the country, audiovisual understanding of the Israeli Air Force. Equipped exhibitions "Roots of the Air Force", "1948 – take off", "Commanders of the Air Force" and "Survival", who are talking about different stages of history. On the central playground of the museum there are more than 20 aircraft and anti-airflow agents.

The museum is located at the entrance to Beer Shev, on the territory of the military base "Hatzerim".

Museum of Nehress

The Neeva Museum is located in the historical "House governor", built in 1906. The structure of the stone masonry and separation on the halls are preserved in the building. Currently, there are four exhibition halls in the museum, in which changing art exhibitions are exposed. Adreview Museum: Beer Sheva, ul. Azmaut, D. 48.

Underwater Observatory Museum in Water Park

Hundreds of fish species and bizarre coral reefs are represented in Eilat on the seashore in the Unique underwater museum. It is possible to underwater walks on a submarine or ship with a transparent bottom – for an additional fee.

Museum Kibbutz Yad Mordechai

Kibbutz Poison Mordechai, named after the head of the uprising in the Warsaw Mordechai Ailevich, became a pioneer in the development of the desert. After the proclamation of the state, Israel Kibbutz was attacked by the Egyptian troops. Exposion in the open sky tells about the heroic actions of defenders opposed by the whole army. Next Open the apiary and bee products store.

Ashdodsky Museum of Art. Center Monart

The Ashdodsk Museum of Art is located in the city center, not far from the municipality and the central bus station, overlooking Ashdodskaya Marina. Museum exhibits samples of modern Israeli and world art. The museum has an unusual construction and inner design, which enhances the extraordinary impression of the museum, and offers visitors an amazing spectacle. In the museum of 12 galleries, two halls and pyramid space for cultural events. The formation department of the museum offers visitors excursions and various activities. The museum was opened in 2003 and is part of the Montirt Center for Arts.

Outdoor Museum Omer

Omer Industrial Park is founded by Stef Vertheimer and opened in 1995. One of the main tasks in the construction of the park was the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for workers. Outdoor Museum erases borders between the world of art and everyday life. Its location in the industrial park allows the visitor to visit two worlds: manufacturer and consumer. In the museum two halls for temporary exhibitions of Israeli art. Inside the park, Omer is also located Park Sculptures.

Israeli exhibitions and museums

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