Istanbul for 3 or 4 days ; What to see by traveling yourself

You plan to spend 2 days or week in Istanbul, anyway, Istanbul will be little!) According to the reviews of most independent travelers, you need to stop in the city at least 2 full days, optimal ; on 3-4.

Read more about Istanbul here to navigate in the city, decide where to live and find out how to get.

In three days, Istanbul can, in principle, see all the main attractions of the city and supplement / dilute their cultural experience with long walks, cheerful noisy gatherings in local cafes / restaurants, enchanting shopping and visiting Hamama.

Book a hotel in Sultanahmeta or Big Bazaar, to stay close to everything and experience the whole color of the city. Our selection of hotels in Istanbul: Darussaade Istanbul ; Little pretty hotel located in the heart of the city, from bonuses ; Breakfasts served on the terrace overlooking Istanbul. Look also a useful selection: 22 Istanbul hotels with roof terraces.

Day 1 in Istanbul: Sultanahmet

Dedote the whole day to inspect the main attractions located in Sultanamet ; Blue Mosque, Ayasofy (plus Optional Basil Tanks, located nearby) and Topkapi Palace. Do not plan anything else for that day. Only on topkups need to be allocated for at least half a day. On the way to Topkapi, buy local delicacies, as you will definitely want to arrange a halt on one of the green lungs or benches overlooking the Bosphorus.

Admire evening types of Sultanahmeta and treat yourself to dinner in one of the restaurants located on the roofs of the Old Town (Rooftop Terrase) ; Very trend format in Istanbul.

Day 2: Old Quarters Istanbul, Grand Bazaar and Hamam

Spend the morning, looking at the atmospheric mosque Suleiman and walking along the colorful streets of old quarters in the area of ​​the Big Bazaar.

If you want a small adventure, look for a secret abandoned roof in the Grand Bazaar area. This secret place can be tried to find with Google Card by name Buyuk Valide Han. The search will be not easy, but the reward ; The most stunning panorama of Istanbul.

Farther ; On the Grand Bazaar, here you can easily get lost on a couple of three hours) You can have a kebab in one of the dozen small family restaurants located in the Grand Bazaar area or Pakhlav-tea on the Bazaar itself.

After exhausting day, its best completion ; Init a couple of hours in Hamam Chamberlitash, and after drinking wine to delicious fish in the Kumkapi area (see More on the Istanbul page in the guide).

Above the city. Photo Credit: christopher l., Flick

Grand Bazar. Photo Credit: Dingoshoes ; Life&# 8217; S A Dream, Flick

Hamam Chablitash ; One of the most vintage baths of the Ottoman period. Photo Credit:

Day 3: Galata, Golden Horn and New Istanbul

Spend the day, walking in the area of ​​the Golden Horn, Galat and Baoglu.

Start the day in Eminony, take a walk along the waterfront, eat hot corn and feed the pigeons from a new mosque. Admire the paintings and watercolors of Istanbul artists. Wander around the spices market, watch the fishermen on the Galat bridge and climb the Galata Tower. Ride on a colorful red tram in the Baoglu region. Try the local street food to Estaq Cadesi, and also climb Taksim Square and return from there to the Golden Horn on the funicular.

If you do not plan to spend the 4th day in Istanbul, highlight a couple of hours on a cruise on the Bosphorus. Check cruise schedules for Eminion Pier.

Admire the sunset over the golden horn and spend the evening in atmospheric and cheerful karaba (see more here).

Galat Bridge. Photo Credit: Paul Lloyd, Flick

Bright welds bazaar spices. Photo Credit: Afpereira, Flick

View of the Galata Tower. Photo Credit: M. C. Fazeli, Flick

Day 4: Bosphorus

Dedote the fourth day in Istanbul Bosphorus. You have three options, any of the tickets you can buy before serving. Plan an early start.

; Bosphorus cruise with stops in the Ottoman Palaces and Village Anadolu Kavağı. With morning departure, takes a whole day. Take tickets on the eve or early in the morning before shipment to Eminon’s Pier.

Istanbul for 3 or 4 days; What to see by traveling yourself

; Alone on the ferry on the principle of HOP ON / HOP OFF. Buy one ticket to the ferry and ride all day at different interesting places on the Bosphorus. Take the map and the schedule of ferries when buying tickets. Ferries go with Marina Eminony and Kabatas (Kabataş).

; Go for a day on one of the printed islands (one day it is better to go on a weekday, because at the weekend quite a lot of Istanbulse ride to relax on the islands). The path on the ferry to the largest and most distant islands of the Büyukada (Büyükada) takes about 1.5 ; 2 hours. Ferries on the islands go from Cabatas (Kabataş). You can get to the pier from Sultanahmeta on the tram.

Ferry to printe islands. Photo Credit: Sixthland, Flick

Toy streets of printed islands. Photo Credit: Kathleen Alpguner, Flick

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Suppose I will find BUYUK Valide Han. Cards Google show me this place. So what is next? The place for your words is abandoned, if you look at the image from the satellite, there is no lock on the door, but it is not clear how to crawl there and how far the place is crowded. Will I get along the hat for the penetration of frequent territory, albeit abandoned? And at what time there is safer to go?

This is an old semi-abandoned historic building (formerly innovative courtyard) in fact among the supplements of the Grand Bazaar. I don’t know exactly, I will not lie, but I think ; It is not particular, most likely belongs to the city. Entrance from the arch with the inscription Buyuk Valide Han. Come inside, climb upstairs to the second floor. Inside the building is largely preserved as it was one hundred years ago. Dark Corridors, Stone Walls. In this building there are several craft shops (artisans rent small rooms). At the exit to the roof, most likely will hang the castle. The only option to get to the roof ; Collect local artisans, with a high probability there will be a uncle with the key, which for a couple of lire will open the castle. The roof is abandoned, scary, but the city view will delight) view of the Golden Horn of Western, T.E. The sun sits down, very beautifully closer to the sunset. Go better in workers’ artisans when there are people in the building. I would advise not particularly plan, go for a walk in the market, suluimania and the surrounding quarters and already with the foundation to look in Khan, you want to see if you go on and t.NS.) in general to navigate in place)

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