Istanbul for 72 hours: tourist guide

So, what can be viewed in Istanbul yourself for 3 days?

Good news – you are waiting for real pleasure, as it is a fascinating place.

Being once the heart of the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine Empires, today Istanbul is one of the most historically and culturally rich corners in the world.

Not to mention the fact that this is a country of paradoxes:

  • the place where the east is found with the West;
  • where the old one meets new;
  • where religious conservatism borders with a new epoch;
  • where calls for prayer sound simultaneously with the music sounding in street cafes.

Bad news: Istanbul is simply too big, bright and multi-layered to explore it in three days in real.

But if this is your first time in the city of Istanbul, and you have a limited time to explore the surroundings, take advantage of this amazing three-day route in Istanbul. It will help you plan the time in the capital of Turkey.

Where to stay in Istanbul? District Beioglu

Choosing a place of stay in Istanbul is important.

Since it will be a starting point for your daily trip and the place where you can relax at the end of each long day.

Crowds of tourists with DSLR cameras, small bags on the belt, are sent in search of high-class beds for overnight stay close to the main attractions, to the lively historical peninsula around the Sultanammet district.

Just staying in this chaotic filled zone during the day, we realized that this place is not for us, so I personally can’t recommend to stay here.

Instead, I advise you to explore the new Istanbul on the other side of the Galata Bridge in the Baoglu.

Here you can wander around the cobblestone, favorite locals in areas, including Tunyl, Galata and Karaki.

The tank was built during the reign of the emperor Feodosia II. This is 428-443.

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Sights of Istanbul (with photos) in Russian. Three-day route: Day 1

District Sultanahmet

Obviously, the first place to explore Istanbul’s historical peninsula is also called the Sultanahmet area.

Here are many of the most popular attractions, including:

  • Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Cami);
  • Hagia Sophia (Ayasofa);
  • Basilica Cistern;
  • Racecourse;
  • Palace Topkapi.

What is convenient is the fact that all these attractions are geographically close, so you can move quickly from one to the next.

Saint Sophie Cathedral

Grandiose, burnt orange walls and burdening the dome of St. Sophia are the main focuses points of the lively district of Sultanahmet.

Today, Hagia Sophia is a museum, which is well lit as the past and present of this incredible monument.

Time to visit this place from 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Blue Mosque

Move on, wading through the courtyard with fountains in the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque).

Known for its six tall minarets and blue tiles, the mosque provides an opportunity to learn about the Islamic religion in humble surroundings.

Time to visit the mosque: 30 minutes.

Sometimes, visitors are asked to leave, to enable local believers to read their prayer dining.

Palace Topkapi

Walk further through a vast park Gulhane Topkapi Palace. Here you can explore a century of Ottoman rule coming in the wake of the Turkish royal family.

Topkapi Palace The study may take half a day.

Time to visit the palace: about two hours.

I’m sure you will be satisfied with the fact that the palace will see and learn.

What you missed in Sultanahmet?

If you have time, there are several other attractions that can be visited in the Sultanahmet district, including:

  • Racecourse;
  • Basilica Cistern;
  • Museum of Islamic Art.

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Grand Bazaar

Now that you are probably tired after a whole day dedicated to the history of the Old Istanbul, take a 15-minute walk to the Grand Bazaar.

Some photos of a large bazaar look exciting, it is because there are more than 4,000 kiosks and 18 inputs.

This place is worth visiting, even if you do not plan to make any purchases.

It needs to be done to see the old architecture of the central market, which served as an important symbol of Istanbul for centuries (now, too, but in the tourist plan).

Dinner and nightlife on the street Ostiklal

Bilice Karafirin Kebap

When the day comes to an end, return to the area of ​​Beioglu for dinner.

Probably you will have to face the crowd on the street Ostiklal to reach the Bilice Karafirin Kebap, which serves full plates of different fried meat.

Istanbul for 72 hours Tourist guide

This is a real pearl in the city of delicious food ; reasonable prices, a restrained atmosphere and a large portion of a meat dish, which can be divided into two.

When you finish dinner, the time of parties will approach. If you have a little energy left, you can find a lot of cafes, bars, karaoke and clubs in the vicinity.

Sights of Istanbul: 2 day of the route (Golden Horn + Galata Tower)

Now that you are familiar with the main part of the historic peninsula, the second day is devoted to the study of the European part of Istanbul.

Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge (Right) Next to Mosque

Start the morning with walking along the Galata Bridge, from the area of ​​Karaki to Emineu.

On the way, spend a few minutes to lay on the local, standing along the Bosphorus.

ENI Mosque and the Egyptian Spice Market

From here Stroll to Yeni Kamiya (new mosque) and the Egyptian spice market.

Take the Turkish coffee in the famous "Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi" at the rear entrance to the bazaar and walk along the kiosks.

Be sure to try bright spices that are at shops in open containers.

And also observe for fishermen trying to sell your day catch.

Sulimania Mosque

Continue to go to the magnificent majestic Sulimania Mosque.

Suleymaniye Mosque worth a visit for several reasons:

  1. As in the current mosque, here you have the opportunity to talk to representatives of the Islamic religion. And also watch the parishioners visiting the mosque for prayer.
  2. This place is less tourist, compared to the Blue Mosque (Although expectations should be realistic, there are still many tourists here).
  3. Well-groomed gardens surrounding the mosque, very relaxing place. They provide an excellent viewing point with which you can see the city.
  4. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful of the mosques, Which we visited during your stay in Istanbul, thanks to all windows and natural lighting.
  5. Not far from Suleymaniy are large and cheap local snack bars.

Museum of Karya

After Lunch, continue your route to the Golden Horn, looking at the Karya Museum.

There you can admire the stunningly complex restored church mosaic.

Tower Galata

In the period from mid-day to late evening, return to Baoglu in the vicinity of Galata Tower.

The day was long, so treat yourself to coffee or tea and relax with people, resting in the courtyards, in numerous bizarre cafes, lining streets.

If you are still hungry after a long day, finish the evening with one of the best kebabs in the world in Durumzade. We recommend order a double Adana Durum with a portion of spicy chili peppers.

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Istanbul Route Day 3: Asian Istanbul ; what to see

Your last day ; It is an opportunity to dissolve in the crowd of local residents. And also enjoy amazing food and wagon in the fancy surroundings of Asian Istanbul.

Some may argue that our route for the 3rd day is not suitable for the first visit to Istanbul.

But honestly, we fell in love with the atmosphere of the Asian part of Istanbul, which would prefer to stay here during our next trip.

No other city in the world is located on two continents, so a visit to Istanbul without studying the features of both would be an unforgivable mistake.

Karaki, surroundings of Istanbul

Start the day, wandering along Karaki’s bridge streets on the Bosphorus in the Topkhan district.

Go on the smell of coffee beans ; Here you will find a variety of modern cafes and restaurants. There are local residents, starting their day, drink a cup of coffee and read newspapers.

Istanbul ferry from Europe to Asia

When you will be fed and enjoy coffee, you should get ready to go to Asia.

Istanbul Vapur, or steam, today is the best way to cross the space between Asia and Europe.

You can catch Vapur from Karaki in Kadykuy, which will take about 30 minutes.

Since the ferry trips between continents are part of a daily trip for hundreds of thousands of Istanbulse, you will find yourself in a good company.

You can take a glass of hot tea and settle down on the open deck to enjoy a breathtaking view of the historic peninsula, the sounds of the call to prayer, gulls and other boats nearby.


At the end of the journey you will arrive in Kadykoy, the busiest area of ​​Istanbul, the heart of the Anatolian side of the city.

Having committed a short walk, just a few minutes from the port, you will immediately feel yourself in Asia, amazing a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques.

What to see:

  • We offer to start a walk on the famous Antique Street Tellalazade Sokak.
  • Lost French sculptures and vases of the 19th century in "Galeri Antik" and European chandeliers and furniture in "Üsküdar antik".
  • Talk to the charming owner of Gramofon Antik About his collection of gramophones, players and vinyl records. If you are lucky, he can invite you to his attic to listen to a few songs.
  • Torments thirst? Join backgammon players, Pour tea in one of the numerous fussy cafes along the street. Or wait for healthy green juice in the bizarre "Stuff".
  • If you are an amateur to eat (who is not?) and explore different cuisines, Be sure to explore the possibilities of culinary tours in Istanbul.

Below are the most interesting excursions for the delicious meal of Istanbul.

Most of the day you spend on the road to the Kadykoye market, conversations with food suppliers and street food tasting.

Then you can enable in the Ciya restaurant. After the tour is over, you have time to explore the area.

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