Istanbul for advanced: how to enjoy the city, not falling into "tourist traps"

Probably, in Istanbul, only a very lazy tourist. Mass of convenient flights from different cities of Russia, geographical neighborhood with our country, abundance of colorful attractions and relative cheapness – solid arguments for visiting this huge city, spreading on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait.

And the opposite side of these advantages was a huge number of tourists who flooded the historical neighborhoods of the city and chopped with cameras on his narrow sidewalks. Of course, the mass of local residents does not miss the opportunity to earn a little on naive foreigners, then offering tours at an overpriced price, in addition to the order in a restaurant non-existent dishes. But there is a way out of these unpleasant situations: you just have to make a couple of steps away from the trusted tourist brothers of routes – and the city will reveal to you again from your better.

Well, what to do in Istanbul, if you are not here for the first time? Suppose you have already fed to the beauty of a blue mosque, stood in a queue on the entrance to the yerebatan tank, loved by the cathedral of Ayia Sofia, bought ceramics and lamps on the Grand Bazar and photographed fishermen on the Galact Bridge.

You think that you already know a lot about this city and no sense to return to it? It’s completely wrong. Like a genuine eastern city, Istanbul traveled in an inexhaustible set of treasures and mysteries. Below is a list that does not apply to the fullness describing first-class places about which tourists forget or do not have time to examine in Istanbul.


The history of this area began with the Byzantine village of Sosmidion, where a monastery was located outside of the walls of Constantinople. Ayuped is a bit away from the usual routes, but it can be reached here on the flight bus that leave the terminal on Eminian Square, or by taxi.

You will raise on the cable car to the hill (the catalyst is boiled over the cemetery, where many noble people of the Ottoman Empire are buried, offering magnificent views of the Golden Horn Bay and in the removal of the famous Sultanammet area mosques.

Enjoy the panorama, drinking Turkish tea in a cafe, wearing the name of the French writer XIXVEK Pierre Loty. In the neighborhood, the first in Istanbul of the Mosque of Eyupa Sultan, which is considered one of the main shrines of the Muslim world due to the burial of the signs of the most prophet Mohammed, Abu Ayuba al-Ansari. Do not visit her on Friday, when numerous pilgrims flock in the mosque.

Metropolitan Istanbul develops on the envy of other metropolisms. Ranoula in the summer dangerously swinging on the move embossed electric train, following the Sirkeggi station to the west of the European part of the city. There are new modern compounds and beautiful design metro stations.

The main achievement is considered to be the MARMARA line, laid under the Bosphorus Strait and the United Europe and Asia. IstanBulcard discount card will help to significantly save on the pass.

Mosque Fall Mehmed-Pasha

You are crazy about the stunning mosques of Istanbul, but find that tourists, endlessly removing selfie on their background, do not too organically fit into their interiors? Then you are exactly here. This charming mosque, named after the warlord and the Great Vizier Fall Mehmed-Pasha (Serb by origin) is almost always empty, although from the Horde of Tourists, actively inhabling Sultanahmet, it separates it only 10-15 minutes walk.

The mosque can be locked at all – then Laying the servant, who for a small Bakshish heating her gate specially for you, and enjoy the exclusive touch to the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire. The architect of the mosque was the famous Sinan, creating a mosque Suleyman, who is considered the most beautiful in Istanbul.

Tourists are usually recommended for purchases of authentic Turkish goods (painted dishes, spices, sweets, fabrics) The famous Grand Bazaar. But all this can be bought and on the less spoiled visitors of the Egyptian bazaar, which is also called the spice market.

If you get there – pay attention to the kiosk at the crossroads in the center of the bazaar, from which the beautiful fragrance is dealt: here with an incredible speed they only sell a gritty coffee. Usually there is a whole queue from the locals, but it always moves very quickly.

Fish restaurants in Mustafapach

Of course, in Istanbul, there is never an acute question how not to stay hungry: sometimes it seems that all residents of a multi-million city, not engaged in trade, opened the establishments of the catering – so many of them. But a small patch with fish restaurants in Mustafapasha (west of the Yenikapi and Port metro station) is beneficial from such places, for example, in the areas of Kumkap or Tophane, calm and European cozy atmosphere, the absence of obsessive named, and also absolutely spent prices. You can get here by a bus that departed from the terminal on Eminian Square.

Istanbul is famous for its delicious fish supplied in a consistently fresh form. Here are only prices in fish restaurants of rich areas of Bebek or ORAKii can bite. If you are ready to sacrifice the aesthetic side of the institution (but not with the views and freshness of fish), come to the fish market near the pier Karakiy on the shore of the Bay of Golden Rog.

Istanbul for advanced how to enjoy the city, not falling into

Right next door to the market there is a couple of prosperous cafes, where you will prepare and serve fresh fish overlooking the historic center of Istanbul. Prices will pleasantly surprise!

Street bars in Kadykoe

The Asian side of Istanbul, of course, can not boast of cult attractions like Ayi Sofia (Maiden Tower with a rained restaurant is clearly in another weight category). And yet she has his own and very pretty face. To bring acquaintance with Asia, fall around in the Kadykoye area (for this you need to get on the ferry on the wharf Emino, Cabatas or Karaki).

Previously, quite modern residential buildings and cute places with tables in the fresh air, occupied whole quarters in the Fashion Avenue. On Friday and Saturday Evening on these streets, the whole sea of ​​loud and positive, wishing to enjoy food and drinking the Turks (with a slight admixture of tourists). The most important problem will be the choice of space for gatherings from, without exaggeration, hundreds of decent options.

The main promenade of the Bayol region, the Boulevard of the Istoclal boasts not only the abundance of boutiques, street musicians and a relaxed evening life. On the upper floors of beautiful buildings in the style of Arovo, trendy lounge bars, "Nargile Cafe"
(hookah) and terraces with stunning views of the Bosphorus and Polgorod to Podchida.

That’s just about their existence often speaks only a small sign somewhere in the alley, and to get inside, you need, like the character of a spy film, enter the usual view of a residential entrance and overcome several staircases.

Princes of Islands (Adalar)

With all his inexhaustible advantages, Istanbul remains big and noisy, sometimes not too pure city. If you are fed by a megapolis of the throat, sit down on the ferry on the Cabatas terminal (the end stop of the tram, following the Sultanahmet and the Galat Bridge), which for one and a half hours the path will deliver you to one of the four printed islands located in the Marmara Sea.

What awaits you there, besides wonderful views of Istanbul and beach holidays?

The blessed silence, violated only by cries of numerous gulls and cats, the lack of vehicles (its functions are performed by challenging old-fashioned phaetons) and the beauty of historical wooden mansions belonging to the Istanbul rich. It is not so important which island you choose, more urgent try not to get here during the weekend when the islands are experiencing mass influx of Istanbulse.

Istanbul for advanced how to enjoy the city, not falling into

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