Istanbul – Golden City

It happened that I had to do several times a transplantation at Istanbul airports and every time in the night he sparkled with lights, glistened, shone with gold and I immediately in my head, remember, like BG: Under the blue sky there is a city of golden with a transparent gate and a clear star ..

What is me about Istanbul, you ask? Somehow after swimming in the baptismic water drank tea at the girlfriend and wondered – where to celebrate the glorious anniversary birthday Zoe, where to go. gold ring? Tula? Kolomna? Peter? Altai? Sochi? Turkey? Turkey. Yes. Turkey, Istanbul. And three girls went!

Rushed to buy trips, make a vacation and t.D. I really will say you fiscal everything went away – flight, shuttle service, hotel accommodation 4 Star hotels in a 20-minute walk from Blue Mosque, 5 days / 6 nights with continental breakfast – 16 thousand. USD

Filled on February 5, not forgetting to pre-pass analysis on PCR for 2,750 rubles., because without it did not register on the flight.

Istanbul met us at a warm breeze, Temperature +14! It was magic – from the gray cold Moscow suddenly to find himself in a sunny city with fresh sea air.!

The feelings overwhelmed us, since May 2018, none of us was behind the cordon, and then 2020, which closed us all the borders … In general, we were happy.

Settled in the hotel Marmaray Hotel (4 *, Lales Area), Threesomes in a one-in, decent, cozy, quietly, light, clean, the windows went out into the courtyard, in the night there were always a moon with us … And in the morning we were waiting for the sun and seagulls, such big seagulls, just some monsters (look at the photo ). Hotel recommended!!

The first day was devoted to a quick excursion and shopping. Why fast? We went to Turkey from the firm Pegas. They are brought to a free tour, as we were told on the way from the airport. Then it turned out that the excursion was, but the minimum, most importantly: visiting the factory of leather and fur, the store of sweets, where we all had to buy something! Of course, some tourists stuck something in the factory (prices are high, as it turned out); In the store of sweets, I myself bought rahat-bow, tea and dried fruits. Well, who was in Turkey, he knows about it.

The next day, and it was Sunday, we just had a happing. From morning birthday Zoya congratulated a bouquet of roses, sang a song and went around the city Istanbul. It was difficult to go difficulty, the phone from Zoya called, the step slowed down, tears of happiness and joy from the heard, congratulations came from all over the corners of our immense birthplace!

Of course, the situation with Coronavirus was in many respects did not contribute to our journey. Museums were closed, entrance to the subway, bus, shopping centers on a special hiescode, many cafes and restaurants worked only for removal. But we knew this all this and all the same came for the impressions)))

Having graduated from drinking coffee with delicious dessert, we went for a walk, where the eyes look and went out on the embankment. It was experienced truly happiness – the marble sea spread out before! We stayed on the embankment almost half a day, so I did not want to leave. I could not stand it, descended to the sea and pissed the foot! And how different? To be at the water and …?)) Abalden’s water, straight and Manila plunge, but the beach was far away, and there was no jump right away, I didn’t see anything)) I don’t understand anything, but people would not understand ..

By evening, returned to the room, began to drink tea … And here we fell, imagine. Began to sing songs solo and chorus, and folk, and Soviet, songs from movies, romances and t.D. And my girlfriends I have such a hollow, both activists, komsomologists, athletes and just beauties! Zoya, birthday girl, sang in Russian folk choir at the House of Culture.Karabanovo Vladimir region and even traveled on tour! It seems to me that this concert this hotel has not yet known: the moon shines, they shine crickets, and we have a window to have, mmmmm, the artist was not there, to capture all this!

Third day – excursion, codenamed Two continents – $ 80, from 9 to 20, including a Bosphorus walk.

Walking throughout the day, ranging from Konstantin, German Fountain, Blue Mosque, Hamama Hurrem, Saint Sophia Cathedral to Topkapi Palace. All this we passed, considered, looked. Only pretend that in all these steps, squares, rooms, palaces, parks went for several centuries of sultans, their numerous wives, concubines, children, vizyri – the spirit captures. Here they touched, they didn’t take it, they looked off – Sultan gorgeous and Thairm went here, the fates of the East and the West were peaked here, the heads were demolished and the wars were born, the story was born! All this must be seen with your own eyes, feel, messing).

Obelisk Konstantin – It is assumed that this is the IV-V century n.NS., Then the 32-meter column from tightly fitted to each other blocks is now 21 meters. Here, tell me how he can stand so long, of course, it becomes less in height, but the realization itself, that this stone is more than one and a half thousand years.

German fountain Brought to Istanbul Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898, and he still acts! Opened the crane, imagine water running! runs, and not needed to her all sorts of metal-plastic pipes, everything works with a last century!

Saint Sophie Cathedral – Truly a kind of Mecca of any tourist Istanbul, go, go there, take the walls, look at the ceiling, on the arches of the cathedral, sit there, straight on the floor and breathe a century-old story, enjoy, drink impressions, moment, situation. These are the moments later, in the moments of sadness, longing, help you will return to a positive mood and point only from one thought – I was there, I saw it. These are moments of happiness, they are unforgettable.

The Cathedral is under the protection of UNESCO, His story is ambiguous, this is an ancient monument of Byzantium, now this is a mosque, not all this was accepted, but … This is the solution of the strengths of this … This is the Istanbul business card, now the entrance is free of charge.

Palace Topkapi – This is a mandatory object for visiting, just a mandatory! Expensive, rich, beautiful, such a feeling that even the air on the territory of the palace is another, some kind of royal-sultan! Go to the Watch Museum, in the Armory Chamber, look at the famous 86-carat diamond "Spoon", look at the sultan chambers, wait at the site of Vizier, sit on the steps, go through all 4 yards, right to the last. Remembering the movies about Sultans, visualize, close your eyes, feel this atmosphere. The palace is located on the cape, on the one hand, the Marmara Sea, from the other bay of the Golden Horn, then the Bosphorus Strait is fantasy, of course, we took pictures there and filmed videos, imprinted such historical moments.

By the way, then in Moscow, when I told about what was in Istanbul, that poured the legs in the "marble" marine lot, some wondered – and that there is a sea, and what Istanbul on the water, and what is the sea there?? Oh, oh, how so, it is still a school program, and then now so much of all sorts of gears, as not to know that Istanbul is the only city for two continents that Europe and Asia are converged here, which is here, the famous BOSPHORUS. Turks make an emphasis on the first syllable, calling his Bosphorus. And I’m familiar with Bosphorus.

When in the summer of 2018, I was in Yekaterinburg at one of the matches of the World Cup of the World Cup, I visited Europe-Asia, I already had a second label in Istanbul!

Excursion to the sea walk on the Bosphorus Strait – on the yacht, between the two continents, on the sides, we were opened with wonderful species, sailed under the famous Galat bridge connecting two continents, past the maiden tower, past Sultan’s summer residences, hunting house. I even asked Captain to choke, well, how, it’s necessary to try everything in life! The captain was very kind to me, handed over to the steering wheel for a few minutes in my fragile female hands. Do not worry, I coped to "5"! on the yacht, by the way, we also sang! There is such an atmosphere, such emotions – what only to sing and wanted, well … sometimes drinking of course, and there is.

Istanbul - Golden City

By the way, about "there" – a specific kitchen, many meat dishes, a lot of tomato, a lot of spices, I didn’t really like it, an amateur. Here are desserts sooo delicious, sweets, pastries, tea, coffee – in this, of course, the Turks are great.

There, on the Bosphorus, I could not help but remember that during the civil war 80th Zungar Kalmyk Regiment He got into the European part of Turkey, in the Cabakjj camp. Many there remained forever. I even had a thought to get to this place, but did not work. My ancestors were in this regiment: Brother’s brother, brothers grandmothers, the fate of 4 grandmother brothers we do not know, maybe they remained in this camp. In memory of this, I lit in one of the nights of the candle, I remembered them.

The next day – the day of shopping … You know when I gathered in Istanbul, no way in my head did not work in my head, which you can buy, pecked, shatter and so. Well, at all I was not going to, apparently, the post-shaped eclipse has happened.

And here, on weekdays (on weekends, all the shops are closed, and we, when we walked, did not understand it) we learned that we settled in the largest area of ​​the wholesale trade of Istanbul, there are about 5 thousand stores – of course we have been printed. And children and relatives and their beloved. As the people later it turned out for this and comes to Istanbul – do not walk on mosques (by the way, about 3000 existing here) and palaces, and purely for shopping.

And in the evening, Hamam happened, well, you understand what a song without accordion, what turkey without Hamam! Two hours of relaxation, bliss and happiness))) and this also recommended. All.

District Lales – What is good? And you can buy everything here, from the word everything and to the main attractions hand to file! So, perhaps, I will come here already as an experienced buyer, as it turns out and make my some familiar.

Istanbul – City of Contrast, And large contrasts, it is also manifested in the floors of buildings, in different architectures: skyscrapers and palaces, close small apartments and elegant hotels; Trams and yachts, in well-groomed and not well-maintained ancient relics, in some launch of space and streets, and sparkling magnificence of minarets. We walked along different streets and streets, saw a lot, but of course not everything, there is still there, what to see.

Or someone … people, residents of Istanbul, peculiar, multinational, many know Russian, everyone wants to sell you something, offended, if you do not take, immediately lose interest to you.

Today Istanbul is the most densely populated city of Turkey, talk about 20 million. residents, whose streets sometimes be more close than in Moscow. In the old part of the city, very narrow streets, the diva is given as local motorists manage to ride. And by the way, it is very easy to get lost, solid labyrinths. All streets are similar to each other, everywhere shops, shops, cafes, eatery. Who has topographic cretinism, you need to be extremely cautious! And sometimes on these streets is very dirty, trash, landfills. And you will pass a little further and glitter, beauty. Indeed, the city of contrasts, it fully confirm.

And further – Istanbul Cat City. There are a lot of them, white, black, red, striped, big and small. Here the cat is considered rather street animals than a pet pet. People specially buy food and come feed them, many have their pets. According to the legend, the prophet Mohammed, holding his way to war, saw a cat in the street, nursing kittens. Next to her, he set Nobetchi (t.E. man for her guard). And returning from the war, took this cat to his home, calling her muziz. Once, the cat fell asleep on the clothes of the prophet, Mohammed did not want to wake the animal and cut off the part of the clothes on which she was drown to get up without waking it up. Muhammad’s cat was Abyssinian breed, white, with eyes of different colors. In memory of it all cats, which are considered ritually clean animals, a free entrance to the mosque was allowed. Immediately make a reservation, I do not like cats, right here quite, but even I was dying at the sight of them))

At some point, I caught myself thinking that the city disappointed me that he was not so golden, as it seemed to me in the night. BUT, Istanbul After all, it is not to blame for that, he did not promise me anything, he just manil me, Manil and lured. And yes, I’ll be back in him, not immediately, not this year, but I will come again ever, I have not hung over it, I did not hurt by the Bosphorus, I did not hurt the sultan wealth ..

Istanbul - Golden City

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