Museum map of Istanbul – saving money and time

After entering the screens of the Russian TV channels of the Turkish TV series "Magnificent Century", the flow of tourists to Istanbul increased at times. Thousands of people want to see with their own eyes Harem Sultan Suleiman, Look at the Museum of Ayia Sofia Museum, see the tomb of Hurrem in the Sleymania mosque and hundreds of places familiar with the film. Istanbul’s attractions so much that in order to get around them all, there is not enough vacation and money. As in many tourist cities, Istanbul has pretty high prices for tickets to museums, plus long queues at the box office. How can you all and at the same time do not ruin? Fortunately, there is a way out! Museum map – a very popular phenomenon in Europe, Asia and even Russia. So, for example, if you buy Card guest St. Petersburg, then you can get into a row of museums for free, as well as significantly save on excursions. In Istanbul, this map is called Museum Pass Istanbul (do not confuse it with another card – Istanbulkart (Istanbul cards), which allows you to save on transport), it is it that allows tourists to save money and time. Let’s figure out what the advantages of this card, how much it costs where to buy it, and is it really profitable to use it or is another wiring for gullible tourists.

Museum map of Istanbul

Museum map of Istanbul – how much and where to buy?

A few years ago, the maps were two types: the first card cost 85 Turkish lira (about $ 30) and operated 72 hours (3 days), the second – 115 TL (about $ 40) and was designed for 5 days. But judging by the official site, in 2016 only the first remained, but its term increased to 120 hours. In 2019, the price of the museum card is 185 TL (31 $). The price in the lirah rose, but in dollars fell in price, it is due to the fall of the national currency of Turkey.

Where to buy museum map of Istanbul

To buy museum map of Istanbul, you can at the station of most popular museums (for example, in Palace Topkapi) at the reception of some hotels, special mobile points (racks or buses) and, of course, online.

What museums can be visited on the Museum Pass Istanbul map?

The museum map of Istanbul saves on tickets and avoid a queue in a ticket to the majority of popular museums of the city:

  • Museum of Ayia Sofia
  • Palace Topkapi
  • Harem Topkapy
  • Church of Saint Irina
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic art
  • Istanbul Archaeological Museum
  • Museum Mosaik
  • Istanbul Museum Map - Museum Pass Istanbul
  • Islamic Museum of Science and Technology
  • Palace Jyldyz
  • Rusheli Khisari fortress
  • Museum of Choral
  • Museum Fathie
  • Galata Mevlevi

In addition, it can be used to receive additional discounts in other Museums of Istanbul:

  • Military Museum Harbie – 20% discount for adult entrance ticket
  • Galatasaray Hamam – 25% discount on all services
  • Maiden Tower – 25% discount on the entrance ticket
  • ATELIER BY ISMAIL ACAR exhibition hall – 10% discount on cafes and goods in the store, plus to this free visit to the gallery on Saturday and Monday with 11.00 to 17.00
  • Museum Rahmi M. Kocha – 20% ticket discount, plus 10% in the store
  • Kidzania in Istanbul – 5% discount on the ticket

Museum map of Istanbul

Terms of use of the card

When using the museum map of Istanbul, it is important to remember a few simple rules. The validity period of the card begins from the moment of visiting the first museum, T.E. You can buy Museum Pass Istanbul in advance online. Only one person can pass on the map and no more than once to each museum, so if you are two, then you need to buy two cards, but children under 12 can go to all museums for free. Here, in fact, all the rules, nothing complicated.

Is it profitable to buy Museum Pass Istanbul – the calculation on our example

We always say that before blindly believing articles from the Internet about the benefit of a particular offer, you need to consider yourself. After all, it all depends on your plans and desires, and if you want to stroll through the museum, most likely the museum map of Istanbul is exactly what you need, and if the observation deck on your plans Galat Tower, Museum Miniature, Visiting the observation deck of Pierre Laurie, Grand Bazaar and numerous mosques, then most likely you can easily bypass without it. We think every time based on the planned route. Let’s try to calculate the benefit on the example of one of the most popular routes for one day (and on the discount card there are 5 days):

  • Topkapi Museum – 60 TL
  • Harem in the Topkap Museum – 35 TL
  • St. Irina Church – 30 TL
  • Basil tank – 20 TL
  • Ayia Sofia Museum – 60 TL

Museum map of Istanbul will not help us save on tickets in Basilica tank, But the rest of the items from the list can be visited for free if you have a map. Total for tickets to these four museums, you will spend 195 TL (or $ 33) in prices according to the data on May 2019. Card costs 185 TL – the benefit is 10 Turkish lire, not a lot. But this is only 4 museum, and how much time you save on queues.


In our opinion, the Museum map of Istanbul is one of the most profitable it, with whom we have faced, could look with her Hong Kong. Even if you had a firm twice in the math in school, you can easily consider that you completely beat the cost of the card by going to the Palace of Topkapups (and Harem) and visiting the Church of St. Irina (all this looks for one day, even if you are very go slowly).

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Museum Pass Istanbul is a truly profitable acquisition that will save your time (after all, in the cash register, there are usually large queues, especially in season) and money. In five days in Istanbul you can see a lot, and the map of museums will allow you at the same time do not go. By the way, if you do not know what to see in Istanbul, then subscribe to our news (form in the upper right corner), we are preparing for you a very interesting article, where we will tell about the forty of the most interesting places of the city, and with a subscription you definitely miss it.

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