Istanbul or the old Constantinople – the largest city in Turkey, which is at the same time its cultural and industrial and commercial center, as it is often called a city-museum. Once he was the center of the Byzantine Empire, and in the present modern buildings of the city are perfectly combined with the beauty of preserved ancient architecture.

Tourists from around the world attract beautiful sights of Istanbul and, of course, a great opportunity for a variety of shopping. Everyone will find interesting and informative tour for yourself, as well as goods in the shower on the market or in the shop.

The choice of hotels and inns in Istanbul is very wide, for all tastes and budgets. And in some of these lovely rooms with all the necessary amenities will cost quite inexpensive. For those who loves a fun night life, Istanbul is definitely very pleasant. Turkish songs and dances, belly dancing and an amazing kitchen will impress not a single tourist-visitor Nightclub Istanbul. Prices for entertainment and cuisine in many establishments will also please visitors.

Video from Istanbul

What is interesting to look in Istanbul?

Top attractions of Istanbul

Saint Sophie Cathedral

Big Bazaar in Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Palace Topkapi

Galat tower

Suliman Mosque


Fortress Rushel Hisar

Park "Turkey in miniature" ..

Bosphorus strait

Istanbul: Excursions and events

Tourists are offered a large number of diverse excursions in Istanbul, for every taste. Below are the most popular of them:

  1. Bosphor’s Night Walk very much like tourists in that it combines both viewing the sights of Istanbul in all its glory and a real party on the ship. Many lights of a beautiful city complement the atmosphere of endless fun. Tourists get a delicious dinner, an interesting animation program and good music. All this lasts 3-4 hours, and costs only $ 70 per person.
  2. Sightseeing tour of Istanbul is the best that guides and tour operators can offer, because it can be found in love with all delicious sights. It is usually first examined by an ancient part of the city, where the biggest delight among guests calls a visit to the blue mosque. The bus is then crossed by the Galata Bridge, and the tourists are watching the Dolmabach Palace, the Galat Tower, as well as a huge number of mosques. Excursion usually lasts about 8 hours, and its average cost – $ 80. Turkish Airlines for those who were in Istanbul by transit, and to the flight of them more than 7 hours of waiting, offers a free sightseeing tour.
  3. Istanbul, Turkey Rest, reviews, Istanbul hotels Guide Turproma
  4. Many tourists in their journey one day allocate on a tour of the princes of the island. To the largest of the islands, Buyukada, get on the boat, then the group moves to Phaeton. There is no transport at all, except bicycles, horses and donkeys. As many as 7 hours long walks through this beautiful island, which includes the inspection of beautiful temples. Also in payment of the excursion, and this is about $ 70, it enters lunch in the island’s fish restaurant.

History of Istanbul

Climate in Istanbul

Climate in Istanbul, thanks to its geographical position, uneven, subtropical, soft, but often the sky turns out to be tightened, and the cold wind blows. Journey to Istanbul in winter will be pleased that at that time he will not be clogged by crowds of tourists, and the prices for accommodation in hotels is quite low, especially if you compare them with summer. It is summer that is the most favorable period for visiting Istanbul, because in these three months the weather is just excellent. To determine the right time of the year for traveling to Istanbul, we recommend watching the weather in Istanbul for months.

Istanbul: Entertainment and Active Leisure

The most popular sport in Istanbul is a yacht. Only he gives an excellent opportunity to get endlessly pleasure from stunning beauty landscape and attractions. Moving on the yacht along the coast of Istanbul, you can plunge into the long-saved times of the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine Empires. There are ancient mosques, castles and palaces everywhere.

Also for those who like to play golf, in Istanbul there are all conditions for this, you only need to pick up a suitable golf club and get as much pleasure from the game itself.

Transport features of Istanbul

Because of his geographical location, Istanbul has long been considered one of the most important transportation units of Europe. He is a major megalopolis, because of which the choice of public transport here is the most huge in Turkey, however, tourists may well get confused. You can get to the right place in Istanbul by bus, metrobus, dolmoshe, two types of trams, taxis, two types of funicular, on the usual metro, ferry through the bosphorus, suburban electric train, or even on a rope suspension road.

Many travel tourists use an IstanbulkArt electronic card, which costs 6 Turkish Lear (see the current course of the Turkish Lyra to the euro, dollar and ruble). You can put money on it and spend them in transport, applying to the device on the turnstile. It is convenient and helps to save a little. There is also a card that cannot be replenished – Beşibiryerde Transit Card, used only on ferries, trams, cable cars, city buses and metro. It gives right only five trips.

The most popular transport in Istanbul is a bus. You can get from the Asian part of the city to European and back. The fare in the city bus – 2 YLT (Turkish Lira). If you’re going to cross the Bosphorus on the bridge, you will have to pay twice. In September 2007, metrobus appeared in Istanbul. They ride on a special fenced strip, at very high speed. Fare – 2.9 YLT.

Dolmushi are minibuses similar to Russian route taxis. Their route is rather short, and the cost must be recognized by the driver. More accommodated minibuses.

Istanbul trams are divided into two types: modern comfortable and vintage retro trams. On both travel costs 2YLT, as well as on the subway, and in the funicular.

Water transport is an extremely convenient and most familiar way of movement in Istanbul. Fare cost on traditional ferry – 2 Turkish lira. Sea buses, possessing much higher speed, will cost 5 to 13 Turkish Lear for travel.

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