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Istria is the largest island of Croatia in the western part of the country. Doctors justified recommend the resort for people with problems with the respiratory system, because the territory of Istria is completely littered with pine and deciduous trees. The island will be an oasis of calm and measured life, here you can relax from noisy urban streets.

In addition to the health program, the island has prepared saturated excursion routes for tourists. In Istria, excellent opportunities for cognitive tourism. Many tracks for cycling and hiking are laid in the resort zones. It is believed that it is on these lands that the purest oil from olives are preparing, the best on the territory of all of Europe, and the wines are not bad competition by Italian drinks. With confidence it can be argued that the best tennis players of the world are trained here.

Istria is famous for rocky shores, green hills, forests, vineyards. The attention of holidaymakers will attract a national environmental zone – Briwun Park, consisting of more than 10 island formations. The smallest city of the globe is located here. His population is only about 20 citizens and this fact is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The best cities and resorts of Istria

What is interesting to see in Istria?

Climate in Istria

The climate on the largest Peninsula of Croatia is sufficient enough, the rains go extremely rare, especially in the summer.

Hot temperatures are easily transferred due to strong winds, which carries the Adriatic Sea to the shores of Istria. The strongest wind blows from the north-east side and is called boron, enough cold air masses, allowing to move hot weather. Opposite, warm wind – Sirocco carries air from the south-east side. For a beach holiday, go to the island is better from July to September, and for cognitive tourism any other time of year will suit.

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Excursions and events in Istria

Istria – Decent place for excursion routes. From here you can go to neighboring countries, for example, to Venice or Italy for one day to study neighboring attractions. For such purposes, a visa will be a prerequisite. If you have a Slovenian visa, the path to the Alps will be opened for tourists, to get to which you can go in a few hours by car.

From Istria, excursions are organized in several national Croatian parks, such as lakes. Plitvice reservoirs are included in the World Heritage List. The total area of ​​the reserved zone is about 200 square meters. More than 10 lakes are connected to each other almost hundreds of waterfalls. Around the lakes grow thick, virgin thickets of forests. All reservoirs are in free access for holidaymakers, which makes them even more attractive. All over the park you can move on a boat or a small train. Cost will be approximately 60 – 80 Euro.

Adherents of outdoor activities will be offered a trip to Rais. The city is an ideal place for climbers and climbers, both beginners and advanced. It is possible to study the surroundings and independently, both hiking and on a rented car.

History of Istria

Where better to stop, traveling in Istria?

Activities in Istria

Istria Peninsula, Croatia - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Istria Guide

Lovers of active lifestyle will be delighted with local resorts. It should be immediately noted that the best tennis players come on the peninsula, though not the whole world, but Europe is accurate. All because the courts are equipped for all modern requirements, differ in special comfort and quality.

On the territory of Istria, there are not few shopping, entertainment, sports centers where fun both children and adults. Beaches are a separate niche in plans to rest. Almost all of them are the owners of the Blue Flag, which gives the right to call the coastal zones is environmentally friendly. If we are tired of catamarans, water, sand, walking around the sea, it’s time to go through local restaurants, or as they are called «Konobam». Each institution is represented by a separate family that invests recipes transmitted from generation to generation into its dishes.

The abundance of vegetation and forests make it possible to walk, run or ride a bike on winding paths, among coniferous and hardwood trees. The presence of mountains and hills implies activity for lovers of mountaineering and climbing. Required inventory can be hire for a small cost. Istria is a unique protected area offering decent, and, most importantly, a variety of activities.

Transport features Istria

Transport system of the peninsula is developed more than good. Many cities along the entire embankment run on a regular basis Little trains carrying passengers from the hotel to the beach.

It is best to move around the resorts on a bike, on landscaped areas, especially since the landscape near the shores is quite smooth. In the pool, the largest city of the peninsula there is a car and railway station. If the time in the edge, it is worth renting a personal car, which will be able to connect the entire peninsula in a short period of time.

Peninsula Istria: how to get?

Since Istria is a fairly developed tourist resort, then the transport system is well developed. It will most conveniently reach the place through the aircraft. Air connection connects Moscow airports and pools. Time in the flight will take about three hours.

On the island there are ports where the vessel moissets. Choosing the required resort you can use the ship. Despite the long journey, this type of transport has an indisputable plus – the ability to inspect unique natural landscapes. From other parts of Croatia on the peninsula regularly go bus flights. By the way, the bus is the most economical travel option.

Istria Peninsula, Croatia - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Istria Guide

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