It is important to know: the journey of children without adults

Can a child go abroad without parents

According to the Russian Law «On the order of entry and departure» (Articles 20), a minor has the right to ride the world along with the parent, a third party as a legal representative or alone.

From what age do children fly alone

Over the answer we turn to the order of the Ministry of Transport No. 82 on the approval «FAP»:

  • Infanta and disabled children under 12 years old take on board only in the parent company, guardian;
  • children aged 2-12 years – without parents, but under the supervision of the representative of the airline;
  • older than 12 years permitted to fly to one.

For registration, take: ID, application for transportation and departure.

Train: age framework

According to RZD rules, a minor without parent is possible:

  • in long-distance trains – from 10 years;
  • in suburban compositions – from 7 years old.

With documents, too, everything is simple. Children under 14 years old needed the original birth certificate or its notarized copy, older than 14 – passport. When traveling abroad requires permission to leave parent.

For what you need to depart

Departure permit is relevant when a minor travels one or with grandparents, aunt, uncle, as part of an organized group with a curator.

For relaxation at sea with mom from dad, no consent is required.

How to make consent to depart

Imagine that you are writing a statement by the school director or appeal to the consulate:

I, name, date of birth, give consent to the departure of my son, FULL NAME, date of birth, there is something in such a time, with such a person.

The form can be any, most importantly – content. List all the countries where at least a minute will hold a precious child. Specify dates of the trip type «With», Full name and passport data, including accompanying.

Then put the painting and go to the state notary for the certification of the document.

Consent signs both parents or can one

Relieve yourself from the laws of the country in which a minor entrance enters. Signs of both parents ask for a Schengen zone and the USA. According to Russian law, the consent of one legitimate representative is quite.

If the second parent opposes leaving abroad, he has the right to write a statement about disagreement in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In such a situation, the Ministry will impose a ban, and the child from the Russian Federation will not release. At all. Neither with one or another parent.

Find out whether the child is in the wrong list, it is possible in writing to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

How to issue a universal departure permission

The running on the notarial office takes strength, time and money. If a child – Traveler with experience, and stop does not plan, write one consent to all occasions. Specify in it «Until agent», and list all the states that you know.

Remember, the immigration services of some countries require personalized entry permission. That is, in harmony, opposite the row on the adoption of parental authority, should stand the signature of the accompanying.

It is important to know the journey of children without adults

Departure permission: copy or original

A copy of the departure for departure is useful for the consulate, on the border – Only original. The child shows a document. The officer adapts the information and returns permission back.

If the accompanying or child himself will lose a document, will forget the house, deliberately takes the scan, the journey will not take place.

What is escort from the airline

Essence – After registering on the flight you «hand» Chado employee of the airline. He passes with a child passport, customs inspection. After that, the child picks up a flight attendant, and by arrival transfers the airport ground service.

What you need to know:

  • You buy a ticket for a standard adult tariff. Discounts and benefits do not work.
  • Registration on the flight is made at the airport (in the presence of a legal representative).
  • Founding remains in the waiting room before departure.
  • Meeting should come to the airport arrival at the time of landing the aircraft and have a photo certificate with it.

How to issue accompaniment

Before you buy a ticket, learn the rules of the airline. It may turn out that the list of services does not include escort in principle.

Further, even if the service is on the list, you will have to go to the office of the airline or airport cashier. Book online support can not. Build a ticket at the checkout, pay for service and write a statement «For the transport of an unaccompanied child».


Ural Airlines

References to Rules

Details about the service here

  • In the Russian Federation and the CIS: from 5 to 12
  • Abroad: 6-12

Price across the Russian Federation for one flight segment, in rubles

Price for one foreign flight segment, in euro

Accompanying on docking flights

Maintenance service from Russian Railways: what it is and how to use

  1. Appeal to the cashier of the railway station.
  2. Provide your passport and child passport or birth certificate.
  3. Watch Application.
  4. Pay a ticket and service (tariff – 1 500 rubles).

Railways escort differs from accompanying airlines with two moments. First, the actions unfold on the platinum district station and in the train itself. Secondly, children under 10 Russian Railways do not accompany.

Preparation for the trip

Before sending, discuss with the child all the increasing moments. Write down in the notebook and duplicate in contacts phone numbers of emergency services in the destination country. Convince the child not to panic, but immediately contact a police officer, for example, or an employee in shape if force majeure happens.

It is important to know the journey of children without adults

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