It is important to know: Return air ticket

How to return money for a ticket if the plans suddenly changed, and your flight is not destined to come true? What to do with a banal mistake in the name, surname? Why be sure to notify the airline about the missed flight segment – reveal the topic in format «question – answer».


What a ticket can be returned

Any. But the return conditions, deadlines and sums depend on the selected tariff.

All airlines, including loucks, share their tariffs for return and non-returnable. The system is knocked out, perhaps Irelander Ryanair. The company returns money for a ticket in two cases:

  • If the flight does not take place due to Ryanair,
  • You got sick and you can prove it.

WITH Returnal tariff All extremely clear. The term itself implies the opportunity to return the money.

Non-return tickets learn at low cost and phrases «Promo», «Without baggage», «Flying with manual loop». Money is returned, but reluctantly and only if there is a valid reason.

Advice: Before buying a ticket, read the cancellation terms for each tariff on the airline’s website. Make a note in paper notepad so as not to get confused.

Important! After registering, the ticket automatically becomes irrevocable.

If you book a flight on the aggregator (Avials, Skycaner, Momondo), make sure that you are not inadvertently «Zachekinil» salesman. It’s free and goes the background bonus. But on the kindness of the soulful, you have a bear service, because after registering to make changes to the ticket or cancel the flight is almost impossible.

What option is the cancellation

An alternative to the failure of the ticket for your own request is the so-called Forced refund. This is when the client cancels the flight due to force majeure, illness, the public coup in the destination country and so on.

Both options end with Happi Endom – The passenger receives the whole amount less than a fixed fine.

Fine size from different airlines



Penalty for cancellation


In Russia – 2 600 rubles

Return of money for cancellation on the initiative of the buyer.

By illness, fault of the company – get the full cost of the ticket.


990 rubles Fine

When canceling your fault we lose the whole amount.

By illness, fault of the company – get the full cost of the ticket.

2 000 rubles in the Russian Federation

35 € Abroad

Lose money if canceled – Your hands.

1 500 rubles in the Russian Federation

twenty € Abroad

How to return money for the return ticket

As soon as it became clear that the plane flies without you, contact the seller. Bought a ticket to the aggregator? Cancel in your personal account on the site aggregator. Purchased convicts in the airline – So open profile on the company’s website.

It is important to know the refund

Algorithm of actions:

  1. In the account find the option «Cancel ticket and request a refund».
  2. Check the amount to return and click «agree».
  3. Get money.

How to return money for a non-return ticket

The situation will be allowed in your favor, if the flight is canceled on the initiative of the company, you got sick, departure detained or you just refused to board.

When making cancellation for a good reason, contact technical support. Explain the situation, follow the instructions of the operator. Most likely, you will be asked to send to email:

  • Application for refund with name, last name, passport data, departure date;
  • Justification of the cause of cancellation (certificate from the doctor, sick leave, testimony of the death of a blood relative).

Procedure, if the cancellation occurred due to the carrier’s fault:

  1. Find an airline employee at the airport and ask for an appropriate billing mark.
  2. Collect checks about the costs incurred by you (hotel armor, tickets for the next flight, invitation to the conference and t.D.).
  3. Make an application for the return of funds in full.
  4. This pile of papers are sent to the airline. Better by registered mail, but in fax, for example, or by email, only be sure to save proof of sending a claim where the date of departure is clearly visible.

Now it remains only to wait when the money will return to the card. Term – About 2 months.

What to do if you made a bug in the ticket

Some airlines allow you to correct the typo in the name, the last name for free during the first 12 hours, others – 24 hours. Route and date will be changed for an additional fee, but provided that you are not registered with the flight. Just contact tech support and tell me what happened.

What if you don’t want to return money

Once again in a relaxed atmosphere, reread the tariff conditions, as well as all that is written in small font. Usually hide the most interesting and important. Make sure you can count on refund.

If you ignore you in the technical support service, contact the representative of the airline directly.

If the problem persistently does not want to notice, send the complaint to the Federal Agency for Air Transport or send the claim to the court.

Why should I cancel the flight segment in the ticket with a complex route

Ticket in which not one and a few flights – This is a ticket with a complex route. A flight segment – Part of this route. Below we depicted a route schematically. In the bill Moscow – Istanbul – Amman – Istanbul 3 segments: Moscow – Istanbul, Istanbul – Amman, Amman – Istanbul.

Money for failure to appear on the flight you will not get, because:

a) after registration, the ticket becomes irrevocable, remember this;

b) Penalties and fees will not leave anything.

Important! Tickets where the non-appearance of one flight entails the cancellation of the next flight, have no-show (did not appear).

But it is necessary to cancel the flight segment if you plan to use the remaining flights. The problem is this – If you miss at least one segment and do not know the airline, subsequent flights are canceled automatically.

It is important to know the refund

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