It is important to know: traveling with animals – by plane, train, bus

Each animal in love with Travel must have a veterinary passport with a marker about chipping.

For voyage in Russia this is enough.

Full travel kit on the CIS – Support and veterinary certificate in form №1. Planning to Obsite Armenia, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan? Instead of evidence, make a certificate of the Customs Union.

To the passport and testimony, add a certificate on Blanch No. 5, when the pet is carrying in the EU, Asia, America.

Where to take documents

Veterinary passport and certificate request in the vehicle. Here the animal is cleared and make all the necessary vaccinations.

Department of Moscow – Mosobvet.RU, Peter – spbvet.Ru

Only international certificate (№5) is issued in the service of the vehicle at the airport or in advance in the management of Rosselkhoznadzor (railway, auto).

What vaccinations do

In addition to vaccinations from rabies, there must be data on vaccination against plague, hepatitis and leptospirosis. Foods are vaccinated from enteritis and pseudomonosis, rabbits – from myxomatosis, hemorrhagic disease.

Important! Vaccinating Barboskin after chipping. If the vaccination is made long before you decide to chip the four friend, vaccination will have to repeat.

Send a pet for processing against worms. This information should also affect the veterinary passport (the name of the drug and the processing date).

What is chipping

It does not hurt. The veterinarian introduces chip chip to the withers. Information about the chip is made in the vessel and the International Animal-ID system. Thanks to the chip, you can find a pet if he suddenly lost.

Airplane, train or auto: What to choose for an animal

The question is not easy. Of course, the plane is faster, and sometimes cheaper. But this method is coming far from all. First, there are customs and standards of entry into a specific country, and secondly, – Limitations of airline.

Customs restrictions

Before buying a ticket, explore the customs rules of the country of destination. For example, carrying the animal for 3 days to China does not make sense, because all animals are sent by arrival on the 14-day quarantine.

Israel does not allow dogs of fighting breeds, and for the others you need to get a written approval from the local station at the airport.

For traveling to Japan, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates will have to donate the intensity of immunity to the rabies virus in the clinic at Rosselkhoznadzor. This is in addition to the already existing rabies.

Only British Airways flies in Britain with pets, and Hungary asks for a certificate that in a radius of 20 km from your stay there are no mad cats and dogs.

Limitations of airline

Customs figured out.

Now we study the rules of air transportation. Many companies refuse the provision of reptiles, snakes, lizards. But the exotic list does not end. No airline will take on board the kitten or puppy aircraft, which was not fulfilled two months. They behave so much from harm, but because there is a risk of dehydration.

Land and sea transport – The only way to carry the PSA or a cat of the Brakhicefal breed. These are those who have a slightly stubborn facepie (Shi-Tzu, Pekingese, Persian cats). Case in a special structure of skull and natural intolerance of pressure drops.

Air travel with animals

If still chose the plane as a means of movement, do not forget to warn the airline about your plans. It is better to do it immediately after buying a ticket, especially if you plan to take a pet to the salon. On board there can be no more than 4-5 animals at the same time.

Where Pitets will fly

Despite the fact that Cota Vasily has a passport and character, he – baggage, and also non-standard. Therefore, the norms of transportation and tariffs are looking for in the section Oversized baggage.

Aeroflot Take a miniature room, indoor or bird salon. Pet weight Together with the container should not exceed 8 kg. With tariffs for transportation can be found on the official site.

S7 takes on board the cage to 10 kg, and in the luggage compartment – up to 50 kg.

Ural Airlines – One of the most friendly companies. They are allowed to carry the animal weighing up to 20 kg on the passenger seat. Of course, with payment at a special rate.

Guide dogs ride in the cabin, and absolutely free. For transport you need a special guide certificate.

How to choose a cell for a fleet Pet in the cabin of the aircraft

For this idea, you will need to carry with frame, lock, waterproof bottom and ventilation system.

It is important to know the travels with animals - on the aircraft, train, bus

Parrot transport in the standard cell, but cover it with a cloth that does not miss light. Keep the dog in a muzzle during the whole flight.

Animals must be clean, neat and non-conflict. Before takeoff you will be asked to put a cell under the seat in front of the seated. In this position, the animal will spend up to landing.

In the luggage compartment

If the favorite will fly in the luggage compartment, come to the choice of container with full responsibility. Buy a large cage with a reinforced frame and a reliable lock, as well as handles for carrying. Animal must become in full growth and make a turn around him.

Be sure to attach a medallion with a nickname of a friend and your contact details.

We summarize the actions algorithm:

  1. Contact the representative of the airline and tell him that the flight is not quite standard, and the homemade animal flies with you.
  2. Make rage vaccination no later than 30 days before departure.
  3. Check documents.
  4. Buy a cell or carry.
  5. Come to the airport in advance: register for a flight will have to at the airport, there is no online registration.

Traveling with animals by train

By train allowed to proclaim:

  • large dogs in a muzzle and with a leash;
  • lemurs, monkeys in cells;
  • protein, fox;
  • guinea pig;
  • hedgehogs, raccoons and even tritons.

For transport you need to buy a special ticket. Make it online on the Russian Railways website.

Small pets are transported in containers similar to those required for aircraft. The size of carrying over the sum of three measurements should not exceed 180 cm. Note that a large dog needs a separate place on the passenger seat.

The guide dog of any breed can go with you without a ticket, but must be in a muzzle.

Ride with pet on the bus

Find a bus company that agreed to take on «board» Little friend, – Big luck.

Carrier "Intercars", For example, allows you to transport a pet on the Moscow route – Minsk weighing up to 10 kg. The cost of the ticket is calculated at the Children’s Tariff. Details on the official website.

Instead of imprisonment

Before your trip, walk the dog, calm the cat, fed and drink the canary. Capture food, water, disposable diapers, wet wipes, and while traveling in every way let’s a pet understand that you are near.

It is important to know the travels with animals - on the aircraft, train, bus

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