It is impossible to make an immense Tunisia

We are rarely satisfied with what we have. I decide, for example, that we were tired so that we don’t want to get out of bed to lunch, and everything else should be carried out in a horizontal position on the beach. And three days later, you see, with envy, we see the neighbors departing on the excursion.

Or vice versa. When you get up abroad? I want to examine everything you can see. And Gallop begins. And through the same three days of strength on the outcome, the eyes do not see and painfully want to sleep, sleep, sleep.

Therefore, going abroad, you should especially soberly assess our own forces. And try to learn more about everything about the upcoming tour: how many moves will be, how long, when the rise, how many free days. Small sizes of the country should not deceive – it is only small on the map, it is possible to examine it entirely at a bird’s air velocity.

Tours in Tunisia offered by the Agency "SKM-Trevel", include an extensive excursion program. Have something to choose. What is nice – all employees of the Tunisian partner "SKM-Trevel" – Transtours – studied in the former USSR and speak Russian as French. And the French is the second language in this country, and all the population, including the ancient Berber old women who do not get out of their caves, are freely explicitly explicitly.

This small island of calm in North Africa between the two totalitarian romas, Algeria and Libya, – 600 kilometers from the north to south and 300 from the east to the West – exclusively rich in historical monuments. Phoenician: Carthage, destroyed, plowed and flooded with salt, still retained several burials and foundations. Roman: superbly preserved by the Colosseum in El Jem, Museum Mosaik Bardo in the capital, the majestic ruins of the Roman term in Carthage. Muslim – Mosque in Cairoan. Just ethnographic – Berber caves. In addition, Tunisia is the only available place in North Africa, where you can see the Great Sugar – its eternal sands and blooming oasis.

Start acquaintance with Tunisia best on the coast – in Hammamete or Sidi-bu sida. Hammamet – Center for the famous Tunisian ceramics. How good his white flat-root houses with bright tireless tires, doorways, street names and house numbers. Stands of bars, washbasins of hotels, shop windows are surrounded by a pattern of multicolored ceramic tiles. And over the head is an incredibly blue sky, and at the feet of the rare blue sea. From here it is a pity to leave, but here it is a desire to meet Tunisia closer.

Sidi-bu-Said – Tunisian Montmartre. City-Arbat. White-blue, flipped by a high hill near the capital, he serves as one of the artists, musicians and simply artistic partners from all over Tunisia. Here it is good to wander through the streets, looking at all the benches in which the glass is painted, metal chops. Or, relaxing, sitting on the terrace of a cafe, ordering a cup over a cup of fragrant Turkish coffee or sweet spicy tea, which is here and here: "tea".

And from Hammamet, and from Sidi-bu sida easily reach the capital. Excursants will be pleased with the bus, and lovers of independent walks can cause a taxi, which in not the cheapest Tunisia remains a very affordable mode of transport. In the capital of all foreigners, the Bardo Museum is the richest museum mosquito in the world. Such a collection collected in one place really no longer see anywhere. After the Bardo, the bus slowly circles around the city and slows down at the medina’s gate – the inner city, where the bazaar is located. Delightful oriental bazaar with spice scent, smoke hookahs and collapse of treasures in front of each door. In the bazaar, you can climb the roof of the shop, where the family-run restaurant is usually located, and the honors of Tunisian Couscus. Alas, you have to keep in mind that even beer will not be offered to the client for quenching thirst. Alcohol can be dealt with only in the hotel or a large European restaurant.

Relax as a local population, us, northerners, not given. Even the lazy of us are not able to spend the whole day, sitting on the steps of a cafe, sipping a hookah and looking at passersby. We need to go further. South, in sugar. No more than 500 kilometers. Even in the comfortable bus itself "Transtrary" on a very good Tunisian highway somewhat tedious. If not stop.

Every two hours of the road is changing the appearance of Tunisia. Juicy coast behind, the road cuts over shiny naked mountains, where some episodes of famous "Star Wars". Paints faded, sands and stone revitalize rare palm trees and bright clothes of Berber women. Berber caves – a unique ethnographic monument of Tunisia. Descendants of the Dofyni and Dorab population of the country, hiding in the caves from numerous conquerors, do not change the lifestyle over the centuries. In their underground housing, decorated with carpets, now there is a lot of the latest achievements of civilization: gas, electricity, TV. But older women, with decorated tattooed faces, grind grain manually.

The route, however, drives further to the south, the next stop will be in Kairian – an excursion to the oldest mosque continent. If the service time has not yet come, the incorrect will be able to look into the lace stone bowels, stroll through the yard covered by the sun, pre-closed, of course, bare legs, hands and heads of waste white bunces issued at the entrance.

Kairuan – also the ancient center of rowing. In the museum of carpets, you can watch the tanks, just attempt to these symbols of Eastern Nags, and you can take part in the auction, which, it should be noted, the occupation is not for the faint of heart. Where at the time of the bargaining there is a philosophical self-profitability of the local population?

It is impossible to make an immense Tunisia

At the entrance to Sahara, tourists transplanted on the ancient and most reliable type of transport – on camels. Those who wish, of course. The driver clashes the tongue, and the caravan is sent to the Sahara. During the hour, the desert ship overcomes not such a long distance, but when only sandy verakans are visible in front and behind, it seems that you are on the edge of the earth and nothing more in the world except sand and sun. The sun in the desert comes quickly, shadows from rare palm trees are lengthened right in their eyes – and you have to go back. But with a firm thought – it is still coming here.

Very correctly that in the touler, the largest oasis of the desert, the best hotels in Tunisia. Tired long day tourist falls in possession of Sherryzada, where quiet music, inappropriate light, pleasant coolness. Warred off the sand of distant wanderings, he is ready to visit a visit to a park thousands and one night, where the highest human in the world is a native of Tunisia; In the Ethnographic Museum of the Hotel Dar shoes; And, of course, in a restaurant. Where from the entire European abundance will still want cousa.

The next day, especially zealous tourists can, honeying a jeep, move deeper into the desert to oases. They will be rewarded in two hours of roads on the hot sands with the purest waterfalls, greens and sense of satisfaction of the traveler, reaching the goal. Less hardy travelers will spend this day in idleness at the hotel pool.

The next day will take another expensive on the coast. Which will be held through the Gabes – the capital of henna, which local women are painted not hair, and feet and palm. The excursion is planted on the bazaar, clogged with bags, barrels and henna buckets. Different colors and different prices.

Then the road goes along the dates plantations, where the abundant blizzard fruits are wrapped in cellophane bags in case of cold night, and at stops they sell amber fresh dotnics, on branches, in wicker baskets. The bus will also be more than one Roman ruins, stops at El Jem to give to see Colosseum – the second largest after Roman. In labyrinths, where earlier gladiators were preparing for battle, restorers are now working.

And returning to the coast, they immediately retract into a leisurely rhythm of local life and you begin to think that it challenged all my vacation across the country – instead of going here to the sweet Eastern Mirosania. Here would be a week in Tunisia.

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