It’s worth seeing with your own eyes. The best sights of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the epicenter of fun and club life. City that never sleeps. The city that is created for entertainment and lives them. Below will be considered the most memorable and incomparable sights of Las Vegas, which He wants to see each.

"Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" (Rus. "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas")

"Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" (Rus. "Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas") – a signboard that meets the city guests at the entrance. She was made in the middle of the last century to this day does not lose relevance. Need it to set up the guests of the city for a playful joyful mood. In the brilliance of the lights of the night Las Vegas, the signboard looks even more brightly, amazing its spectacular beauty.

"LAS VEGAS NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM" (RUS. "Museum of Natural History in Las Vegas")

"LAS VEGAS NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM" (RUS. "Museum of Natural History in Las Vegas"). For those who want to feel Live nature in all its diversity, There is a natural history museum. Museum visitors can look at the stuffed in various animals, which, by the way, look very realistic. Also, by clicking on the button, you can hear the sounds that are published by these animals. Anyone can see a wide variety of fauna from dinosaurs to animals of our days. For young visitors, the museum has developed special events to entertain them even more and attach to knowledge.

Boulevard Strip

For those who went to Las Vegas in order to delightly spend their time, having fun in colorful casinos and fascinating nightclubs, there is a strip boulevard. All variety of golden places Las Vegas is concentrated in this place. Going to the Boulevard Strip, be sure to visit "Luxor Resort & Casino "- the most luxurious and stunning casino hotel in Las Vegas. His design reflects all the beauty and luxury of ancient Egypt. Sphinxes, Pyramids, Unusual Architecture. Yes, this is definitely the very place that must be seen live.

Red Rock Canyon

Tired of constant fun and Las Vegas parties, guests can go to it truly a great place. Red Rock Canyon is located in the Mohava desert. The beauty of nature is just fascinating. It is impossible to tear away the view from the colorful mountains. Very rare probability to meet here animals. But it should be careful, it is important to look under the feet, here Snakes are found.


It's worth seeing with your own eyes. The best sights of Las Vegas

For those who love vintage cars of the best place not to find. Here you can get completely free. Everyone will be able to admire the beauty and grace of wonderful cars of the past. And in order to learn more about how cars have been manufactured, the museum has a guide. Rarely, where you can see so many beautiful and stylish cars In one place.

Screen "Fremont Street Exprices"

Fans of unusual technologies will be delighted with the screen in the form of Arch, located for several quarters. The colorful of the scale screen is impressive. On the movie screen shows video with sound and light. Two hundred speakers are involved for this. There is no such large-scale movie screen anywhere, it is definitely worth looking at it, going to Las Vegas.

Amusement Park "Dig This"

Amusement park "Dig This" (Rus. "Drop it"). The name itself suggests that the park is made in the style of construction. Here are full of bright yellow attractions in the style of construction. Park guests are provided with helmets. It is worth noting that at the entrance strictly control the age, so that you can not get here. But for those who will still visit this place, a cheerful pastime will be guaranteed.

Of course, Las Vegas is a city of endless entertainment and all sorts of sign places. And above, only some of them were described, the brightest and varied, which should be seen with their own eyes. Each tourist will be delighted by visiting them all. And Las Vegas will forever remain in his heart.

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