It turned out there Alim!

Long was the way Alexey Nikulin on the TV channel "My Planet". But, without a doubt, it was worth it! Otherwise viewers would not get very entertaining and very educational program "Russian trace". Nikulin And he could not become the owner of the certificate of honor of the Russian Geographical Society for the script of the documentary "Aerie front. Battle for Elbrus "about the events of 1942. And the letter to TV presenter and author of "Russian trace" the president of the Russian Geographical Society awarded, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

As is customary in the West journalism for you to become a second profession. And the first part of the professional life has been connected with the work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, right?

And not only. I’ve been where he worked. He graduated from the MADI in the days when it was scarce profession for the armed forces: armored vehicles, diesel engines. And our release almost immediately went into the army, and I decided to go and get rid of once served as an officer. And I – a hereditary military. And my daddy said, "Stay in the frames". As a result, I ended up in Moscow’s police and gave a total of this decade.

– Ministry of Defense award you with the times?

No. My friends and I organized a search party "The Forgotten Battalion" in the Pskov region. Accordingly, this theme takes many years. It raised the soldiers restored the names found relatives. Well, in the last year, several people, including me, received the award "for distinction in the search motion".

Few television journalists such award boast … What happened after the police?

In the courtyard was the beginning of the 90’s. I went into business and got into a joint venture, it pulled English. Three years later, I was offered to become the representative of Sales and Marketing at Guinness in Russia and CIS. I agreed.

– Where is the TV channel "My Planet" you saw? You’re here for her first TV experience gained?

That’s right, the first. So everything began in childhood. The book was a fundamental thing in the family, and I read Valentine Pikul and Jack London. Then I liked the travels not just like that, but about – get some knowledge. So I began to study the studies, began to write articles. Traveled with friends on yachts and always prepared for campaign. For example, there were few information about the fact that on one of the uninhabited Islands of Greece during World War II was a naval base. I became interested in what is the island, and we went to a yacht expedition.

It turned out that the tiny island of Alimia was included in greater geopolitics. In 1943, the island grabbed the saboteurs. At first they were sent to Rhodes, and then on the mainland, in thessaloniki, where the group of the "South" armies and the operational department, which was headed by Kurt Waldheim. He signed an order about the execution of these people. Six played, and the seventh on the eve of the execution.

From 1972 to 1981, Waldheim worked as Secretary General of the UN. Both Soviet and the US parties knew about the "exposure" Waldheim – he was involved in war crimes. And at some point he was merged: they pulled out the fled seventh diversant.

Here is a trip to the island of Alimia poured into such an interesting story. And she began with the fact that I watched the film "Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark". There, Jones was captured by the Nazis, they ship the Ark on the submarine, the map appears on the screen, on which the boat route on the island near Rhodes is drawn. I thought: "And this island exists in reality?»It turned out, alimia exists.

And I wrote about this and other adventures on different yacht Internet resources as a hobby. And the actual yachting was some time a profession, as I organized the SEACHARTER’s yacht training center, gathered experienced instructors and began to prepare yacht captains. By the way, business functions still. And sometimes I am with cadets I go to the instructor and the captain-mentor.

At some point I decided to pop up the training center, come up with a story and shoot the film. I wrote a script and offered the TV channel "My Planet" to remove the film on it. So everything started.

– What was the starting scenario?

Also the history of the Second World War in the Greek Islands. The film shot Mark Podrabjects on board our educational yacht. And when the chief editor of the TV channel "My Planet", Nikolai Tabashnikov looked at all this disgrace, he proposed to come up with another topic. I say: "It’s not necessary to invent. Let’s remove the cycle of films "Russian Track" about the riddles of Russian history ". The format was chosen then, in 2011, and we strictly adhere to it. This is a mandatory preparatory work in the form of investigations on the shore and a completely real expedition, t.E. We have nothing artificial.

– "Mosfilm" filmed on the film studio?

Yes. That we are artificially invent activity in the frame. We have refused to be fundamentally from this, so most films are removed hard. Preparation for one film sometimes takes two years, and sometimes – two weeks. Just documentaries we do not remove, but remove the adventures on the historical occasion, for some kind of riddle, intrigue. If you make an analogy: children do not like semal porridge. What parents do? They watered her kissel from above, as I fought. Then the child gets a useful product, but at the same time it is delicious.

Still, the degree of artisticity is what? You are attracted to work on creating films of historians, archivists?

Necessarily. I do not consider myself a professional historian, and I need experts in the frame – those who helps me objectively look at the situation, event. What is history? How the event, the chain of events or the character was evaluated and saw different people. One says that this is black, the other is white, and the truth is somewhere on the crossroads.

– Topics choose exclusively you?

Yes. Sometimes the topics suggest the people with whom we communicate on the set. I start digging and seeing that the story is interesting and can be removed, because it is not every story to be removed in our genre: immersion under water, traveling in the mountains, descent under the ground in search of a response and adventure.

We just returned from a two-week business trip to the Baltic States. My comrade suggested: "Why don’t you shoot the events in the Baltics that happened in the novel of the Pikule" Moison "? Remove about the Baltic "Varyag" – a ship that repeated the feat of "Varyag", but not known to anyone ". We managed to find the chief hero of the film – the Cavalon boat "Sivuch" and remove it under water, the film is in the installation and, in my opinion, promises to be a blockbuster (smiles). (Alexey’s story about the preparation for the shooting and history of the heroic cruiser, read on the site "My Planet": Part 1 and part 2.)

– What is a pleasant surprise on the set?

I bring a specific example. I recognize that in Riga, the patrons lives, the Russian inadequate man who is not very striving for publicity, and he has a subject of direct attitude in private ownership. This is a silver set with engraving – tray, decanter and 15 stacks with written date "1915". The tray is a detailed maritime card with a survey of the depths of the Irbensky Strait – the place where the events described by Pikule.

This information fell a day before filming in the Baltic States, and I clung to her like a ray.

– and unpleasant surprises?

Yes, how many please. A few years ago almost drowned in Greece. Dived from the island to the Russian ship, the beginning of a storm, and there, besides the course, my colleague brand Podrababe meters for 150 was taken, he was even stopped seeing. I somehow got out. Then I hurt at night – they sang. Currently could be sad, but God has fallen. But the ship was found, which I lay 240 years old and waited for us.

– You are the author of the guide to Greece. What did this country fuck you?

Most of the history of Russia is connected with Greece – this is the whole answer. Plus I just like the Greeks.

– their kitchen?

They don’t have any unique kitchen, in my opinion. Because all the same we can find from their neighbors – Albanians, Slavs, Turk. Moreover, from 1453, when the Byzantium ceased to exist as a state, quite many years under the Turks. Greek cuisine absorbed the traditions of neighbors. Look at the Ionian Islands – they are in detail in the kitchen and in architecture are close to Italy, because for a long time lived near Venetians.

– What a team makes "Russian Track"?

Permanent composition – Four people: We are directed by Viktor Chuniev, editor Dmitry Pankov and Producer Vladimir Gavrilov. The rest of the television team is operators, engineers, editing director, sound engineers – change. Plus our freelancers who share information on topics and become the heroes of our films.

– Shooting what movie you were given, what is called, then and blood?

We work over the history about Alexei Petrovich Maresyev, and it is very heavy – psychologically and physically. Remove in the Novgorod region, in forests and swamps, mosquitoes, difficult terrain. Read more ..

It turned out there Alim!

– It can be assumed that the Hero of the "Russian Trail" will be a contemporary?

I’m generally interested in what was in the past. Because the characters of contemporaries are sometimes hard to see: this is a historical event or not, it will affect the course of history or not. Although nothing can be excluded ..

– Are you going to travel to Southeast Asia and Australia?

If there is some piece of Russian history, then we will. We do not have this: "I would like to go to Australia". We first have a story, and then, accordingly, the country is already. And depending on this, we think about our logistics, looking for their heroes.

– What inspires you in your work?

First of all, my dad, a hereditary military. Unfortunately, his long time is no longer, but the fact that he invested in me will always be with me. My ancestors were servilant people from the XVI century, and one of the family motto – to be, not to seem. That is, do not try to be the one who is not.

Of course, Valentin Savvich Pikul, on whose books I grew up and became the one who became. This is a person who is impossible not to admire. I am internally argue with him, because it happens inaccurate in the interpretations of events, but at the same time I understand that as a writer he has the right to artistic fiction, and not documentation. In addition, he is not a professional historian, but talented and not indifferent to its topics and heroes self-taught.

– What telefrograms prefer to watch?

News almost do not watch. But I try to carefully follow the fact that colleagues are made, what themes affect, in documentary films on "Russia 1", 24_doc, Viasat History.

My films don’t really like to watch, because I constantly see some kind of shoals and want to move the film. And in principle, if you don’t have such a desire, you need to pull the horseshoes and … if everything suits you, it means that you have exhausted yourself.

– Favorite kinocartins?

From the old – "Moison", "In War, as in War". From the modern – "crew" of Zekdeis, Bondiana with Sean Connery, Roger Murom, because there is a mass of irony, the psychology of that Bond, when he is ironic, and such a hero, one of us. People are unlikely to associate themselves with the latest Bonds with Daniel Craig.

Recently looked at the good movie "Chef Adam Jones". The action takes place in the kitchen, and the main character wants to get three stars of Michelin. It seems to be simple, and the film looks in one breath.

– the most expensive compliment of colleagues?

When my colleagues rate: "Well, you made a blockbuster!»Or TV journalists from other channels say:" Inspire ". I immediately correct: "Do not inspire, but inspire, because it is very collective work".

– Television is?


Interviewed Laura Chuguevskaya, Tricolor TV Magazine Observer

It turned out there Alim!

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