Awkwardly came out: 10 situations where English made us blush

Sometimes imperfect knowledge of English can lead to confusion. Students and subscribers of the online school of English Skyeng are divided by cases when English led them or their acquaintances.

Merry country of Serbia

In Serbia, all very high. The tall of such a nation. Communicating with one of the local, I wanted to share my surprise and said: "SERBIAN PEOPLE ARE VERY HIGH". My husband laughed for a long time, and Serb too. Because in Slang High means "smashed". And I just needed to use the word Tall! Ekaterina Lyodova

Not work, but enjoyment

We were sitting in April with colleagues, including foreign, in the lobby of the hotel after the extremely heavy week. It is clear that not dry. And when you are tired, then two glasses of beer are already valid. And here is a part of the comrades gathered to go out to smoke. I look at one of them, the Belgian Yana, and I want to ask: "CAN I JOIN YOU?"(" You can join you?") – But I have from my mouth:" CAN I ENJOY YOU?"(" You can enjoy you?"). He rounded his eyes and answers: "No, Roman, You Can’t Enjoy Me". It is clear that I immediately tried to correct, but it was not audible for the general laughter. Roman Romanov

Freedom potatoes!

The first time in New York came to have a snack in McDonalds and asked FREE Potato for a long time ("Release potatoes"). Who knew that Potato fries is FRENCH FRIES? Fransin_Smith

Let you shoot

Representatives of suppliers from the USA, Germany and Canada came to the opening of the store at the last work. I was entrusted to walk and photograph everyone and everything, including suppliers with stands. At some point, a stupor was attacked on me, I collapsed and the brain from a variety of variations chose instead of "May I Shoot A Photo?" ("Can I take a picture of you?»)" CAN I SHOOT YOU?"(" You can shoot you?"). The representative of the representative laughed and missed that with our weather she herself was thinking about it. Lizaveta Vorobyova

Juice from garbage

Many years ago, I ordered freshly squeezed orange juice in the restaurant. Well, that is, I thought that freshly squeezed. In fact, I asked Trash Orange Juice ("Sok from Dumps") instead of Fresh Orange Juice ("Freshly squeezed orange juice". – approx. Red.). Carried long. I’m afraid, really squeezed from the fact that in the trash found. Inna Kalinina

Local attraction

Was on the courses in Torki, lived in an English family and decided to go to Plymouth on football, having visited the local attraction on the basis of the Local Landmark there – the lighthouse called The Hoe. In the evening my "English parents" began to ask me where he was doing. In the process of the report, not knowing how to pronounce The Hoe, I flew around: "I Went To The Whore" ("I went to the girl of light behavior"). The hostess then asked me several times, barely holding back the laughter, and only then I realized that I blurted. Ramil Husainov

Special sign

It was embarrassed 10 situations when English made us blush

Describing one person, I wanted to say about big blue eyes (Big Blue Eyes. – approx. Red.). And instead for some reason said "Blue Blue Ears" ("Big Blue Ears"). I did not immediately understand why everyone laughs. Anna Dubinskaya

The wrong mistakes are wrong – the carriers of the language to this accustomed. Try lessons with an English teacher and see for yourself. Tactful teachers will not laugh at you – on the contrary, help to deal with errors and never make them anymore.

Get and shed

My friend in the next issue broke through the pipe, and he began to call the reception with shouts: "More Water!"- believing that he says something like:" Many water!"As a result, instead of Plumbing, the manager sent a maid with a pair of two-liter bottles of mineral water. Alina

indecent proposal

One summer holiday my husband and I went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner seafood. Evening formed wonderful: we admired the sunset, was eating goodies, get your hands dirty, and at some point noticed that the napkin on the table ended. Without thinking, a man ran up to the waiter and said happily: «Excuse me, could you bring us some nipples?"And then for some time continued to go to the extremely confused waiter and demand« nipples »instead of« napkins ». The benefit of time I heard what was happening, her husband returned to the table, and took a clean cloth on the bar. And of course, the rest of the evening we have a couple laughing at her husband’s obsessive desire to get someone’s nipples. Daria Umyarova

broken bra

One woman for a long time tried to explain to the hotel manager that she had in the room «bra is broken», and asked to help her. It is clear that the staff she smiled sympathetically. Well broken bra (bra), what can you do. A wall sconce (bracket) and not repaired. Galina Yarkova

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